Jul 292014
dog cupcake costume

Our friends at Costume Super Center gave us the opportunity to experience a dog costume for Gracie.  We opted for the Cupcake Girl costume simply because cupcakes are the craze with the girls these days and we wanted her to feel like she was part of that craze.

We were all too excited to get the costume and once it arrived we tried it on her.  Being a larger dog, the costume fit, but didn’t look right with the fur coat that she had that was thicker than thick.  So, we made her an appointment to get groomed and shaved down, and then tried the costume again.  We know that Gracie will never be the The original California Gurl,  but she can be the Beauteous Cupcake Girl!

About the Cupcake Girl Costume

This pet costume is so adorable.  The blue hair has openings where the ears pull through the wig – keeping the wig in place.  We thought the wig’s quality is comparable to what a Halloween costume for a human is.  There was plenty of stretch to the cupcake piece.  That piece is made of a silky material making it easy to get on.  The glasses compose of a quality material and has a strap to hold them on.  In my mind, where we have never purchased a costume before; I had this notion that the costume would be more on the low quality side.  That was far from the case.  I was very pleased with its quality.

What?  No Picture of Gracie wearing it?!  Here’s why…

After getting Gracie beautified we went to put the costume on her again – that didn’t go over well with her at all.   Mind you, we haven’t had issues in the past with dressing her up in all kinds of clothing and accessories, but this time – it was very different.  Before we could even get the wig on the way it should be on – she showed her teeth to us.

And that would be why you can’t see Gracie all dolled up as a Cupcake Girl 🙁  We don’t know what the issue was with her not letting us put it on – I just know that I wasn’t going to force it on her where she showed her teeth.  A dog showing their teeth makes me very nervous whether it be her, or another dog.

About Costume Super Center

Costume Super Center carries costumes for adults, children, pets (dogs and cats) and a line of Mascot costumes.  They have all the accessories that are needed to make a costume complete.  All their costumes are priced decently.  We did a review of a Jester Costume a few years back, and were very pleased with that costume as well and the service we received.

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