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Permission was obtained from the Canine Diabetes Support and Information Group Admin(s) before writing this post.

Where does one turn when they learn of their pup being diagnosed with Canine Diabetes?  I’ll tell you where.  You’ll want to join the Canine Diabetes Support and Information Group on Facebook.  Read on to learn why.

Canine Diabetes Support and Information Facebook Group

Our Pup’s Story and How I Found the Best Canine Diabetic Support Group

Diabetic dog

Diabetic 2.5 yrs…12.5 yr old Gracie enjoying the water at the fishing pond – yes, she’s blind now, but functions extremely well.

Around Christmas in 2017, I began smelling a foul-sweet smell in my bedroom.  When I say foul – I mean foul – it wasn’t just a fruity sweet smell as a diabetic is referenced to have.  I couldn’t understand what the smell was other than one of my male cats spraying in my room from the stray cat coming around again.  Though, if you’ve ever had cats that spray, you know the scent of a male cat’s spray is a putrid strong scent – nothing like what I was smelling. Regardless, my daughter and I tore apart my room – washing everything – literally everything with a product meant to rid the smell of territorial spraying.  The smell went away.


Not for long.  I began to smell it again.  So, once again we tore my room apart, washing everything…everything, once again.  The odor went away again.

Time progressed a bit and I began to smell that foul sweet smell in the living room when I laid on the sofa.  Deep cleaning began in the living room.  I just couldn’t understand what the deal was at this point.  No one else in the house could smell what I was smelling…no one.  How could this be – the smell was so raunchy.  I had no choice but to let it go – I was driving people crazy asking them if they could smell a foul-sweet smell every. single. time. I smelled it – which got to be all the time.

Time went on, I noticed a change in Gracie.  She looked depressed.  She appeared as though she was losing weight – I could see this weight-loss despite her having a very thick furry coat. Then she began to leak urine…she was leaking it all over the floor no matter where she was lying.  Not droplets.  Not little puddles.  Not on occasion.  It was happening several times a day and there was a lot of it.  I was like – time for her to go see the vets – something isn’t right.

The time comes to venture off to the vets.  I get Gracie in the car and began to drive. And what do I get a whiff of?  Yep. You guessed it.  I smelled that foul-sweet smell for the very first time in my car.  Now mind you – Gracie goes everywhere I go unless it’s too cold, or too hot, or a place where dogs aren’t allowed yet this was the very first time I could smell that raunchy smell.

We get to the vets – I tell Gracie’s story, I tell my story.  Vet says, “Well, if she’s lying in her urine – she’s going to smell like it…she’s getting old, she’s probably experiencing bladder leakage.  We’ll get some blood work and then go from there. Though, I don’t see anything wrong in examining her.”  Then I had to ask what I had been pondering over in my mind, “could she have diabetes?”  (even though, in my head, the two things that were missing from the picture for a diabetes diagnosis were 1. excessive drinking, and 2. wanting to eat more…but… I still had to ask).  Vet confidently replied, “No.”  So…we get the blood work over with and Gracie and I head home.

Two days later – I get a call from the vet, “Please give us a call, you were right.  Gracie needs to come back right away – she has diabetes.”  My heart sank.  Sank in fear…how was I going to care for Gracie?  Could I even do this…she can’t talk to tell me what’s bothering her if something goes array…how would I know?  I knew the costs involved…I feared I wasn’t going to be able to afford to care for her, thinking insulin would be an outrageous expense as it can be for humans.  I knew what diabetes does to a human – I’ve cared for diabetics in my younger day.  My anxiety began to soar.

We get back to the vets the next day.  I’m instructed on how to draw up insulin, where and how to inject it – was given a couple of handouts on how to adjust insulin if she doesn’t eat, and a list of acceptable foods.  I was told Gracie would need to go back for “curves” – that’s when one leaves the pup at the vets for the day so they can test the blood sugar at certain intervals to make sure the pup is getting the correct dosage of insulin.  Wonderful – another added expense, never mind – how was I going to get her there that early in the AM, and then home again before they close where I have a bed-bound adult child with no one to help me at those hours?  I left the vets feeling so overwhelmed and scared…’cause seriously, how was I going to do this?

So many questions running through my head.  Questions like – I’m not testing her like a human would test their sugar level – that wasn’t even brought to the table by the vet.  I didn’t understand that – so how will I know if her sugar level drops?  How will I know if it’s rising too high?  The food – how expensive is that going to be?  How do I introduce this new food where her immune system is so off whack?  What if her tummy doesn’t do well with this new food – her tummy is so sensitive?.  What’s the life expectancy of a pup with diabetes – will this now shorten her time here on earth with me?  The questions in my head were never ending.

So I began to do what I do best.  I started searching the internet for answers.  I never just read one or two articles; therefore, my research took me quite a bit of time.  Countless hours, day and night.  I wasn’t sleeping anyway – I feared I would miss something if I did. Something like Gracie going hypo (low blood sugar) – a hypo that turned deadly.  My heart just couldn’t handle all this; nor could my head…so I just stayed awake so I wouldn’t miss a beat (though – we all know that couldn’t go on forever).

And then…

After so much reading and researching – I found an article.  An article that lead me to a Facebook Group – the Canine Diabetes Support and Information Group.  I checked the group out.  The group had a LOT of members – over 10,000.  My train of thought was – 10,000 members – that’s a lot of people with what has to be a wealth of knowledge…so I asked to join the group.

I was accepted to the group!  The acceptance into the group was one of the best days of my life!

I began reading threads.  So much of what I read made SO much sense to me.  A few days later, I mustered up the courage to tell Gracie’s story – our story.  I was welcomed by so many.  That’s not to say I still wasn’t overwhelmed – there was no denying that I still was, but – I was beginning to feel a sense of comfort.  And even though I felt this sense of comfort, I was still kind of a mental case because, now, now I needed to absorb all this information I was reading.  My mentalness subsided pretty fast though once I learned I had a support team behind me, though, more importantly, behind Gracie….guiding me on where to start first.  I came to realize that the CDSI group is where I belonged – where we belonged.  And if you have a diabetic pup – it’s where you belong, more than likely, too.

Let me introduce you to the group!  Yes, I say/write this with a lot of excitement because I don’t know what I would do without this group!

Eileen is a co-founders and admin of the CDSI group (Christy Kobielsky is the other co-founder).  Eileen recently posted  this (below) in the group which is what led me to asking if I could write a post on the group.  Because –  seriously, the world needs to know that there is a Facebook group that exists for diabetic pups that is on the UP and UP – truly having many years of knowledge to share with you, that will not lead you in the wrong direction, that will have your back no matter what time of day it is or what time zone you’re located in.  A group that has your pup’s best interest at heart with supporting you through this journey that you’d never thought would cross your path.  A group that can save you a lot of money on vet bills, on getting questions answered about food and insulin dosage and what may be the best type of insulin for your pup and where you may find it the cheapest, on savings of home testing supplies (yes, home testing is important)…..the list goes on and on.  Yes, I learned all this and more and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Eileen’s post:

About the Canine Diabetes Support and Information Group (July 2019)

CDSI, Canine Diabetes Support and Information was created over 6 years ago.

We have years upon years of hands on experience with some caring for multiple diabetic dogs, even cats.  I myself started back in 2004 with my first, and have been actively involved ever since, with 6 diabetics of my own.  Many others within our group have similar experiences to bring to the table.

CDSI works closely with several online sources for discounts for our members.  We have CDSI Helping Hands Inc, a group/board that offers help to some in need.  We had an auction the end of last year, beating all time records for first time groups.

We are working on obtaining our 501c3 status.

ALL of this shows we mean business…we care about handing you and your pups the best care possible, the safest as well to give your dogs the longest, happiest and healthiest life possible being a diabetic.

Rather recently several uninformed groups have popped up, ‘led’, and I use that term loosely, by brand new diabetic dog owners. Then with also passing along VERY dangerous, and misinformation to others that sadly fall prey.  They thrive on patting each other on the back and with criticizing the Groups that give solid information.  Information that is required for giving life to our dogs.

PLEASE, be extremely careful that you don’t fall into these groups that want nothing more than to be a community of complacent owners, not learning, not home monitoring…just barely getting by and with their head buried in the sand.

Having the ability to care for, let alone ‘teach’ others how to properly care for their diabetics takes YEARS of one on one…years of reading, learning, discussing…and NOT simply starting a group and with saying ‘this is the best place to be’.

They are deceiving you…they don’t want to take the extra steps to properly care for their dogs so are wanting others in the same corner with them…only to make themselves feel better about their lack of care. It makes me nauseous when I hear of what is coming out of these other groups…it hurts my heart for the poor pups suffering through such craziness and lack of concern.

We at CDSI care, we devote our time and energy into helping you help your dog.

Your Co Founders, Christy Kobielsky and Myself, along with our fabulous Admin./Mod. Team

Can you feel the passion Eileen references in her writing?  There literally is no denying that the members in the Canine Diabetes Support and Information group care – they care about your pup and you.

I think one of the most important messages Eileen speaks of in her post is falling prey to a Facebook group for diabetic pups that could lead you astray in caring for your pup…there are many of those on Facebook.  You need a group that has been at this for a very long time – assisting pup owners of diversified breeds.  No two dogs are alike…just as no two humans are alike.  Treatment varies from pup to pup – just as treatment varies from human to human.  The last thing you need or want is to fall into a group where there is limited experience brought to the table.

This group, the Canine Diabetic Support and Information Group will not steer you wrong.  You will learn so much from those in the CDSI group.  And, remember, a group that large has someone online 24/7 and that’s a huge benefit.  Diabetes knows no boundaries time-wise.  Trust me.  I’ve had to enlist help at 2am (not a major emergency, but rather a concerning one)…and…I got the help I needed on more than one occasion.

Please don’t be afraid to share this post.  The world needs to know there is a trusted safe haven for owners of pup’s with diabetes.  Pin this post …maybe someone who follows you will need, or needs to, see this.

Mar 212015

3 Tips on Looking for a Good Rabbit Vet

rabbit vet

When looking for a vet, you may not realize that you have to put forth time and effort to match yourself with your best option. But the health and wellness of your rabbit is dependent on your ability to work with the most experienced veterinary care available.

Just because someone is a veterinarian doesn’t mean they have the experience or comfort working with a rabbit. You need to find a veterinarian who knows how to care for your vet, so that you can feel at peace that your pet’s best interests are at play. Here are 3 tips on looking for a good rabbit vet in your neighborhood.

  1. Get referrals from other vets. It is strongly encouraged that what you to do is call a handful of vets in your local area. Ask them whom they refer clients to when dealing with rabbits or other exotic pets. If they all say the same name, then you know you have a good vet on your hands. If they all say different names, we suggest that you get a new sampling from other veterinarians. A veterinarian will not actively recommend another colleague without knowing fully well that this colleague has the reputation and expertise to perform his job professionally.
  2. Ask screening questions. After trying out our suggestions above, you likely have one or two candidates with whom you can move forward. But your job is not done, not yet. You now should ask screening questions of your choices to make sure you move forward with someone you’re comfortable with. Questions may include how many rabbits are seen each week, what diet the vet recommends a rabbit be fed, what they recommend to prevent GI stasis, and what continuing education seminars they attend.
  3. Don’t make quick decisions. Many people choose a vet based on proximity to their home. But that’s not ideal at all. It may be convenient, but your rabbit deserves better than that. Be sure you take the time to get to know the vets throughout your community and choose the one who can best treat your rabbit.

Not all vets are able to work with rabbits, so be sure that you find the select few who have an expertise with this type of animal. We encourage you to visit Unusual Pet Vets to learn how they can help you with your exotic animals, including rabbits.

Do you own a rabbit? Do you take it to the vets?

Mar 042015

CarPET Scratch Stopper Saves Your Carpets from Cat Claws

CarPET Scratch Stopper

As an owner of 13 cats, with owning an upwards of 27 once, I know the destruction that their claws can bring to a home.  Though we don’t have any expensive carpets in our home; the furbabies still like to claw the carpets to sharpen their claws.

We do have a couple of low-pile sample carpets that are strategically placed in the home and we have area rugs.  They do like to claw those – which works for me because I don’t want them clawing the furniture.  The rug in the living room is their favorite though, as far as clawing goes.  I also don’t cut their nails for the mere fact that they go outside.

Though from past experience should we ever decide to put carpets throughout our home; we’d need to invest in several of these CarPET Scratch StoppersCarPET Scratch StoppersAs you can imagine, there are many times when one of our cats will get shut into a room.  They hate being confined and start clawing at the floor, the casing, the door – all in attempts to get out of the room.  Then of course, there are the times when they want to get into rooms – especially when I’m in one with the door shut.  They do the same thing until I get up to let their furs in.  With our flooring as it is now, I don’t have to worry about any destruction being done to the floor.

Cats hate being shut in – the first photo above really says it all.  The CarPET Scratch Stopper is the perfect solution for saving those expensive carpets from claw damage – seriously carpets aren’t cheap to replace.  Sometimes it just makes sense to put out the expense to save something from such damage.

Connect with CarPET on Facebook and Pinterest – if you like cats – you’ll like being a part of their social networks.

This was brought to you by and CarPET Scratch Stopper.
Nov 192014

How to Keep Cats Out of the Christmas Tree

how to keep cats out of the Christmas Tree

So, you’re looking to find a way on how to keep cats out of the Christmas Tree? I was too a few years ago. You see, we had a litter of very mischievous kittens that year and in fear that I would awake to a tree tipped over, broken ornaments and water everywhere, I opted to set up an artificial tree despite always having a real tree.

So we set up our new-to-us (I got it off of freecycle) artificial tree, but of course, not without help. All the fur babies had to get in on the task. Them helping was a feat in itself. Finally after getting it standing, fixing the branches, and getting it completely decorated – I thought it really looked nice – for a fake tree.

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Sep 192014
Chicken soup for the soul dry cat food

chicken soup for the soul dry cat food

Our fur babies were blessed with being sent a bag of Chicken Soup for the Soul Dry Cat food to help facilitate this review.  In which – all 13 give it a rating of a five!

The box arrived and I opened it. That was a mistake on my part.  I should have put it where it belongs or at the very least – closed the box back up.  It wasn’t long after that that Possum decided she was going to tear the bag open!

Chicken soup for the soul dry cat food

The next thing I saw was food on the floor and another cat helping themselves to it (not sure of which black cat – we have 5 black cats).

chicken soup for the soul dry cat food


Needless to say, I guess you might say this cat food must be good if they’re into it before it makes it to their food bowls.  In fact, they liked this food so much that they devoured the entire bag in less than a week.

There wasn’t one out of the thirteen cats that did not like this food.  That tells me a lot since a couple of these kids of ours are picky eaters.  And frankly, it’s no savings in my pocket if they won’t eat the food I’ve bought.

About the Chicken Soup for the Soul Dry Cat Food for Adult Cats

The morsels are just the right size.  They are rather round in shape and on the flatter side.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Dry Cat Food Review

The best thing about this cat food is that it is made in the USA!  Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Adult Cat Formula is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

Ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, cracked pearled barley, turkey meal, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), peas, white rice, oatmeal, potato protein, potatoes, natural flavor, ocean fish meal, flaxseed, turkey, duck, salmon, sodium bisulfate, egg product, potassium chloride, DL-methionine, choline chloride, taurine, dried chicory root, dried kelp, carrots, apples, tomatoes, blueberries, spinach, cranberries, rosemary extract, parsley flake, yucca schidigera extract, L-Carnitine, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried Trichoderma longibrachiatum fermentation extract, zinc proteinate, vitamin E supplement, niacin, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), vitamin A supplement, biotin, potassium iodide, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, manganous oxide, sodium selenite, vitamin D supplement, folic acid.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 34.0% minimum
Crude Fat 20.0% minimum
Crude Fiber 3.0% maximum
Moisture 10.0% maximum
Zinc 150 mg/kg minimum
Selenium 0.3 mg/kg minimum
Vitamin E 150 IU/kg minimum
Taurine 0.15% minimum
Omega-6 Fatty Acids* 3.0% minimum
Omega-3 Fatty Acids* 0.5% minimum
* Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the
AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profile.

Calorie Content
3,926 kcal/kg (367 kcal/cup)
Calculated Metabolizable Energy

Feeding Guide
Weight (lbs.) Standard Measuring Cups / Day
3 – 5 1?4 — 1?3
5 – 10 1?3 — 2?3
10 – 15 2?3 — 3?4
15 – 20 3?4 — 11?4

It’s nice to know that the company gives back to the animals (and people) in need – here’s a couple tidbits to ponder over:

Because it’s important to give back, we use adopted pets as our models…
A number of us at Chicken Soup for the Soul have adopted animals from shelters. So, when it came time to shoot the photos for our new pet food packaging, we had an idea. Instead of paying for “professional” pet models, we donated money to a local shelter and featured some of their cats and dogs, ones that had recently found their “forever homes.” On the back of each package, you can read about the rescue dog or cat pictured on the front.

Because we use all our products to give back to animals and people too…
Improving the world around us is part of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s mission of sharing happiness, inspiration and wellness through everything they do. Today we focus our philanthropic activities on the Humpty Dumpty Institute, our charitable partner. We collaborate with the Humpty Dumpty Institute on a number of initiatives related to literacy, hunger and animals. A portion of all Chicken Soup for the Soul sales goes to Humpty Dumpty to support its work.

You can learn more about why their pet food is different at this link

This adult cat food comes in 5lb and 15lb bags. One can find it at several online retailers, including  They also make canned (wet food) and foods for dogs.

Chicken Soup for the Soul would love for you to get social with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

***Giveaway – Ends 10/1/14 @ 12 AM***

One (1) winner will win a 5-lb bag of Chicken Soup for the Soul Dry Cat Food.  This giveaway will run from 1am 9/19/14 – 10/1/14 @ 12am.. EST times.  Open to residents of the US and is void where prohibited by law.

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 *Finger Click Saver is not responsible for prize shipment.  The giveaway is not associated with any social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Please see T&C on the RC for full details regarding the giveaway.

Aug 152014
Petbrosia Dog Food

**Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life states.**

Houston! We have a problem!  Petbrosia sent us a bag of their customized all-natural pet food for our dog Gracie to taste test, and now Gracie thinks that’s all she should eat aside from her treats.  She won’t touch the food we bought prior to the arrival of Petbrosia’s!  Psst…In case she’s (Gracie) wondering, she’s finishing the old food – it was a full big bag!

For the purpose of this review, I place the food in a clear plastic cover so that you could see the size of the morsels.  They are on on the smaller side, which suits Gracie very well even though she’s a big do.  We believe this to be because she has such an overbite.  She is also enjoying this meal lying down – something I really discourage because I don’t need her getting bloat.

petbrosia all natural pet food

What is so ironic about her wanting this food is that Gracie is NOT fond of chicken, potatoes, or rice.  She’s a pain in the butt to buy for.  That said – she LOVES this food – and she’s not the only one that loves the food – our cats do too!   This pic below would be Snapples eating it.

petbrosia all natural pet food

You ask…What is Petbrosia?

Petbrosia is Customized Nutrition for your unique pet – cat or dog – that is delivered to your door. That’s a time saver.  In addition to saving time, you’re feeding your pet food with all-natural meats, fruits, and vegetable designed just for them.

How’s Petbrosia work?

On their website where you see “Start Here”,  you fill in pertinent information that Petbrosia uses to arrive at what is the best food option is for your pet.

Let’s take a look at how it came to be that Gracie would be best fed the Chicken and Potato Formula.

After I answered these questions pertaining to her age, weight, activity level, allergies etc:

about your pet petbrosia

I was then given the Assessment Information:

Gracies Petbrosia assessment

Here’s another assessment page view.  This one includes what Petbrosia recommends (I’ve taken out the price simply because my price may be different than yours).

petbrosia recommendation

And that’s how we ended up with the Chicken and Potato Formula opposed to the formula that contains salmon.

Regardless of whether it be chicken or salmon formula – both options are made with real free-run (chicken & salmon).  They also are antibiotic and hormone-free.  There is no corn, soy, wheat, gluten, or by-product meal.  There aren’t any artificial colors or flavors and vitamins and supplements are included in the formulas, including Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

The food arrived in a bag inside this box.  Now I have to tell you this packaging has to be extremely well sealed because Gracie, nor any of our cats attempted to get into the packaging.  What that in turn means to me –  is that you’re getting a very fresh product.


As you can see below, the label lists all the ingredients and the general feeding guidelines.

Petbrosia Dog Food

Give Petbrosia a Try and Save $10

Save $10 off  your First Purchase of Petbrosia Pet Foods by entering the promotional code: BRYK10

Helpful Links

Petbrosia has some helpful links that may be of interest to you.  Learn about:

  • Petbrosia’s dog food delivery program
  • Switching Dog Food
  • Dog Food Comparison
  • 5 steps to a healthier dog
  • Dog Food Comparison

Petbrosia loves friends!

Follow them along on: Facebook //Twitter//Pinterest.

Giveaway Time!

Giveaway is Rafflecopter powered.  Open to residents of the US and is void where prohibited.  Sponsor is responsible for prize shipment.  Giveaway runs from 8/15/14 @ 5am – 9/2/14 @ 12am.

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Jul 052014

gracie shepherd mix groomed 6-14

Gracie, Our Shepherd Mix Got Groomed – she’s so Lucky! And you ask, “Why is she so lucky?” Let me tell you – if I could go to the salon and come out a few hours later looking 20lbs lighter and 10 years younger – I’d go once a month!  Wouldn’t you?

Gracie’s Grooming Story:
Gracie is a 7 year-old, 85lb. German Shepard Mix with a long fur coat that is thicker than thick can be.  She’s well in need of a good grooming as you can see.  She does not allow us to brush her even though we brushed her every day when we first rescued her.  That didn’t last too long – a month or so, before she decided we weren’t going to be doing that any longer.


gracie 2 edited

Gracie – getting ready to be groomed

You can see how nasty her fur is here.  Up close and personal, you can pull out the lighter fur clumps you see on her dark fur from her shedding.  That’s too much work though and one reason she gets groomed whether it be just a bath/brushing or like today – being shaved down.

We’ve taken her in the past to Petsmart to have her bathed and brushed and she always has come out looking beautiful despite being charged differently each time she’s gone – they always want to change the type of breed she is, increasing the fee every time I bring her and quite frankly – it’s annoying!  And then a couple years ago at the end of summer – someone suggested us shaving her down for the summer.

I thought long and hard about having her shaved.  To me, it just didn’t seem natural to shave her down.  Seriously – I couldn’t wrap my head around that thought for the longest time.  A good bath and brushing always made her beautiful.

Then come last summer, I decided that I would give it ONE try.  We took her to Petsmart and although it was like looking at a new dog and I knew that she had to be much cooler – I was very unhappy with the cuts and scraps that the razor left on her.  I was also not happy with the way her tail was shaved.  Her tail looked like a feather duster from the end of her spine to the tip of her tail – similar to the shape of a paint roller with fur attached.

So this year I wanted to have her shaved down again, but didn’t want to take her back to Petsmart or someplace of the like.  And the groomer at my vets – they want you to have every shot under the sun before they will groom the animals – something I won’t do because all those shots aren’t good for our fur babies.  Don’t get me wrong – she’s vaccinated for required vaccines – just not all those extras.

Then I ran into a woman at the Town Hall and had to ask her where she had her dog groomed.  Her dog – a Golden Retriever – was beautifully groomed.  She gave me the information and I placed my call to ‘A Furry Affair.’  A Furry Affair is like a woman’s beauty salon.  There’s several groomers that do grooming all in one location.

I ended up booking an appointment with Deanna, the owner of  Wish Upon a Paw.  Grooming day arrived and we met with Deanna.  She asked me what I was looking for.  I explained to her what I didn’t want because that’s all I had to compare to.  Later that day, I returned to pick Gracie up and WHOA – my Gracie was brought to me and was she just stunning!

She looked 20lbs lighter and 10 years younger.  That was the case last year too.  But this year – her tail looked fabulous.  The fur around her face and neck blended so nicely.  And she was wearing a beautiful tye-dyed purple bandana (not shown – her human sister borrowed it right away!).


Gracie at Grandpa’s – she had to show Grandpa her new ‘do’

gracie groomed

Gracie at Grandpa’s – annoyed because she wasn’t allowed to dig a hole to lie in

Wouldn’t you just love to go to the salon and come out looking like she did – 20lbs lighter and 10 yrs younger?  Frankly, I’m quite jealous!

On another note – what dog breed comes to mind when you look at Gracie?  Originally we were told she was a Rottweiler.  Obviously, that she is not.  The we were then told she’s the Shepherd Mix.  We thought we saw some Border Collie in her, some Bernese, and possibly some wolf.  What do you see in her?  I’d love to get hear your thoughts!


Nov 082013
Ollie Ollie abscess healed with black salve

Black Salve to the Rescue of Another Cat Abscess

Yes!  I’ve healed another one of my cats who had an abscess on his cheek with Black Salve AKA Ichthammol ointment.  This ointment is one of my best friends!  I cannot tell you how much money I have saved on Vet bills using this ointment.

Meet Ollie Ollie


Ollie Ollie had a HUGE right cheek.  When I say the cheek was huge – I mean it was huge and the swelling appeared overnight.  I knew right away what the cause of the swelling was.  Ollie Ollie had an abscess.

You see, Ollie Ollie had started a fight outside with Mr. Snickers a few days prior.  I half expected that Mr. Snickers was going to show signs of the fight as he got the bad end of the deal (he lost a lot of fur in that fight).  I thought he would have scratches all over his face and neck yet; it turned out that Ollie Ollie was the victim of ill (that’s karma…Ollie Ollie should have not had a case of the butt).

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