Apr 012014
beef roast savings

How to Save on Beef Roasts

Can’t Afford Beef Roasts? Use this Cut for a lot of Savings

Our family is beefeaters.  Steak, hamburger, beef roasts, steak tips – beef – we just love beef.  Unfortunately though, with the cost of beef rising so fast, the only thing that I could make stretch for a meal was burger.  We stopped having steak once a week and roasts became a rarity.  Then I learned of an awesome tip and want to share that with you!

I learned that if I bought a whole cryovac (vacuum packaged) eye round roast and cooked it using the high heat method, we could have that roast beef that we had enjoyed for so long.

Eye round roasts are a ‘tough’ piece of meat vs. a sirloin roast – but that is exactly what you’re going to be purchasing.

This is the label I look for at the market

More often than not, you’ll find this meat in a package similar to this below. This is a cryovac (vacuum packed) whole eye of the round roast.  One can buy a smaller eye round roast, but it’s more expensive per pound.

Once I get the meat home, I usually cut it into two roasts.  One roast generally goes two meals for our family of four.

The key to getting a tender piece of meat out of this roast is the way it’s cooked and sliced.  Start with an unfrozen roast.  Add your dry rub spices.  We prefer pepper, garlic powder and rosemary.  Then you’re going to cook it using the high heat method.  To learn how to do this – read this post.

The roast in the above picture has been cooked using the high heat method with two minutes added per pound.  I adjusted the time cooked per pound simply because not all family members like their beef cooked medium rare, which is how it normally turns out in our oven.

Once the roast is done, you’ll want to cut the roast in thinner slices.  About a half inch thick, or a little thinner, usually makes for more tenderness.   There’s plenty of juice in the pan that you can make a gravy if you wish too.

The high heat method is the only way I cook my beef roasts now whether it be a prime rib or an eye round like this one.  The process is simple and the meat always comes out fabulous.

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