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High Blood Pressure and Over the Counter Cold Meds Don’t Mix.  The decongestants found in cold and multi-symptom over the counter meds may cause your blood pressure and heart rate to rise. Their job is to relieve the nasal stuffiness by reducing swelling in the nasal cavity; however, they adversely effect persons with high blood pressure.  A decongestant can be listed as any one of the following:

  • ephedrine
  • phenylephrine
  • pseudoephedrine
  • oxymetazoline
  • naphazoline

You don’t have to suffer and sweat out the cold though just because you have high blood pressure.  Coricidin HBP is a great option for those with high blood pressure.  Coricidin HBP contains no decongestants and it’s recommended by the American Heart Association.  Since one never knows how they will react to medications until they’ve taken them, it’s always a smart choice to stay clear of medications that can potentially harm an already existing health problem.

I was recently sent a box of Coricidin HBP Cold & Flu tablets.  Myself, I haven’t had the need to use the product, but my other half has.  He came down with a bad case of the flu.  He wanted some relief, so I gave him a couple of tablets.  Off to bed he went and I didn’t hear him complaining for quite some time (thank goodness!).  Given that – I would say the product worked 🙂  My daughter also had the pleasures of a cold just before the Christmas holiday (before other half had the flu).  All we had in the house aside from a night-time cold med, was the Coricidin HBP.  I gave her two tablets and she was able to rest comfortably for a few hours. Myself, I will certainly take this cold and flu med the next time I am so blessed with having a dreadful cold or the flu as I have high blood pressure.

*Disclaimer – I was sent the product to review via  All opinions are my own.

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