Oct 252012

At one time I was an avid camper but I didn’t utilize camping sites that offered electricity and water because they were more expensive and I didn’t quite consider that camping. I would take batteries for flashlights, the radio, and use a propane-powered lantern.  At the end of my camping trip, I would be able to take with me any unused batteries and propane, whereas if I paid for electricity – I would have left my money with the campground.  Should I ever see the day where I was to decide to take up camping again, I would do the same today, as I did back then, but with an added twist.  I would spend the money on getting myself a portable solar power device.

Even though the up front cost of a solar power device is more significant than purchasing batteries and propane, the investment would be well worth it.  There are so many ways to use portable solar power devices that the money would be very well spent, and in the long run, I would end up saving a lot of money.

Not only can portable solar power devices provide power to USB electronics, they can power TV’s, refrigerators, and other small devices.  What one can power all depends on the size of the kit one purchases.  Since I know I couldn’t go camping without my Nexus 7 and my cell phone, I could get away with purchasing a small kit.  A hiker would find the smaller kit useful as well.  However, considering the uses that a larger portable solar power kit would power, I’d more than likely invest in a larger kit.

A larger kit has the ability to power multiple devices for larger amounts of time.  Of course, the larger kit isn’t designed for hikers or camping trips a hiker is headed on.  And one might not get there monies worth if they didn’t have the need for powering multiple devices at once.  Personally, our family would benefit from the larger kit – especially when storms hit our area.  In fact, instead of purchasing another generator when ours dies, I would seriously look into a portable solar power option.

Do you own a portable solar power device?  What is your experience with it?

*This is a sponsored post for Goal Zero, however, all opinions are my own.

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