Jun 132011
Big Kid Calls

Huggies, the maker of Pull-ups, has a reward for “BIG” kids who go on the potty.  You can set up a call for your kiddo to receive a call from the Pixar Cars 2 Character or a Disney Princess after using the potty…simply to congratulate them. Set up your child’s call here.

If you missed the post on Huggies offer of a Potty Training Video….you can get the link {here}.

How fun!  I remember the Geoffrey from Toys ‘R Us calling my daughter on her birthday.  She thought she was quite the young lady to be having him call her to say Happy Birthday. If I had only had this potty training tool around when she was small, maybe she would have stayed with the potty training longer.  She was almost two and began to use the potty…then she decided that wasn’t going to be the case…point blank.  Okay then, I got sick of stressing over it and next thing I knew…she decided shortly after she turned 3 that she was going to use the potty all the time.

I hope you all had a fabulous and productive weekend!  Mine was good somewhat productive :-). Let’s make it a great week! Hopefully, I will catch a trout this week.  I am the only one who hasn’t :-(.

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