Jan 202012
We live in a place where we have lots of rain and lots of snow – wonderful New England.  We have a revene that is right behind our home.  The kids like to play in it, never mind my daughter’s father – he’s the worst offender.  Needless to say, keeping up with my wood and tile floors is a task I dread.

It’s hard enough with the wheelchair coming in and out during inclement weather.  But when you add to that our 18 4-legged animals that do the same, and people traipsing through the house with embedded snow and dirt in the soles of their shoes and boots who just want a drink or go potty – that leaves for quite the mess!  This led me to seeking out ways to help cut down on my time cleaning these floors.

Fortunately for me – as I was looking for an alternative to what I had purchased which were neoprene boot covers that worked like crap, as  once these were worn, they were wet inside and hard to get on over footwear, and in general.  Anyway, an opportunity arose from a company looking for someone to review their EconoWear Lite N Kool Disposable Shoe/Boot Covers.  My thought – what do I have to lose?  Actually – I had everything to gain if these covers worked.

The covers are from Magid Glove and Safety Manufacturing Company, LLC. They are white and made of polypropylene.  They have elastic at the ankles, are disposable so there’s no reusing a cover that is already wet or muddy.  And, they come in sizes ranging from small to 3X.  But the best part – they are inexpensive!

For purposes of this review, I was sent size large.  My first thought as I took them out of the package was they weren’t going to hold up because their thinness.  I was comparing them to the ones I wear each time I take my son in the operating room to put him under for surgery.  Those seem to be a lot thicker.  However, don’t be fooled by their thinness.

I walked around my house from room to room, kept them on my feet while sitting at my desk and got up and continued to walk around the house with them on – without incident!  No tears, not hard to walk in and easy to put on.  I had my daughter’s father test drive them.  Now mind you – his shoe size is a 12 – mine is a 9.5 and these covers were size large.  He had trouble getting them over his shoelaces and tore the back as he was putting them on.  However, I am confident if these were a 2XL or even 3XL – he’d have no problem getting them on.

For less than $40 I can purchase 100 pair each of two sizes and store them right by entry doors for people to put on.  That’s a great deal considering my time spent on washing floors, wiping up floors as people come in, and the cost of the equipment and cleaner to do the task.

View Magid’s full product line {here}.

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