Nov 072013

Sam’s Club Membership $45 – Get Free $20 Gift Card + Free Food

This Groupon came along at the right time of the year!  Hurry though – this deal will be gone SOON.  I had a membership a couple years ago. And if for nothing else, I used it weekly for gas purchases because I saved so much money compared to other locations in our area.

Sam’s Club

$45 for a One-Year Sam’s Club Membership, $20 Gift Card, and Fresh-Food Vouchers ($85.14 Value)?

When I came upon this Groupon, I had to jump at the chance to take advantage of it.  Essentially, you’ll be spending nothing out of pocket because you’ll get the free $20 gift card and the free food vouchers.  in fact, you can’t go wrong…you’ll be getting an $85.14 value for $45 plus be able to save on food and goods for the upcoming year!

If you redeem your Groupon by Nov. 27, 2013 – you’ll get an Instant Savings Bookwith more than $4,100 in member-only savings offers that are valid through November 27.  Redemption of voucher begins 11/13/2013 – that gives you two weeks of added savings.

Plus, if you shop on off weeks of when SNAP benefits are sent to recipients and during mid-week, you can snag some really good meat deals.  Look for the marked-down packages – take them home and split them up into freezer bags for your family’s portion needs.  This is something I used to do and will start doing it again.  I saved a lot of money doing this and it would last me a long time.

Did you know…your freezer will run more efficiently when it’s full?  So will your fridge. With storm season coming – should you lose electricity, your food will stay colder longer – hopefully long enough for the electric company to get your electricity running again, and if not, hopefully you have a generator.


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