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Bed bugs can be found anywhere!  In my opinion – they are right up there on the nasty list with scabies and lice!  I would say, actually worse than because it’s much harder to get rid of the infestation, without bringing in an exterminator.  You don’t need to be a ‘dirty’ person or have a ‘dirty’ home to be infested with these nasty creatures.  You can carry these bugs home with you wherever you may be at that is infested with them – a hotel, a friend’s home, a relative’s home – literally anywhere.  They have the ability to live up to a year without food, so they really don’t mind hanging around to hitch a ride to go home with you, to find themselves a new domain.

A couple of years ago, there was a huge outbreak in NH down near the coast, and until now, I never gave it much thought as to why that might be – why that area?  After reading this infographic, it could very well have been from tourists bringing them to/from our hotels, motels, cabins etc. The coast is a major hotspot because of the ocean come summertime.  A local nursing home was cited last year for bed bugs – they didn’t do anything when an LNA told them she saw them in a patient’s room.  In turn, she notified the state’s authorities and the nursing home brought in the pest control company.  Apartment complexes are famous for being infested with bed bugs.

Bed bugs are oval shaped, light brown to reddish brown insects that have segmented flattened bodies.  They are a parasite.  A parasite that loves to feed off of human blood when other prey is unavailable.  Your body heat and the carbon dioxide your body releases attract them to you, and at times, certain chemicals.  Bed bugs prefer feeding off of exposed skin.  When bitten, you may not even notice the bites right away.  Usually over a period of time, the bite develops into a low itchy welt. An antihistamine like you find in Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream will help with the itching; however it will take about a week, before you’ll see the bite marks disappear after they’ve appeared.

A Virginia Pest Control Company has devised this hotel bed bug infographic on how to go about checking a hotel room for bed bugs. Read it – remember it – print it – share it!   Save yourself from a lot of aggravation when you’re staying away from home – I know I will be from now on!

Graphic by Moxie Pest Control

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