Nov 052012

Ladies…have you ever given a thought as to the type of men that you date?  If you had to pick a cartoon character that best represents that type of man – who would it be?  Take the quiz has devised to see who they say your cartoon character man is.

Personally, I wouldn’t have ever thought to compare the type of men I date to a cartoon character, so for kicks I was a bit anxious to see what cartoon character would come up for me. Given the answers to the questions asked – I really didn’t feel the result I received as being Bugs Bunny when reading what he represents – was an accurate result.

For example – it is asked if “he oozes passion or has a hard time dealing with others.”  The answers to chose from were passionate, passive aggressive or sociopath.  If you have any idea what a passive aggressive personality trait displays or a sociopath – then I’m sure you understand where I come from.  There is a huge difference between those last two options than passionate.  And, in between passionate and the other two options there are many other traits that aren’t so dramatic.

Maybe I’m reading into the quiz too much.  I’d love to hear what your thoughts are.  Take the quiz and please come back to tell me!

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