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Have you heard of Teeple’s Testosterone?  Dr. Teeple and his wife are on a mission to share their story on how Dr. Teeple’s low testosterone affected their relationship and his health.  Not knowing much on the subject until it was time to learn about it in medical school, Dr. Teeple discovered that maybe a simple blood test could shed some light on symptoms he’d been having – and that it did!

The results of that simple blood, test taken before reaching the age of 33, showed that Dr. Teeple’s had a testosterone level of an eighty (80) year old man.  Knowing this, Dr. Teeple was able to restore his mood, health, vitality, and relationship by implementing a simple treatment plan.

 Facts on Low “T”

  •  Low Testosterone affects over 40% of men over 45 years old.
  •  Only 5% of these men will be diagnosed.
  •  Low Testosterone is nearly 100% curable

Symptoms of having Low “T”

  •  Loss of Sexual Desire
  •  Moodiness
  •  Unexplained Weight Gain
  •  Poor Concentration
  •  Fatigue

Woman or Man Check Out Teeple’s Testosterone Test App

The Date Night Tips – are very cool 🙂

I took the test as a woman, which gave me insight on my other half.  Although, I’ve thought for sometime he’s had a low testosterone level – which wouldn’t surprise me as he had a testicle removed several years ago from an infection in the hydrocele that didn’t respond to several months of antibiotics – this app confirmed my thoughts.  In fact, the timing of when symptoms began to appear, goes back to that date.  I foresee a visit to the urologist coming up ASAP.

Dr. Teeple’s and his wife Susan have written a book –

This is not a boring medical book. It is a personal story with humor, and the medical information is given in a user-friendly way. In just 160 pages you will learn what took the Teeples years of medical school, research and their own personal struggle to figure out. – The Teeples

The book is available in paperback and Kindle.  Click here to get it at Amazon.com  No Kindle?  No problem!   You can download the  Free Reading App for your device on Amazon.com.

If you know someone who could benefit from learning about Low “T” – share this post with them.  You may just be turning a few lives around 🙂

Onto the Giveaway

Giveaway is open to US Residents 18 and older.  Prizes will NOT be shipped to a PO Box.

Good Luck!
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