Apr 012014

Update on McKenzie Lowe – FDA Approved the Experimental Cancer Treatment!

Congratulations to the Lowe family for winning the battle against the FDA in getting them to approve the only option left to keep McKenzie alive.  If you didn’t read the first article on McKenzie’s battle with the FDA – you can read it here.

And many thanks readers for your support.  For signing the petition.  For helping 12-year old McKenzie and her family fight a battle that gives McKenzie the only chance left to survive.

But their fight doesn’t end there.  Now the fight is trying to find a local doctor to work with the FDA.  This isn’t an easy task as the antineoplaston treatment (ANP) is very controversial.  It also requires the doctor to fill out a 200 page FDA application as part of the compassion exemption process.

It’s all so mind-boggling that one has to go through so much with so little time to spare. I was so excited to hear the news and very disappointed to learn of the hurdle they are now faced with.

When I hear something, I will update you on the status of McKenzie’s journey.  You can also follow Friends of McKenzie Lowe’s Facebook page for updates.

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