Feb 082012
I love the concept of the Ponchillow!  Are you one who hates the thought of getting out from under the nice toasty covers you’re under?  Or maybe live in a household that keeps the heat on the lower side of the spectrum?  Or always seem to find yourself cold?  If so, you’ll find the Ponchillow to be a great accessory to your wardrobe.  The Ponchillow is perfect for taking on the bus, or in the car where you don’t want to wear a bulky coat.  Or, use it while lounging around the house watching TV, playing video games or sitting at the computer.  You’ll find it easy to slip on and off and it folds up fairly small.

What exactly is it?  It’s a poncho with a pillow attached on the backside. The front outside has a kangaroo pocket to warm your hands or store items.  On the inside of the Ponchillow you’ll find a another set of pockets varying in sizes to store items.  The poncho itself is made of a heavy fleece material, is generously sized and comes in a variety of colors for both adults and children.  There are even Pupchillows for pooches :).

Generously sized w/a kangaroo pocket on the front.
Here you see the pillow on the back and the hood on the head
This is the inside of the front Ponchillow.  These are little pockets that you can store tissues, iPod, MP3 player, cell phone, etc. 

Become a fan of Ponchillow’s on Facebook or follow them along on Twitter to stay abreast of specials, giveaways, and company info.  In fact, they are having a Valentine’s Day special at the moment – Buy 2 Get 1 Free.  Use promo code LOVEU2.

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