Oct 012011

Welcome to the Fall Follower Fiesta! This 5 day event is sponsored by A Goddess of Frugality and Finger Click Saver. We truly appreciate all of our fans and followers and would like to thank you. This event will run from October 1-5th. Please enter the great giveaways we have going on each day.

October 1st (This one is open during the whole event)-$50 PayPal cash-Open Worldwide (except where prohibited by law). Sponsored by A Goddess of Frugality and Finger Click Saver

October 2nd-Pambras bra liners (pkg of 3 bra liners)-Open to U.S. and Canada

October 3rd- Mark Girl Kristy ($30 credit)- Open to U.S. only

October 4th-Crafty Love Jr. ($25 credit)-Open to U.S. only

October 5th-Coupons and Amazon (2 envelopes full of coupons and $10 in Amazon credit-one winner)-Open to U.S. only  Sponsors: Save and Share with Coupons, Conversations with CarolynWishful Thinking 247, and Texas Frugality.

All giveaways will be open on both blogs (A Goddess of Frugality and Finger Click Saver). You only need to enter from one of the blogs.  Good Luck!

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  1. I am following you on Twitter I was wondering if you could follow back. I'm afraid that I might get my account closed if I don't get more followers. My personal Twitter account is iammeuc


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