Jan 142013

Have a cold and full of mucus?  Or maybe you have the flu and are experiencing a lot of mucus?  Try Guiafenesin.  Guiafenesin is an expectorant that works by helping to clear mucus in the chest by thinning it out.  It also works for nasal congestion.  Guiafenesin is the main active ingredient in Mucinex and is an active ingredient in many cold medicines.  It can be purchased over the counter as well as being prescribed by a doctor.

If you like Mucinex – you’ll find that Guiafenesin will be just as good as Mucinex for mucus relief – for a lot less money.  Usually the label displays the words ‘Mucus Relief.’  If you read the label/ingredients – you’ll see that the active ingredient is Guiafenesin.  Check this page out on Amazon: Mucinex – Guiafenesin.  There you will see Guiafenesin products mixed in with Mucinex products.  You’ll also notice that Guiafenesin is a lot less cheaper…saving you money.

When our family gets colds or the flu, we take Guiafenesin in conjunction with our cold medicine – depending on what the cold medicine contains.  When I experienced sinus infection after sinus infection in the sinus cavity that I had surgery on several times – I was prescribed Guiafenesin – and it helped a lot.

As with any medicine, one can overdose by taking too much at one time; thus the importance of knowing what’s in the cold and flu medicine you’re also taking.  It’s also often not recommended for small children.  A lot of the time one finds themselves feeling better at the tail end of a cold or the flu, but still can feel and/or hear congestion is still hanging around.  Guiafenesin helps get rid of the lingering annoyance.

Of course, if you’re symptoms persist or worsen – you should head to the doctors.  There’s always the chance that you may have a more serious infection or even pneumonia, which will require other treatment.  It’s also recommended that you check with your doctor before taking any over the counter medicine.

*Finger Click Saver does not profess to be an expert; thus as stated earlier – check with your doctor before taking any kind of medication. 

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