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Costume Super Center Cupcake Girl Pet Costume Review

Our friends at Costume Super Center gave us the opportunity to experience a dog costume for Gracie.  We opted for the Cupcake Girl costume simply because cupcakes are the craze with the girls these days and we wanted her to feel like she was part of that craze.


We were all too excited to get the costume and once it arrived we tried it on her.  Being a larger dog, the costume fit, but didn’t look right with the fur coat that she had that was thicker than thick.  So, we made her an appointment to get groomed and shaved down, and then tried the costume again.  We know that Gracie will never be the The original California Gurl,  but she can be the Beauteous Cupcake Girl!

About the Cupcake Girl Costume

This pet costume is so adorable.  The blue hair has openings where… Continue reading

Ozeri Weight Master BMI Scale w/Color Alert Technology Review

So here’s a scale for you avid weight-conscious enthusiasts.  It’s the Ozeri Weight Master BMI Scale.  We were given the opportunity to review this scale and must say, it’s quite the scale!

Ozeri WeightMaster Scale

Ozeri Weight Master BMI Scale Features:

  • Calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Input of Height Range – 3 ft 3.5 in. – 7 ft 2.5 in.
  • Weighs up to 440 pounds (maximum weight) /200 kg
  • Graduation 0.1 kg /0.2 lbs
  • Full LCD Display
  • Color Alter Technology – Highlighting your net weight change in GREEN for weight loss and RED for weight gain
  • Microban® antimicrobial product protection
  • Includes 2x CR2032 Lithium batteries
  • Low Battery Indicator “Lo”
  • Auto on and has a UNIT button that one can use
  • Auto Power off

Is this scale for just one person?

The answer to that is no!  Up to eight (8) people can input their personal data and the scale… Continue reading

$100 CattleBoyZ Gift Certificate & More Giveaway – Gluten Free Gourmet BBQ Sauces


Our blogger friend at, has personally worked with Cattleboyz before, and she LOVES them. They are very fast to reply, very honest, and very caring towards EVERYONE.

Mom Powered Media along with Finger Click Saver and a BUNCH of other bloggers are very pleased to bring you this amazing giveaway (and DON’T forget all of this awesome information!) for all of our AMAZING fans!!

A Little About Cattleboyz:

CattleBoyZ Manufactures a line of Award Winning Gourmet BBQ Sauces that are meticulously mass produced and are being shipped to a variety of North American, and Other Global Destinations. The sauces come in many flavors; can be purchased at Retail Outlets, On-line, in Branded Gift Boxes, Private Labelled, or can even be Custom Labelled for Corporate Events and Promotional Items.

Joe Ternes, CEO and member of the Ternes Family who founded CattleBoyZ Barbecue Sauce says: “Our family has been raising… Continue reading

Our Fun Filled Day at Water Country Portsmouth NH (Review)

water country

It’s summer. It’s hot. It was a great day spent at Water Country! Located in Portsmouth New Hampshire, not far from the NH seacoast, is where you’ll find this gem of a water park. A water park that is celebrating it’s 30th birthday this year (2014) that is up to speed with modern water rides & slides, concessions, cool pools – for fun to be had for everyone, including the flock of seagulls (herring gulls) – an added touch of feeling like you’re at the ocean!

water country nh

Group of seagulls enjoying the pool

Water Country invited us to be 2014′s Brand Ambassador and we were more than happy to accept.  We were provided the luxury (for us) of having a cabana.  Ours was one that was located above the wave pool that overlooked the Wave Pool.  Being a bright sunny day, the view looking out of the… Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Online Coupons

online coupons

When most people think of coupons, they still think of the days when a coupon booklet would come in the mail or with the daily newspaper. Then, a consumer would have to search through the coupon booklet to find a coupon that fit their needs for that shopping day.

This would be especially the case for children. From infancy onward, children have unique needs and wants. This may include new clothes and toys as the child outgrows them to food. Coupons then are an essential tool to help a child live and grow and many parents over the decades relied on the old-format coupon booklets in the mail or newspaper to buy things for their kids.

However, these days many people shop online to meet their needs and wants. Online shopping has grown exponentially over the years to include an immense percentage of U.S. commerce. Instead of a conventional retail… Continue reading

10 Money Saving Tips for Parents

money saving tips for parents

It does not matter how great your income is; when you have kids, it never seems to be enough. You think you are doing all you can to make frugal choices, but are you? Below is some money saving tips that have more an impact than you might think.

1.  Kiss Your Car Insurance Goodbye – Okay, you need car insurance, but when was the last time you shopped around? Rates often factor in age, address, and credit. So, if you are still paying the same rate as you were five years ago when you lived in a questionable area, had no credit, and still had a speeding ticket that had not dropped off your record, then you are probably paying too much. Call your provider and ask to be reevaluated, and get rates from others while you are at it.

2.  Examine Your Phone Bill – How… Continue reading

Ending a Perfect Weekend with the Perfect Pop App and Pop Secret!

The weekend has come and gone – it was certainly full of excitement. We went to Connecticut on Saturday and to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire on Sunday. We decided to end the weekend fun by curling up in front of the TV watching a great movie with some popcorn. And guess what? We invited the Pop Secret and their Perfect Pop app to join us!

pop secret perfect pop app

In today’s world we reach for a bag of microwaveable popcorn, unlike when I was a child. Back then, we’d get out the big sauce pan, oil and bagged popcorn kernels to pop our own. It was a chore as you had to keep that pan moving so that the popcorn didn’t burn. The butter had to be melted separately in another sauce pan. Then you had to mix them together with salt (if you wanted salt). Now don’t get me wrong – microwaveable… Continue reading

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