Jan 232012
Savor your fur baby’s paw print forever and ever with this quality product sold by Uncommongoods.com.  The Paws of Fame – Paw Prints Keepsake Frame is a great product for the animal lover.  Yes, I can honestly say, this is a quality product.  I was given the opportunity to experience this product first hand – thanks Uncommon Goods!  
Uncommon Goods is a place where you’ll find products like this, as well as, Cat Lover Gifts, Gift Ideas in general for both men and women, and some of the Best Gift Ideas for Women you’ll find. 
Onto the Paws of Fame…what exactly is it?  It’s a 4-step kit that has everything you need to capture your fur baby’s paw print to display on the wall.  The frame itself is 12″ x 15″ that shows off the impression you capture using the imprint material.  You’ll also be able to display a         4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ photo next to the impression. 
What you’ll find in the package: 
  • A beautiful wooden burnt red frame – resembling the color of cherry stain – It’s very rich looking
  • Glass for the frame – not a thin piece of glass either
  • A white mat for the photo and paw print to be displayed through – there is substance to the mat
  • A cardboard spacer – one of substance and is not flimsy
  • A golden brown colored mat (this is used to adhere the paw print to) – Again, a quality mat
  • The frame backing – this piece is a sturdy backing – not a flimsy piece of cardboard
  • A sticky to attach the molding material to the colored mat
  • An impression medium to capture the animals paw print – this is MESS FREE and NO baking, mixing – plenty of it too!
  • A ruler
  • A wooden dowel – personally, I used my rolling pin covered with wax paper – this worked much better than the dowel. The dowel is a bit short in length, in my opinion.  They also suggest one can use an aluminum can such a Pam can – I tried this, but found the rolling pin still did a better job
  • Instructions 

 What you’ll need –                                                              

  • The fur baby
  • A picture of your fur baby
  • Aluminum foil or wax paper – I used wax paper – for covering the book & rolling pin – I found not covering the rolling pin – the impression material stuck to the rolling pin as it did the wooden dowel
  • A sharp craft knife or something of the like
  • A cutting mat
  • A hard cover book – a larger book works better than a smaller book – trust me
Once you’ve captured the paw print on the molding material, you need to let it dry for a couple days.  You will find the corners of the molding material will curl up a tad bit, but don’t worry about it because you’ll be cutting that portion off anyway.  
When all is said and done – your Paws of Fame will come out just as beautiful as mine did (I took the picture below at an angle to eliminate the glare I was getting from the flash).  
Click to enlarge
Meet Gracie – she’s our canine fur baby who thinks she’s a cat. Maybe that is because she’s grown up with cats, and currently lives with 17 – thus claiming the laundry basket before a kitty does :).  
I will have this keepsake frame forever – I won’t ever be saying I wish I had done this come the time she is no longer with us.  I intend on buying another frame, which I will capture the paw prints of the two cats that I am extremely attached to.  I then will display both frames together on a wall.

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