Jun 142011

Vista Print has won my heart again.  For $2 one can purchase a Customized Premium  T-Shirt. The T-shirts are made from 100% PRE-shrunk cotton.  I hate nothing more than to buy an article of clothing and have it shrivel up to nothing in the wash!  There are loads of designs to choose from and you can add text.  Alternatively, you could create your own design with your own personal pictures or even the button from your blog (possible tax write-off here). Shipping starts at $4.41.  Add the two together and you’ve got yourself a t-shirt you’ve designed, can wear proudly and for a mere $6.61. That’s a deal!

My Points Members

Have you read the bonus email from them regarding FTD online purchases?  They are offering…20 mypoints per dollar!  That’s 600 mypoints on a $30 purchase.  Six hundred points is nearly the equivalent of $5 if you utilize your points on a 1600 pt. reward.

You can log in {here}.
If you’re not a member you can join {here}.

If you’re not familiar with mypoints here’s a synopsis of how their program works taken from my Internet Shopper Click thru page:

Mypoints.com offers many opportunities to earn points, which can then be redeemed for different items, including gift cards.  When shopping (clicking) through their site to the store you are making your purchase at you will earn points for each dollar spent. Points per dollar vary from store to store. I recommend downloading and using the My Points toolbar as you earn points for searching the web through their toolbar. Opting in to receive their emails (you must click on the advertisement in order to receive credit) will earn you 5pts each or more if you sign up for an offer.  Printing and redeeming coupons each month will earn you points.  I have cashed in points for itunes gift cards and restaurant cards without incident.  At the time of this positing (1/15/11),  I have over 32000 points available to cash in on when I am ready to. The points truly add up fast if you work the program. Update: Since 1/15/11 when I had 32,000 pts., I now have over 34500 pts., and honestly, that increase is not from shopping and clicking thru their site.  

On another note…my goal this week is to catch me a trout.  We can count day one (Monday) as being a no-go.  I had bites but NOTHING took my hook :-(.  My daughter’s father…he was blessed to catch a horn pout.  I don’t foresee me catching anything tomorrow either.  It’s suppose to rain.  Maybe the sky will change its mind and I can go for a couple of hours.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Pa said when I catch me a trout…he’s gonna cook it the way he saw on Food Network….I think he’s jinxed me!

Make it a great day everyone!

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  1. How cool to be able to fish! I once caught a striped bass (tiny) on a stick and a string (and hook) as a child but that's about it. Still, I love the idea of just sitting on a peaceful lake for hours and hours and hours…leaving the kids on shore:)) Thanks for your comment on my Spiderman Dollhouse. I never thought to save my Barbies…should have, at least they might be considered valuable by now!

  2. Sandra…I love fishing. I've done it since I was a small child. My favorite kind of fishing is horn pouting…but it's still a bit nippy at night here in NH for me to be near a pond. I don't go out on a boat…although I would love to so long as the sides are high enough. If I can't see bottom…I spaz. I don't mind taking my daughter…she's 13, will worm her own hook and take the fish off the hook. It's one of the only things her and I can do together that doesn't cost an arm and a leg…that we both really enjoy :-). Some of your Barbies probably would be…but how were you to know? Me…it's all sentimental.

  3. Oh I miss fishing! I haven't gone in years, but maybe I'll get to go this summer. Found you at the Wednesday blog hop and am glad I did, am a happy new follower :).


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