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Christmas Dangers to Cats & Kittens

It’s the holiday season and we love to decorate.  However, some Christmas decorations can be very harmful to our pets.  Let’s take a look at some of the Christmas Dangers to Cats & Kittens.


Tinsel on the Christmas Tree is not a good decoration where cats are concerned.  Lots of times cats will see this sway about in the air and think it’s something to play with.  In doing so, they often get it in their mouths in which case they have a hard time removing it and end up swallowing it.  If a kitty gets this in their intestinal track there is a great possibility of having to have it surgically removed due to a bowl obstruction.  If you see it coming from the anus – do not pull it out!  Get your kitty to the vet.

Leaving the tinsel off is much better than having a huge vet bill and your tree will be just as beautiful – trust me, you won’t miss it.

Poinsettia Plant

The beautiful Poinsettia Plant is poisonous to cats (and dogs).  Usually when ingested, the animal’s mouth and stomach will be irritated and vomiting can occur.  The irritant sap (latex) is what is dangerous to the cats/dogs.

Mistletoe and More

Mistletoe is toxic to cats and dogs.  Other common holiday plants on the poisonous list are:  Holly Berry, Christmas Rose and lilies .

***For a complete list of flowers and plants that are dangers to household pets…you can view the extensive list on the ASPCA website.  Halfway down the page lists the non-toxic plants/flowers.


Oh that package looks so much prettier with ribbon…I agree.  However, kitties see ribbon as string to play with.  If they ingest the ribbon, it gets twisted in their digestive system and needs to be removed.  For me – I’ll pass on the ribbon and use pretty paper and bows – I’d rather spare myself the possibility of a vet bill.


I think that you’ll agree that candles are used more often during the holiday season.  Cats can easily knock over candles, which can then cause a fire or the hot wax gets where you don’t want it to be.  You don’t need to give up burning candles; you just need to place them strategically about your home where kitties can’t get to them.

Christmas Tree Water

This water can make your feline sick.  Sap from the tree gets in the water, and should you use chemicals to prolong the life of the tree – they are poisonous as well.  You can easily make a collar (similar to the collars they use on cats after surgeries) with cardboard covered in Christmas paper and some stick on Velcro.


Keep the garland on the tree where it won’t entice cats as being a play toy.  You wouldn’t want the garland to get caught around the cats neck, which potentially could kill them if they panic when they can’t remove it.  In addition – if they really fight and there is still garland attached to the tree, and the tree isn’t secured – the tree could come down on your fur baby.

Electrical Cords

Yes, they’re in the tree and kitty sees them.  He wants to play with it but has a hard time, so he chews on it.  Zap – kitty gets electrocuted.  Not what I want to see happen to any of my fur babies.

There are many other Christmas dangers to cats – including turkey and chicken bones as well as other food items.  I’ve listed the most prominent dangers – if you would care to add to the list (I’m hoping not by learning from experience) leave a comment and it will be added to the post.

Does your kitty love to get in your tree and destroy it?

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  1. Yeah, my kitties like eating tinsel and they also like to eat the tree. I had to move the tree into the living room so I could watch them. I have a fake tree. I can’t use tinsel because of them.

  2. This is a great list. I have 2 adults and a kitten and they try to get into everything.

  3. This is so true they can get hurt

  4. This is really a subject I wish others would talk about more often you really hit the nail on the head I always knew about the tinsel but never considered ribbions that makes sense yes Im always looking at candles as an accident waiting to happen as well this is a great proactive post for our furry little friends awesome!

  5. Important cautions to consider when decorating. I always want to keep my cats safe and healthy.

  6. Thanks for all the info.

  7. Having kitties around is just as much work as toddlers! Good information.

  8. Omg. I didn’t think about half of this stuff. I need to kitty proof while I decorate. Thank you.

  9. have to really watch your pets around the holidays. they love getting into things

  10. These are very important things to know when you have a cat! Ours really loves cords too so I am going to be extra cautious this year. Thanks for sharing.

  11. We follow most of these tips. I have not used Tinsel since I got my cats.

  12. They can be such sneaky little creatures. It’s best to be careful.

  13. I’ve never had a cat but my daughter’s cat, always enjoyed her tree.

  14. This is a super article and great advice for all of us cat lovers. I know I will be careful since I do have a cat who might get into things that she shouldn’t.

  15. Great information to know when owning a cat!

  16. My youngest cat likes to chew on the fake Christmas tree branches. No idea why, but he does. We don’t put tinsel on our tree because we know it is a choking hazard.

  17. This is so true they can get hurt

  18. Good reminders for this time of year even for me with my senior cats.

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