Feb 092013

You ask, “what the difference is between mlearning and elearning?”  Honestly, they are very similar, except, mlearning is made for learning on the go.  This is where a computer or laptop would not be the vehicle used to gather information, but rather a smart phone or a tablet – a true mobile internet enabled device.  Mlearning would be provided by a mobile learning company.  Mlearning requires the deliverability to be tailored for a smartphone. Mlearning is more basic and shorter in length than elearning.

It’s a given that computers play a huge role in learning.  Schools are beginning to not have “Snow Days,” but rather “Blizzard Days.”  What this means is that students are now expected to go online and complete work via the Internet on “Blizzard Days.”  This saves the students and teachers from having to make up a snow day at the end of the school year.  Now take this one step further with businesses.  Businesses use computers daily.  They are great for webinars, skyping, gathering information, and by making the business run more efficiently. Since smart phones and tablets are readily available and can connect to the Internet, why not give employees the benefit of mlearning?

The benefits of mlearning can outweigh the costs involved and save the company a lot of money in the long run.  Mlearning can provide employees with the knowledge they need to get the job done without wasting a lot of time.  With a simple connection to the Internet, they can view training materials, manuals, refresh product knowledge, and even have on-the-job training.  A time saving example, which in turn is a money savings: a technician is at a customer’s house and he’s in need of a “how to.”  By simply going to his smart phone or tablet – that sets right next to him – he can plug into a mlearning program and get the answer that much faster.  There’s no going to the truck to get the manual.  There’s no calling the office to have someone look up the answer.  There’s no going back into the customer’s establishment.  And, the technician can move on to the next customer that much sooner and as a result in getting more customers visited in a day.

Think of all the possibilities that mlearning can bring to the employment sector.  Could it be a money saving solution for your business needs?  Be sure to hook up with a mobile learning company, if you think this is a route you want to go.

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