Aug 092013

I recently had the opportunity to experience Litter One – the eco-friendly litter box system – a 100% biodegradable, disposable, self-contained litter system – including the packaging.

Litter One

Arriving in a biodegradable box, ready to be assembled – the assembly couldn’t be any easier.  A few folds of the cardboard and you’re done.  The system is not made of flimsy cardboard.  It’s thick and will not easily bend out of shape.  And when all set up – the litter box measures 19″ L x 14″ W x 9″ H sides; front opening = 4 1/2″ H x 11″ W.

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Jul 112013

When a dog has a birthday, it’s like celebrating 7 years in one. For that reason, you have to throw a party and pull out all the stops. Your dog may be like a member of your family—one that won’t be around as long. If you’ve never thrown a birthday party for a canine, you may wonder how to prepare. Part of getting ready is having all the essential dog party supplies. For knowing which supplies to purchase, follow this guide.


Most birthday parties involve invitations, so a dog’s party is no different. Many pet owners prefer to go to the store or order readymade invitations that have a dog theme on them. To make things a little more special, feel free to customize your invitations. You can go to a print shop and inform the attendants what you want on the invitation and how you want it designed. You can create your own invitation on the computer and have them print copies for you. They should have envelopes at the shop to go with the size of your cards. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can create individually made invitations and send them out to guests.


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Jan 042013
waterproof and allergen mattress protector

Thinking of adding a new puppy or kitten to your family?  Or maybe you already own fur babies.  Either way, you may want to consider mattress protection with a mattress encasement like this one from Protect-A-Bed.  This is Protect-A-Beds Allerzip Smooth Mattress Encasement and is well worth the mattress protection it offers.

Protect-A-Bed mattress protection

Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement

What makes Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement so special? 

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Dec 212012

Christmas Dangers to Cats & Kittens

christmas dangers to cats and kittens

It’s the holiday season and we love to decorate.  However, some Christmas decorations can be very harmful to our pets.  Let’s take a look at some of the Christmas Dangers to Cats & Kittens.


Tinsel on the Christmas Tree is not a good decoration where cats are concerned.  Lots of times cats will see this sway about in the air and think it’s something to play with.  In doing so, they often get it in their mouths in which case they have a hard time removing it and end up swallowing it.  If a kitty gets this in their intestinal track there is a great possibility of having to have it surgically removed due to a bowl obstruction.  If you see it coming from the anus – do not pull it out!  Get your kitty to the vet.

Leaving the tinsel off is much better than having a huge vet bill and your tree will be just as beautiful – trust me, you won’t miss it.

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Dec 142012
how to keep cats out of the Christmas Tree
how to keep cats out of the Christmas Tree

The Tree -after being tortured


So, you’re looking to find a way on how to keep cats out of the Christmas Tree?  I was too a few years ago.  You see, we had a litter of very mischievous kittens that year and in fear that I would awake to a tree tipped over, broken ornaments and water everywhere, I opted to set up an artificial tree despite always having a real tree.

So we set up our new-to-us (I got it off of freecycle) artificial tree, but of course, not without help.  All the fur babies had to get in on the task.  Them helping was a feat in itself.  Finally after getting it standing, fixing the branches, and getting it completely decorated – I thought it really looked nice – for a fake tree.

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May 042012
Black Fur Baby

I believe this is Studly Dudley (my bad – I forgot to label which black cat this is)

I have seventeen cats, a dog and one fish (if you want him, you can have him – no offense, I’ve had enough of fish – they just aren’t for me!).  Today, I want to tell you how you can save money on flea and tick meds. With as many furry animals that I own, I’m sure you can just imagine the fleas they encounter if not treated.  And those fleas – they can cause tape worms.

At one time I didn’t have all seventeen cats and I was buying the over the counter flea and tick topicals/spot-ons that one finds at Wal-mart.  However, buying those came to a quick halt when one of my kitties had a severe reaction to one of these spot-ons for cats from the permethrin, which is extremely toxic to cats – so I learned after the fact. That’s all it took for me to look for an alternative.

In consulting with the vet, the vet ordered me a bottle of Frontline spray.  Yes, that was cost effective BUT a nightmare to work with.  It was so difficult to spread through the fur of the cats and they detested me spraying it on them.  They became so flea infested that it was awful. This cause me to search for other alternatives.  I went online, and much to my amazement, I learned that I could use Frontline Plus for dogs on my cats as well as Advantage Blue for Dogs for dogs.

*** It’s VERY important that you note there are only certain dog flea and tick topicals that can be used on cats – please if you decide to go the route I have – make VERY sure you are getting the right product. ***

I actually used Frontline Plus for dogs for quite a few years until it became where the product wasn’t working any longer as it should.  In consulting with the vet, the vet told me they’ve heard just what I expressed from other pet owners and believe the reason to be that it’s due to our location and the fleas are immune to the Frontline products.

However, if you are able to use this product – here’s what I did – I bought the Frontline Plus for dogs in the largest vial available which is Merial Frontline Plus for Dogs, 89-132 lbs. – 12-Pack now if you don’t have as many fur babies as I do – you can get away without buying a 12-pack.  The 12-pack was the cheapest way for me to go with having all the cats and the dog.  Our dog alone, weighs nearly 80 lbs., which used up nearly one vial every 3 weeks to a month (Frontline is safe to re-apply after 3 weeks).

You’ll need:

  • The Frontline Plus
  • A syringe with no needle that has a measurement on it of  .50ml for cats. You can use the same syringe for dogs – you might just need to draw up a couple syringes depending on the size of your dog and the size of the syringe.
  • A glass jar – preferably one that is dark in color with a cover, but if you don’t have that a clear one will do – just store the remainder in the jar in a dark place.

FOR DOGS: Open one (or several) of the vials of Frontline Plus and put it into the glass jar. Using the chart below, determine how much you’ll need to draw up in the syringe of the Frontline Plus for the size of your dog:

  • Dog 0-22lbs = 0.67ml (You’ll have a 6 month supply for a dog this size if you purchased the vials for dogs 89-132lbs)
  • Dog 23-44lbs = 1.34ml (You’ll have a 3 month supply for a dog this size if you purchased the vials for dogs 89-132lbs)
  • Dog 45-88lbs = 2.68ml (You’ll have a 1.5 month supply for a dog this size if you purchased the vials for dogs 89-132lbs)
  • Dog 89-132lbs = 4.02ml (You’ll have a 1 month supply for a dog this size if you purchased the vials for dogs 89-132lbs)
  • Regardless of the size of your cat – the dosage for a cat is .50ml

You certainly can buy the Frontline Plus for the smaller dogs and do the very same thing – it just wasn’t cost effective for me to do it that way.  Simply determine your needs and what you can afford at the time.  When all was said and done, the cost of each dose per cat was roughly $1.15 depending on what the price of the Frontline Plus was that I purchased at that time.  Sometimes, I figured the cost to be roughly .85 cents per cat if I got a real good deal on the Frontline Plus.  Regardless, $1.15 approx. was a huge difference from $12 -$16 a dose for one cat if I purchased the Frontline for cats.

Another tip…I don’t buy from my vet.  I buy from an online retailer such as and even Ebay.  You can actually buy the generic Frontline Plus – PetArmor Plus for Dogs 89 – 132 lbs which you can get online and in stores.  I have found it to be cheaper online than in any brick and mortar store in my area.

Okay – say you want to use Advantage Blue for Dogs – which is what I use now and is working real well.  The downside to this product is that it doesn’t cover ticks.  For the dog, I use this during the winter months and will buy her one with tick prevention for this summer.

For the cats – no one knows what ticks do to cats so I have decided where this product is controlling the fleas real well; I will continue on with this product for the summer.  I really don’t like the thought of putting another poison in my cats systems.

Using Advantage Blue for Dogs:  Again, you’ll need the tools that you’d need for using the Frontline Plus – the syringe and the jar/vial to store it in.

The dosages are as follows: For Cats:

  • Cats under 9 lbs use .40ml – You’ll get 10 monthly doses out of a vial of Advantage over 55lbs.
  • Cats over 9 lbs use 0.80ml – You’ll get 5 monthly doses out of a vial of Advantage over 55lbs.
For Dogs
  • Dogs 1-10 lbs use .40ml – 10 monthly doses out of a vial of Advantage over 55lbs.
  • Dogs 11-20 lbs 1.0 ml – 4 monthly doses out of a vial of Advantage over 55lbs.
  • Dogs 21-55 lbs use 2.5ml – 1.6 monthly doses out of a vial of Advantage over 55lbs.

Again, you can purchase the Advantage Blue for dogs weighing less that 55lbs., you just won’t get as many doses from that purchase.  I also purchase this online opposed to a brick and mortar store as I find it cheaper online.

I feel I really need to reiterate – make sure you’re getting the right product!  Getting the wrong product could kill your cat.  If you’re confused – I’m here to help you if need be.

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through one of the links, an FCS team member, may make a small commission. 

Jan 232012
Savor your fur baby’s paw print forever and ever with this quality product sold by  The Paws of Fame – Paw Prints Keepsake Frame is a great product for the animal lover.  Yes, I can honestly say, this is a quality product.  I was given the opportunity to experience this product first hand – thanks Uncommon Goods!  
Uncommon Goods is a place where you’ll find products like this, as well as, Cat Lover Gifts, Gift Ideas in general for both men and women, and some of the Best Gift Ideas for Women you’ll find. 
Onto the Paws of Fame…what exactly is it?  It’s a 4-step kit that has everything you need to capture your fur baby’s paw print to display on the wall.  The frame itself is 12″ x 15″ that shows off the impression you capture using the imprint material.  You’ll also be able to display a         4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ photo next to the impression. 
What you’ll find in the package: 
  • A beautiful wooden burnt red frame – resembling the color of cherry stain – It’s very rich looking
  • Glass for the frame – not a thin piece of glass either
  • A white mat for the photo and paw print to be displayed through – there is substance to the mat
  • A cardboard spacer – one of substance and is not flimsy
  • A golden brown colored mat (this is used to adhere the paw print to) – Again, a quality mat
  • The frame backing – this piece is a sturdy backing – not a flimsy piece of cardboard
  • A sticky to attach the molding material to the colored mat
  • An impression medium to capture the animals paw print – this is MESS FREE and NO baking, mixing – plenty of it too!
  • A ruler
  • A wooden dowel – personally, I used my rolling pin covered with wax paper – this worked much better than the dowel. The dowel is a bit short in length, in my opinion.  They also suggest one can use an aluminum can such a Pam can – I tried this, but found the rolling pin still did a better job
  • Instructions 

 What you’ll need –                                                              

  • The fur baby
  • A picture of your fur baby
  • Aluminum foil or wax paper – I used wax paper – for covering the book & rolling pin – I found not covering the rolling pin – the impression material stuck to the rolling pin as it did the wooden dowel
  • A sharp craft knife or something of the like
  • A cutting mat
  • A hard cover book – a larger book works better than a smaller book – trust me
Once you’ve captured the paw print on the molding material, you need to let it dry for a couple days.  You will find the corners of the molding material will curl up a tad bit, but don’t worry about it because you’ll be cutting that portion off anyway.  
When all is said and done – your Paws of Fame will come out just as beautiful as mine did (I took the picture below at an angle to eliminate the glare I was getting from the flash).  
Click to enlarge
Meet Gracie – she’s our canine fur baby who thinks she’s a cat. Maybe that is because she’s grown up with cats, and currently lives with 17 – thus claiming the laundry basket before a kitty does :).  
I will have this keepsake frame forever – I won’t ever be saying I wish I had done this come the time she is no longer with us.  I intend on buying another frame, which I will capture the paw prints of the two cats that I am extremely attached to.  I then will display both frames together on a wall.
Aug 082011
Their Story:
Two weeks ago this Tuesday our mother cat, Blossom Possum disappeared.  Where to?  We have no idea, as it’s not like a Queen to go far from her nest.  Beside the fact – this particular cat didn’t go far away from our home before becoming a queen.  We feel she was either stolen, a hawk came down and swept her away, or possibly even a coy dog came up to the house.  However, since it was during the daytime that she disappeared, we do not think it was the latter. Needless to say, I have been in mourning as I was quite attached to Blossom.  She was my alarm clock.  She slept with me at night. She had a great personality. She loved to be loved and loved to give love.  I was the one she chose to have her kittens with when she went into labor – waking me so I could help her.  Simply put – I was devastated she was missing.  My heart was broken for her babies.

Blossom and her kids – just beautiful!

So here we were with three crying kittens, no mother to be found, and they were hungry.  We had to act fast as kittens this small will dehydrate very fast – not something I wanted to see happen.  I knew we had a small animal baby bottle on hand, as I had nursed a baby squirrel my other half brought home years ago, that needed rehabilitating.  Therefore, I gave the kittens some milk to tide them over until I could get to the pet store to get kitten formula.  That worked.  Although the kittens had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the nipple at first, they actually caught on very fast once they figured out their food was coming out of that nipple.

Feeding time @ 3 weeks

Being a mere three weeks old, my daughter and I continued to feed them, burp them, and stimulate their hind end to urinate and defecate…just as their mother would do.  We did all this every 2 – 2 1/2 hours around the clock for the first week.  Today, the kittens will go roughly 3 – 3 1/2 hours before eating and a good 5-6 hour stretch through the night without being fed, and will potty and burp on their own.  In addition, in the beginning we needed to keep them very warm, as when kittens are first born they cannot see, cannot hear, cannot potty on their own, and do not hold body heat. For about a week they slept with me…snuggling right into my body.  I tried using a heating pad in the bottom of a box covered with a towel but the kittens kept crying – therefore in bed with me they came so I could catch a few winks until the next feeding.  Talk about feeling like I had a newborn baby on my hands!

Feeding time at 4 weeks – look at her hold the bottle!

They’ve now learned how to hold the bottle, come crying at my feet when they are hungry or want someone to hold them.  They were sleeping in their litter box…which I don’t get why…but have since moved themselves out and on the shelf under my desk where they lie on the router.  They are being somewhat mothered by a 4 mo. old kitten we have.  He cleans them up as if their mother would and has begun to play with them.  They haven’t started to eat solid or wet food yet – they are very disinterested in both.  I am hoping their new friend will show them the ropes so that they can move onto self-feeding.

For now though, they are thriving and I don’t see why they wouldn’t continue to thrive, given the care and love they are receiving.  We’ve had several people wanting the kittens when the time comes – but these kittens are already spoken for by – ME!

Suggestions for names, anyone?  There are two females and one male.  The black kitten is the male.  I like different names – we have a Mr. Mu, BBG, Studley Dudley, Miss Fabuleau, Dr. Who, Mr. Snapples, Snickers, Ollie Ollie, Nuzzles, Ella, Butter Butt, TuTu, and Dark Vader.