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waterproof and allergen mattress protector

Thinking of adding a new puppy or kitten to your family?  Or maybe you already own fur babies.  Either way, you may want to consider mattress protection with a mattress encasement like this one from Protect-A-Bed.  This is Protect-A-Beds Allerzip Smooth Mattress Encasement and is well worth the mattress protection it offers.

Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement

What makes Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement so special? 

  • The AllerZipMattress Protector’s Patented BugLock® Three-sided zipper and AllerZip seal – gives you total protection against allergens (like dander, a concern for pet owners who sleep with furry family members), dust mites and bed bugs.
  • The smooth surface is waterproof and stainproof
  • Protect-A-Bed’s innovative Miracle Membrane® with Total Heat Transference Formula. Liquids and stains stay out, yet the protector remains breathable and comfortable.
  • Is washable and tumble dry safe
  • Great for those who are incontinent or are bed wetters
  • Certified by an Entomology Laboratory to be completely bed bug proof

WHY you might just need this if and when you adopt a new fur baby, or already have one:

When we first moved into our home it wasn’t long before the family decided it was time to add a pup to our family.  Never having a pup before, we knew we had lots to learn and thought we were pretty much prepared but certainly were not. We were far from prepared for her peeing on my bed and always on my side of the bed at that!  I was frustrated and irritated when she did this.  I couldn’t understand what prompted that behavior, it wasn’t an every day occurrence, and she didn’t begin this behavior until she was nearly a year old.

My first thought was that maybe her being a rescue pup had something to do with it, but I quickly realized that had nothing to do with it.  After her doing this a few times, I began to see a pattern develop.  It only happened when she could smell another dog on me or she had come back from being groomed.  I came to the conclusion that I think she was marking her territory! Didn’t she know that that is what trees are for?  Seriously! After having to clean all the bedding and get the carpet cleaner out to clean the mattress – several times – I learned to protect my bed with an old waterproof bed mat that was used on my son’s bed.

If I had it to do all over again – I would invest in a waterproof mattress covering like Protect-A-Bed’s for the mere fact that the mattress protection it offers is so much more than it being waterproof and much more protection that the traditional mattress pad that I have always used as part of my bedding attire. Being stainproof is a great feature of this mattress protector.  Who wants to spend a $1000 or more on a mattress set to have it look or smell like crap?

I Got to Review it – My Test Drive:

When I first pulled it out of the package – my very first thought was – how could this ever be waterproof?  The material felt way too flimsy for it to not let fluid pass through.  Regardless, I put it on the bed (with some help).  The encasement has three zippered sides, so I started at the head of my mattress.  In all honesty, slipping the encasement over the mattress was not difficult at all.  Then using the lock ties provided, one slips the tie through the zipper ends and locks it together.  Doing this makes sure of complete encasement of the mattress – keeping out dander, bedbugs, allergens, etc.


The Protect-A-Bed encasement is generously sized. I ordered the queen size in the deepest depth as I have a deep mattress (12″) with a pillow top .  As you can see from the picture below – there is plenty of material to cover a really deep mattress.

pulling up from the top of the mattress

Waterproof Test

So then inquiring minds wanted to know – well at least mine was dying to know!  Is this encasement truly waterproof?  I had to find out!  So, I took a cup of water and poured it on one end of the mattress.  I let it soak in.  I immediately saw that the fluid spread though the layer of fabric encasement outward.  Okay…I would expect that.  Now I wanted to know if the fluid leaked through to the mattress.  I put my hand in between the encasement and the mattress and felt the mattress.  I felt NO wet mattress!  I honestly was shocked.  I really didn’t think the material would keep the liquid off the mattress and it did.

Not that you can really can see where the wet water mark outline is in this picture – but I’m going to show you anyway. Look really close – you can vaguely see the rim of the water mark (don’t mistake it being the flowers on the mattress).

Impressed?  I certainly was!  And, I am certainly wishing I had this mattress encasement back when we first adopted Gracie!

Moreover, I am impressed that the encasement is great for allergy sufferers, as I am one of those too.  Not that I would feel a lot of relief from having it solely for the purpose of pet dander because I certainly wouldn’t given the 14 cats and one dog that we have.  Most nights I have two cats surrounding my head with at least another three at the foot of the bed. Realistically, there’s no way that I would expect any mattress protector to protect me from dander allergens.  However, it’s comforting to know that I am protected from dust mites, bedbugs and other allergens.  And for the average pet owner, I’m sure there would be allergen relief.

Lastly, the feature of the encasement being an “innovative Miracle Membrane® with Total Heat Transference Formula where Liquids and stains stay out, yet the protector remains breathable and comfortable”…is a true statement.  I would be the first one to tell you if sleeping on this encasement left me feeling hot.  I can’t stand to feel hot when I sleep…that makes for a totally miserable night’s sleep.  I’ve experienced no such issue sleeping on this mattress protector.  Sleeping on my couch though, makes me hot – too hot and I’m completely miserable.

View a video of the Protect-A-Bed AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement to see all it’s great features, including instruction on how to get it over your mattress.  This may just be the mattress protection you need.

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Have a story to share about your fur baby and your mattress? Share it with us…we’d all love to learn from your experience ๐Ÿ™‚


Would you like to win one for yourself? Protect-A-Bed has generously sponsored the AllerZip Smooth Mattress Encasement for a giveaway.  You’d be getting the very same mattress encasement that I have been discussing in this post! How cool is that?

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  1. I have one dog and his name is Biggles.He is a Basset Hound. You know basset hounds have the longest ears of any dog, also they have those sad eyes that make you give them everything they ask for! But my dog is so hairy! He loves to get in bed in the evening with me, but the next day, all his hair is everywhere! This would be nice to win!

  2. I don’t have a dog but I am entering to win this for my cousins for their new home. They have one dog that sheds all the time, constantly leaving dog hair EVERYWHERE. They would really appreciate this I know!

  3. We have one fur baby, his name is DeeDee! He flew down to us in Oregon from Alaska! Nobody wanted him. He was going to be put down. Now he is a happy, though quirky guy we love to death! I think it’s so awesome how you figured out your babies problem! Most people are not so blessed with empathy and understanding! Bravo for you! Our DeeDee never has had an accident! He was very timid when we got him and has made a lot of progress since leaving Alaska!
    Thanks for this giveaway! I have a Son who suffers from allergies and he could really use one of these mattress covers!

  4. We have 4 dogs (3 older dogs, and a new puppy, who’s quickly becoming the diva!)

  5. I am extremely interested in this particular item as our babies sometimes have their accidents on the bed (they are in process of being lofty trained) and only 5months old. Their dad is a great dog and we love all 3of them immensely. And my hubby has nerve problems and has spasms and will sometimes spill something (usually a liquid) and we will need to change sheets frequently. This would be a God send to me!

  6. My furbabie is Lady Girl III. She is an American Terrier Pitbull mix. She is a rescue dog and the best and sweetest dog ever!!

    • Ann – does she experience anxiety? Gracie (our dog) is a rescue and if she isn’t with me all the time, I think she does. If I leave her home, the entire duration I am gone, she won’t eat or drink and no one can get near her (she lies under my desk). When I get home, her underpinion is all wet. I’ve told the vet but they don’t seem to be worried over it, but I am. I hate the thought she won’t eat or drink, or if she is feeling stressed :(.

  7. Add

    Finger Click Saver

    Pins ยท Boards ยท Pinners โ€” search results forFinger Click Saver

    We didn’t find any people when we searched for Finger Click Saver

    • I apologize Ann! I didn’t change the web address from my old username to FingerClickSave on the Rafflecopter form (my bad)- FingerClickSaver is too long for their platform. Thanks for leaving me a message…very appreciated!

  8. We have one dog she is 12 years old,she is a beagle/black lab & her name is Cookie

  9. i don’t have any babies but i have two wonderful nieces

  10. i have a toy poodle named teddy, a 21 lb cat named fat cat lol but really his name is garfield, and 2 kittens that were born in july, i call them baby boy and baby girl kittys but their names are snickelfritz and snowflake ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hahaha, Nikki! We have a cat my other half calls fat cat – I prefer to call her chunky :). The thing is, is she is short to the ground, short in length and all her weight is in her VERY round stomach. I love her to death. She’s got such a great personality and the biggest eyes you’ve ever seen. When you couple the eyes with her bobble head – she’s hysterical to watch. I love Snickelfritz – for a name – it’s very unique!

  11. We have 5 cats inside, and one stray that adopted us outside. Also 2 really big dogs outside.

    • It’s amazing how cats will adopt families. We had one that moved out on us to move in up the street. I was never so devastated, but I believe she simply wanted to be the sole kitty of the home. That’s not what she had with us. She’s happy now, so I’m happy for her.

  12. I just adopted a rescue kitten from the Humane Society shelter 3 days ago. She’s already a part of the family.

  13. No fur babies, but I dog and cat sit for my 2 adult children’s pets.

  14. I have one, Samantha who equals about 5 w/ the way she sheds!

    • Shedding! That nasty word! It comes out in clumps when Gracie sheds. Some day, I am going to have a sweater or something made out of her shedded coat furs. I’ve been saving them ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I have a daughter with really bad allergies and asthma, This would be perfect for her.

  16. We have two puppy dog fur babies! Both are lab mixes…Blackie is well, black and 11 years old. Maverick is yellow and 1years old! Both sleep with hubby and I!

  17. I have 2 dog; a cocker spaniel and a English Springer Spaniel. Both like to sleep with me.

  18. No fur babies as we live in an apartment building….

  19. no fur babies–just three boys…have severe allergies and need the cover

  20. Fur babies? I think none lol!

  21. I don’t have a fur baby but my sister has a cat his name is Mr. Waffles and he’s in my opinion the devil’s spawn, he hates men and he only likes those who feed him i.e. my mom
    I can’t wait to get my own fur baby! I’m hoping to get a dog within the next couple of years when I have more time and money to devote and care for one. My boyfriend would like a cat someday so who knows.

  22. I have 2 kits, LuLu and Azrael. My husband thinks the male is the cause of his allergies ๐Ÿ™ This mattress cover would be very helpful!

  23. i have 5 dogs with one being a royal pain in the rump

    • I have an immense respect for people who own more than one dog. As much as I love ours, I’m not sure I would get another and if by chance I did, it would be one that is older. I’m never doing the puppy stage again!

  24. We have two BIG pups( Retriever/Lab mix) outside, 2 kitties and 2 bunnies inside. I have had the same problem of one of the cats getting in our room (and on the bed!) and treating it like his personal bathroom! UGH!! I have to keep all the doors closed, all the time.

    • Lisa – my grandmother had a Siamese cat that did that very same thing. Oh…back in those days – she’d rub the cat’s nose it in, but it didn’t matter. It was just a nasty habit that cat had. I have one who loves certain area rugs. She seems to be doing better with going out now, now that she is older. Maybe your kitty will get with the program. A thought – try changing the cat litter you use or at least give him a different litter and separate litter box. Sometimes cats don’t like certain types of litter or certain textures. I’d almost try a clumping cat litter where it would most like resemble sheets in texture.

  25. 2 rescue kitties.. one fat white baby named Lily, and a creamy persian that showed up on the front porch and never left, I had to take her in ๐Ÿ™‚ She was so flea-bitten and scraggly that we named her Olive, but ended up calling her Uggs or Uggy because she was a bit ugly…lol..(she’s lovely now but sheds like a freak!) I also have 3 dogs, a high strung tea cup chi named Rooney ( after the Steelers) a terrier named Jack (also after the Steelers..;) and a 147 lb great dane puppy named Kitti, who is supposed to put on another 50 lbs before she is done… she thinks our bed is alllllll hers..ugh!

  26. I have two. A very very brilliant shihtzu named Tater Tot and a huge snorting tank Lola who is my pug. They’ve been recently kicked out of the living room, bedroom and den because of the hair they shed. They love to roll around and lately they just stink! I’d love to have something like this so they can at least come back into one room again lol

    • Oh dear! They are shedding already too? One of my cats has begun shedding already. I so dread shedding season, more this year than any other. This year the cats coats are the thickest I’ve ever seen them. The dog – well, she always has a crap load of fur and will begin to shed soon. I’ll be finding clumps of fur every where!

  27. i have duke, a black lab of 6 years… kahlua, a german shorthair pointer that is 1.5 and mr. tibbles, a cat that was supposedly “Feral” who snuggles with my dogs and knocks on the door when he is ready to come inside

  28. I have 1 dog and two cats…

  29. I have a crazy cat named Tuna
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  30. I have two adorable kitties named Shadow and Smudges! I so need one of these covers for our new house! Even if I don’t win, I might look into buying one of these! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Love your babies names ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you’ll like the cover if you decide to get one, if you’re not the winner. My mattress would still look brand new had I had one of these before my daughter and dog came along.

  31. I have 1 fur baby!

  32. I have three Boston Terriers, ages 12, 9, and 7 years. One French Bulldog who is 10 years old.

  33. I had to give my kitty fur baby to my mom because my fiance is allergic ๐Ÿ™

  34. We have 2 dogs and a cat! Samson is a great dane/Mastiff mix and I think we need some kind of Protect-the-house product for him! Then Gracie is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel!

  35. I have one GIANT furbaby named Bella. She is a 120 Mastiff/Rotty/Great Pyranees mix & the love of my life ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Our furbaby Ozzy is an 8yr old black lab/border collie…sweet as can be (but a bit crazed, too!)

  37. Two fur babies.

  38. I have two kitties and a 4 year old human who sleep in my bed… The kitties aren’t the problem but the human sometimes is…. lol!

  39. I have one fur baby his name is shadow and hes a black lab/spitz mix and hes 8 weeks old we got him for my son for Christmas:)

  40. I have a part siamese cat and a miniature pinscher puppy. I love them both to death!

  41. We have two Dobermans – love them! <3

  42. I’ve got one elderly dog.

  43. I’ve got one. She’s a 20 lb black and white kitty. She’s dieting, don’t worry! Heh…she’s our cuddle kitty, well that is until she jumps on you at 4am…and then she’s the “darn cat”

    • LOL…not to worry about her being a big girl on my end. I would say that at least 4 of our males go a good 15lbs., one nearly 20lbs (you’d never know it though…he’s a big tall black cat) and one of my females – she’s got quite the belly. I’m quite convinced that the foods they eat have something to do with their sizes….meaning the by-products that contain the hormones that they make their foods with.

  44. i have 3 dogs 3 cats and boy do they mess

  45. we have a 6 year old golden retriever named madison…we call her maddie…when she is bad she is lovingly known as maddie the baddie….her & our 4 year old grandson are the best of friends…he blows bubbles & she jumps up & pops them..cutest thing to watch the 2 of them! she is an awesome dog!

  46. We have 3 indoor cats, and 3 semi-feral cats that live outdoors that we take care of.
    our 3 outdoor girls are spayed, and have a warm house to sleep in when it’s cold.

  47. We have 3. Two kittens and our rescue dog

  48. I have Abby…9 yo golden, Dot…1yo calico and several chickens.

    • Chickens? How cool! I’m learning they can be quite the pets. My son’s LNA has one that walks around with her on her shoulders. When she needs to potty she lets the LNA and is put down where she needs to be, goes potty and then gets back on her shoulder ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. I have 4 dogs. Dog hair gets everywhere and sometimes I sneeze a lot. This will be great for my family and I. I will have to look into this more. Thanks for sharing!!

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