Jul 282014
ozeri weight master bmi scale green screen

So here’s a scale for you avid weight-conscious enthusiasts.  It’s the Ozeri Weight Master BMI Scale.  We were given the opportunity to review this scale and must say, it’s quite the scale!

Ozeri Weight Master BMI Scale Features:

  • Calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Input of Height Range – 3 ft 3.5 in. – 7 ft 2.5 in.
  • Weighs up to 440 pounds (maximum weight) /200 kg
  • Graduation 0.1 kg /0.2 lbs
  • Full LCD Display
  • Color Alter Technology – Highlighting your net weight change in GREEN for weight loss and RED for weight gain
  • Microban® antimicrobial product protection
  • Includes 2x CR2032 Lithium batteries
  • Low Battery Indicator “Lo”
  • Auto on and has a UNIT button that one can use
  • Auto Power off

Is this scale for just one person?

The answer to that is no!  Up to eight (8) people can input their personal data and the scale retains this information.  All one needs to do is remember what Profile their number is.

Take a look at the screens:

This is the main screen before weighing oneself

After stepping on the scale, one’s weight is locked in once they’ve seen the screen flash twice.  Right after that, one’s BMI will show up:

Screen seen after weight has been locked in. Top figure is person’s weight. Bottom figure is displaying the person’s BMI.

According to the chart found in the manual, the BMI of this person is in Normal Weight.

This green screen shows that the person with Profile 1 (P1) has lost 26.8 lbs over the last 3 (L3) weigh ins.

Should you gain weight – the dial will display in red:

This is for Profile 3 (P3) showing a weight gain of 16.6 lbs since the last weigh in (L1). **This figure reflects the weight of P3 and them holding one of our cats so that you can see how a gain displays.**

We had three of us checking our weights on the scale.  The scale seem to provide accurate weights of all of us.  It is recommended that you do not weigh yourself on a carpet – doing that distorts your weight.

One can purchase this scale at Amazon.com

Do you weigh yourself often?  Do you have a BMI scale?  What are your thoughts on these types of scales?

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