Nov 192013

NH Motor Speedway Gift of Lights

It’s that time of the year again!  The NH Motor Speedway is raring to have you travel through the Gift of Lights.  This year – it’s better than it has been in previous years!  They’ve added more lights with there now being over 400 light displays and over 60 holiday scenes.  The holiday themes include displays such as a jungle scene, the 12 Days of Christmas, and a Nativity depiction.

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Nov 192013


If you use you are going to want to get the recipes you have stored on their site and store them elsewhere.  Even if that means you need to copy and paste the recipes into an email to send to yourself – do that so that you’ll be able to access those recipes.

This is an excerpt from the email I received:

As of January 22, 2014, will no longer be available.  All of your recipes will be removed from our servers and you will lose all access to your recipe box at that time.  To ensure your recipes are not lost forever, please take the time to save them elsewhere.

I can’t say that I’m not bummed, because I am.  It was so easy to store recipes from across the web on this site.  Oh well, life goes on.



Nov 172013

Comprehensive List of Black Friday 2013 Store Opening Times & Sale Highlights

This is a comprehensive list of the times you’ll find stores opening on Black Friday 2013.  That said, bookmark this page as it will be updated accordingly when a dear blogger friend from Christmas Deals and Steals  gets the word on store openings that aren’t listed below.


Black Friday Store Opening Times

Here is a full list of stores and what time they open, and even some super hot saving deals that they have released to date! Please note that if stores are in your malls, that might have different opening times. Though, most of these are accurate and come straight from their websites and sales flyers! Also note that some stores have TWO sets of times. One is for Thanksgiving, where most will close and then reopen again. Others, like Kmart, will stay open for a lengthened shopping extravaganza! If you’re looking to keep yourself organized, then I have an amazing Black Friday Planner that you can print! Let the Savings Begin!
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Nov 152013

This post brought to you by Carton Smart. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s been long standing that many of our foods come in tin cans but that is beginning to change.  I’m actually quite excited about this, because some of the foods that come in tin cans, don’t come without there being a carcinogenic lining the inside of the cans.  For instance, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, and tomato paste – those food cans are lined with a substance that contains a carcinogenic.  In addition, I rarely use canned vegetables because I don’t like the tinny taste that comes with using them.  This is where I’m excited to Become Carton Smart.
 photo 1898ca76-3272-4baf-a8df-07abf60e15e3_zps1bf425e9.jpg
That said, I’m very excited to have received the starter kit from Pacific Foods packaged in the Tetra Pak cartons to experience for myself.  These foods were Pumpkin Puree, Jellied Cranberry Sauce, and Simply Stock Chicken stock – ALL being organic foods.

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Nov 112013


Despite the fact that an increasing number of people are getting their entertainment online, TV still remains to be one of the most popular ways of getting entertained. The fact that there is a lot more variety on TV today as compared to the past means that you can easily enhance your viewing experience to suit your taste. In addition to that, there have been many technological advancements that televisions carry (such as the development of cheap 3D TV and Ultra HD TV) which is likely to further make TV viewership popular.

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Nov 072013

Sam’s Club Membership $45 – Get Free $20 Gift Card + Free Food

This Groupon came along at the right time of the year!  Hurry though – this deal will be gone SOON.  I had a membership a couple years ago. And if for nothing else, I used it weekly for gas purchases because I saved so much money compared to other locations in our area.

Sam’s Club

$45 for a One-Year Sam’s Club Membership, $20 Gift Card, and Fresh-Food Vouchers ($85.14 Value)?

When I came upon this Groupon, I had to jump at the chance to take advantage of it.  Essentially, you’ll be spending nothing out of pocket because you’ll get the free $20 gift card and the free food vouchers.  in fact, you can’t go wrong…you’ll be getting an $85.14 value for $45 plus be able to save on food and goods for the upcoming year!

If you redeem your Groupon by Nov. 27, 2013 – you’ll get an Instant Savings Bookwith more than $4,100 in member-only savings offers that are valid through November 27.  Redemption of voucher begins 11/13/2013 – that gives you two weeks of added savings.

Plus, if you shop on off weeks of when SNAP benefits are sent to recipients and during mid-week, you can snag some really good meat deals.  Look for the marked-down packages – take them home and split them up into freezer bags for your family’s portion needs.  This is something I used to do and will start doing it again.  I saved a lot of money doing this and it would last me a long time.

Did you know…your freezer will run more efficiently when it’s full?  So will your fridge. With storm season coming – should you lose electricity, your food will stay colder longer – hopefully long enough for the electric company to get your electricity running again, and if not, hopefully you have a generator.


Nov 052013

Introducing Just Bloom’s the JUSTBLOOMbox  

Women 40+ – this is for you!  As we age, we simply don’t like the signs of aging that appear with it.  In today’s times – there IS help for us.  Just Bloom is an online community for women who embrace who they are and see this time of their lives as a celebration of their womanhood. Just Bloom’s official site had been rolled out last month to make the connecting, collaborating and sharing of community members much easier.

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Oct 232013

You have always had a love of animals. It first started when you were the ripe old age of three. Your mother got you a perfect little goldfish, complete with her own glass bowl with a little bridge for her to swim over and under to keep life a little exciting for Goldie (that is the unique name you came up with all by yourself). You took your job as Goldie’s caretaker very seriously. You fed her exactly the right amount of fish food both morning and night. Goldie lived far longer than goldfish normally live, and you credit this extended lifespan to your love and care for her. When Goldie did pass on to the big fish bowl in the sky, you buried her in a special spot in the backyard. You were heart broken. Your mother got you a little ceramic figurine that looked like Goldie. That became the first of the collection of animal statues that you would collect over the years.

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