Mar 062017

2017 Digital Media Academy STEM Summer Camps

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digital media academy

Digital Media Academy STEM Summer Camps are filling up fast.  This is a great opportunity for your child to be productive this summer all while learning what he/she is yearning to learn and have fun at that.

Digital Media Academy’s fun project-based approach to summer camps spark curiosity, build confidence, and foster teamwork as students seek creative solutions to real-world problems through technology.  The best part – reserve your spot and save $75.00 thru March 31, 2017 with code (below).

Project Based Camps to Choose From:

  • Coding
  • 3D Modeling
  • Robotics
  • Film-Making
  • Game Design
  • And more

Here you see a couple kids having fun learning what they really are interested in.  This could be your child too.

Digital Media Academy STEM 2017

At the end of each course, students go home with a completed project in addition to their new skills and experience in technology and personal development. DMA’s immersive courses bring like-minded students together to inspire one another, and explore their passion through creating.

Thanks to our amazing instructors, technology partners, and dedicated staff, 92% of our students give us a 4.5/5 or above in overall student satisfaction. That’s what the students are saying – what will you create this summer?

Everyone Deserves Summer Camp

Digital Media Academy is dedicated to making world-class digital media education accessible to everyone. Their needs-based financial assistance program makes camp possible for those who may not otherwise be able to attend. Apply today!

Safety Matters

At DMA, your child’s safety is the top priority, which is why all staff pass complete Federal background checks in addition to First-Aid and CPR training so you feel confident in your child’s experience.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save on the 2017 Digital Media Academy STEM Summer Camps – Save $75 with Code!

Use code >>>>  SPRINGUSFG17  <<<<<  Ends March 31, 2017

Visit to learn more and/or sign up.  Don’t forget to use the code to save $75.00.

Need Assistance?
Call 1(866)656-3342 to speak with a Guest Service Representative or email at

Jun 112016

Digital Media Academy $200 Savings on Summer Camps

digital media academy

Save BIG on the perfect summer camps!

Summer camp is a great way for kids to spend their summer…especially if it’s something they really want to learn about.  Teens, not old enough to work, often get lost in the shuffle and find themselves bored.   Digital Media Academy summer camps are a great way to fill up that summer boredom.

digital media academy 2016

What Kids Learn

At DMA, kids (ages 6-12) and teens (ages 12-17) learn computer programming, app development, 3D modeling, robotics, graphic design, filmmaking, and much more!

Choose from one week DMA Camps, or step it up with two week DMA Academies, all taught by industry experts and tech professionals.

Campers get hands-on experience creating projects using the latest hardware and software from Apple, Canon, Adobe, and more.

Just for Girls

Digital Media Academy also offers STEM camps just for girls, called Made by Girls! Learn from a female role model and tech professional in an environment of creative girls just like you!

Right now you can save up to $200 with discount codes found here – .

Questions? Call 1(866)656-3342 or email

If your child has attended a DMA summer camp, we’d love to hear their experience.  Please share 🙂

Jan 282016

LEGOLAND sounds amazing!  What a great way to enjoy time with your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews – any child for that matter!  I bet the movie will be very enjoyable as well.


  • LEGOLAND® Florida Resort is built for kids. It is a multi-day destination offering more than 50 rides, shows and attractions designed for families with children, ages 2 – 12.
  • LEGOLAND® Florida Resort is located in Winter Haven, Florida, just 45 minutes from Orlando attractions.
  • Guests will find themed roller coasters, family rides, hands-on building activities, oversized LEGO® creations, a toddler attractions area and an adjoining water park at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort.
  • LEGOLAND® Florida Resort focuses on interactivity, education and fun; enabling kids to take control!
  • At LEGOLAND® Florida Resort, kids are encouraged to trade LEGO® Minifigures with Model Citizens, or employees, who are easily spotted by their colorful LEGO nametags sporting a fun and unique Minifigure of their own.
  • LEGOLAND® Hotel is located just 130 “kid steps” from the main entrance of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort.
  • Learn more about LEGOLAND® Florida Resort at

Have you visited LEGOLAND?  Share your experience with us 🙂

Aug 262014

Pedi derm bum paste

We all know that urine burns/diaper rashes aren’t fun for our little ones.  Heck, they aren’t fun for others who are incontinent and wear diapers.  This is where you’ll find relief for them, in Pedi-Derm Bum Paste.  Pedi-Derm Bum Paste is made by a company that has been making this all natural skin care product for over 80 years.

Pedi-Derm Bum Paste is used the very same way you would use other diaper rash ointments that aid in the healing of skin breakdown.  It’s backed by a 30-day satisfaction guaranty:

Pedi derm bum paste

When we used the product – it was around the head of my son’s penis.  He is disabled, and when he doesn’t drink enough the acids build up in his urine and make his skin red when he urinates – particularly the penis area.  Although it’s not broken skin – one can still tell that the area can’t be comfortable for him, as it’s bright red.  When the redness is seen, I immediately start applying a cream.  In this case, and for the purpose of this review, I used the Pedi-Derm Bum Paste.

The bum paste has a consistency much like that of Desitin ointment.  It’s a white paste that when applied – goes on on the thick side.  This is a good thing.  One needs to apply enough ointment to skin breakdown so that urine can’t seep into the irritated area.  I applied the paste before he left in the morning, and by the time he came home to be changed a few hours later – the redness went away (pictures not provided due to…well, you know).

Granted – he is unable to move around like a child in diapers so there is no movement within the diaper area to have any of it rub off.  That said, for a child in diapers I would imagine more than one application would be needed to heal the irritated skin.

Pedi derm bum paste

Pedi-Derm Bum Paste is an all natural product.  It contains:

Zinc Oxide Powder: Insoluble in water. An excellent barrier and promotes healing by eliminating urine and watery stool contact.

Bismuth Subgallate Powder: Inhibits bacterial and fungus growth.

Corn Starch: Thickening agent, draws moisture to itself and helps keep area dry.

Lanolin: Helps form a superior water barrier as well as hydrates skin.

Cottonseed Oil: Conditions skin and helps aid in healing process.

Of course, it’s important to note if skin irritation isn’t clearing up with the use of this product, you need to rethink the issue at hand.  Many times a yeast infection will present itself in the same way a diaper rash/urine burn does.  However, a yeast infection needs a different treatment in order to clear it up.

I’m pleased with the Pedi-Derm Butt Paste.  I really like the fact that it’s an all natural product.  Letourneau’s Pharmacy in Andover Ma. is where you’ll find this wonder paste. You can read testimonials on their website as to how others believe in the bum paste.  There isn’t a a doubt in my mind that these aren’t honest testimonials after how fast it cleared the redness up for my son.

Find and connect with Pedi-Derm on Facebook and Twitter.

Jun 032014
areyoukidding review

We all need socks.  Babies, children, tweens, teens, young adults and adults.  Though – there’s nothing more fun than to dress our kids in fun coordinating socks that match their personalities and outfits.  And I do believe that you’ll find just what you’re looking for when you take a peek at the Are You Kidding socks line.

Are You Kidding? socks are designed by young man (6 year-old), for girls and boys. They come in several different designs for kids’ with shoe sizes 7-10 (sm) to size 3-6 (Xlg).

For the purpose of this review, we opted to order the The Girls’ Buzz Off Collection:

Are You Kidding?

About Are You Kidding?

The story behind Are You Kidding? socks is rather cool – we all only need one dream and make it a reality like this young man’s:


about areyoukidding?

Sebastian is quite the young man, wouldn’t you say?

The Arrival

The socks arrived wrapped in tissue within an outer package.

areyoukidding? review

After opening main packaging

And when unwrapped, the packaging was in perfect shape! Not dented or folded or creased in any way. It looked like it was in better condition than most of the socks you buy in the store.

The Girls’ Buzz Off Collection Review

The Are You Kidding? socks are cute, fun, and functional. The Girl’s Buzz Off collection, is fun. It comes with a pair of white socks with a colorful dragonfly, a pair of bright green socks with a lady bug, and a pair of light pink socks with a bumble bee design. All colors and designs any young girl would love. Each of the socks also has “Are You Kidding?” stitched along the top of the sock, in coordinating colors.

Are You Kidding?

The fun coordinating patterns of the Buzz Off Collection allowed my sister to mix and match the socks (as most kids do these days) and still look stylish. As soon as she saw them, she wanted to put them on and try them out. Well, they certainly passed her test, and mine!

areyoukidding? review

Are You Kidding? review


The XL size says it will fit a shoe size of 3-6. My sister is a shoe size 4, and these socks fit her to a tee. They do have some stretch to them, making it appear that they would fit up to the shoe size 6 as claimed.

Are You Kidding?

Construction and Durability

The sock itself is tough. The fabric is not thin or cheap in any way.

Their make-up consists of:

  • 87% cotton
  • 8% nylon
  • 5% spandex

And while they are not thin, they are also breathable, I got no complaints about hot or sweaty feet. They are sturdy as well, after being washed the socks still held their form; they didn’t shrink or fray and looked as good as new.

The only negative word I would feel the need to put in is that the socks only come in one style, so for girls who like ankle socks or “no show” socks, there isn’t an option for them. Over all, this is definitely a product that I would purchase and would recommend to anyone.

Visit to check out all the different collections for boys and girls.  Connect with Are You Kidding? on  Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay abreast of all their latest news…who knows what Sebastian has in mind for his next design!

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Promo code exclusively for readers of Finger Click Saver’s – Enter fingerclick at checkout.

Onto the givewaway!

Giveaway Open to US and Canada!

Entering is easy.  Use the Rafflecopter below.  Giveaway ends 6/17/2014 at 11:59 pm.  Winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond.  If there’s no response – another winner will be selected.
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This reviewer received the product mentioned in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% those of this reviewer. 

May 122011
I wrote a post a while back on how much our family uses the Kids Bowl Free Program during the summer months.  Go here to read that post if you’d like a refresher on what I wrote.  

Well, I just got notification registration is now open…for just the kids and for the family pass.  I am ecstatic!  My daughter’s grandfather has asked me…I don’t know how many times…if it’s time to sign up again! He wants to purchase the family pass.  I’m telling ya, the man truly should own stock at our local bowling center.  He’s bowling two nights a week this summer on leagues and skies out whenever he can to get a few strings in.  His wife will send him to the store and he’ll be gone for hours!  Now that the program is up and running, he’ll be asking me if he can pick my daughter up after school so he can take her bowling…just so he can bowl two strings at no cost for either of them (they own their own shoes).  

For the $25 fee for the Family Pass…it’s money well spent.  Our bowling center charges $3.50 a string.  So if Pa and Abby were to bowl just twice all summer using this program…he’s gotten his money back.  Since they bowl more like…3 times a week using this program…he saves at least $500.  But don’t forget…4 adults can be on the family pass.  So, the savings can be even more for a family. Several times during the summer, all four family members and my daughter, will go using this same pass.  And then there are times, when my daughter and her cousin will go w/o Pa.  The savings really adds up.

Here’s the deal for signing up before Sunday 5/15/11:

Adding the Kids Bowl Free Family Pass to your account will allow up to 4 adults in your family to receive 2 FREE Games of bowling each day this summer too.  Using the family pass just a time or two will prove to be a great value for your family.  Plus, if you add the family pass before this Sunday you’ll receive a $25.00 Gift Code too. (Taken from my email notification)

Did you know this about bowling?

1. Bowling just 2 Games with a couple of your friends completes 40 of your 60 minutes of   physical activity for a day.
2. Like walking with free weights it works a lot of muscle groups not normally exercised.
3. Bowling 2 games results in walking around a half a mile.
4. Bowling 2 games can burn between 320 – 580 calories!
5. Bowling 2 games exercises 184 muscles while swinging around 576lbs!

So there you have it.  Bowling can be quite the way to exercise without sweating like a pig. 

Okay…so now the beginning of my today has been made, and I have shared it all with you (thank you)…I am off to watch Law and Order SVU, then off to sleep.  Have a great day everyone!


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