Feb 222013

Me – work outdoors?  Not in this lifetime!  That is just not my idea of a good time.  I hate the heat and I hate the cold.  There are those though who don’t mind the elements of the outdoors, and I commend them.  If it weren’t for many men and women who tend to be driven to work outside – just think of how that would effect our lives, our lifestyles.  That said, if I was to be inclined to work outside – I would find it a must to wear protective clothing like coveralls for men.

Why would it be that I would need to wear coveralls?  It’s like this – I am far from a careful person.  I ruin more clothing doing chores like dishes and laundry, and even cooking.  When doing dishes – my shirts end up being full of stains.  I am soaked by the time I am done – NO joking here.  When I do laundry, and as careful as I really try to be (I really do try) – I end up getting bleach all over me.

I have a wardrobe of clothing that I just wear at home – stains and all.  I don’t think twice if I was to have company stop by and how I would look – doesn’t matter to me.  It’s gotten to the point where I need to save some clothing for when I head out the door.

Can you even begin to imagine what I would do to my clothing if I worked outside?  My work clothing would be all torn to shreds and imbedded with dirt and stains that I couldn’t get clean no matter what.  I’d be wiping my dirty hands wherever just like when I go fishing – if I don’t have a wet rag beside me – I wipe the worm dirt on my pants (I have two pairs of pants just for fishing).  When I stain or paint outside – I end up having it be all over my shoes and clothing.

Sure – a solution could be wearing an apron, except they’re not for me.  I can’t stand anything tied around my neck including necklaces.  I could even wear coveralls for men – but they are too much work for me when it’s time to go potty.  If I worked outside, wearing coveralls for men would make me plain ugly – I’d be way too hot.  I’ve narrowed it down, coveralls for men for whatever reason, is not happening in this lifetime for me.  I’ll leave the coveralls for those who I appreciate 🙂

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