Jun 162011

Personally, I am an avid purchaser of store brand products for several reasons. One reason is they are often much less costly than the brand names. I also know the brand names often are the makers of the store brands. And, I have found store brands are just as effective as national brands.  Basically, if the store has their brand available…I’ll buy it.


My most recent encounter for needing an over the counter health product was when I had strep throat. Not only was I blessed with strep throat; I was blessed with my allergies acting up. So when I was filling my scripts at Walgreens, I decided I would get myself an allergy med. Normally my insurance covers allergy meds, but I hadn’t called for a script, so I was on my own if I wanted relief any time soon.

In looking at the choices available, I ended up choosing Walgreens Wal-Itin 24-Hour Allergy Relief Tablets; one of  Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products. These would cost me a mere $13.99 for 30 tablets compared to the cost of $15.99 for 10 tablets of Claritin that offered the same relief.  Plus, they weren’t all that much more had I used my insurance – given my co-pay.

However, that being said, I always ask the pharmacist their thoughts on my choice before purchasing. He told me the same active ingredients in Claritin are in Walgreens Wal-Itin 24-Hour Allergy Relief Tablets. He recommended I give the product a try. I was told if I wasn’t happy, Walgreens offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Good enough. I’ll take their brand.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my decision when all was said and done…the product worked fabulously.  To learn more about the Walgreens Brand of Health & Wellness Products visit: http://www.walgreens.com/walgreensbrand.  And, do you know about the  Walgreens Way to Well Fund™?  It’s worth checking out!

Would you like to win a $50 gift card from Walgreens?  Several bloggers are hosting giveaways on their blogs.


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