Mar 112011
I am a BzzAgent and opted to take a campaign for  No, don’t leave now…this is all too cool!  Educate yourself about…you may need it someday!  In fact, use the promo code below to try for one month FREE!  I briefly looked over the site until tonight…and tonight…well…I became very excited to learn the site has lessons on HTML!  


I have wanted to learn HTML for some time now, but I hate the thought of taking a course at our local community college for the mere fact…I hate leaving the house if I don’t have to…seriously, I’m not kidding!  Nothing gets done when I leave, nor; can I count on my son’s evening LNA showing up for her shift, which really makes planning my life difficult.  In addition, I do the night shift for my son and sleep while he’s at Easter Seals.  So while I am sitting here waiting for my next que to go into him…what a perfect time for me to learn something I’ve wanted to for a long time now…and in peace and quiet!  Plus I am not spending money on auto expenses, on a respite worker, childcare for my daughter, or the fee the school would charge, which would be more than a years membership to  And sure, I could find a free online course, but then what happens if I really don’t understand something…I have no one to ask.

Anyway, I just attended my first lesson…  I couldn’t help myself when I discovered the course!  I am determined to finish the entire course over the next week.  I am loving it!  The sub-topics under the main course heading tell you exactly how long the next topic is going to be and what it’s about, so one can plan their time accordingly.  I can pause when I need to and replay as needed.  So whomever wants to interrupt me…go ahead…I am good!  I’ll replay to my heart’s content should I need to.   offers lessons in mathematics, starting with math basics to pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, up to AP Statistics (okay..I’ll never care to learn this, but someday…I might need to help my daughter with it).  There are Chemistry lessons, Physic Lessons, Biology Lessons, several Computer Science Lessons, and a topic all about Math Magic. The courses are taught by instructors who use white boards.  This means you can see in writing, exactly what the instructor is teaching right in front of your eyes; and you see the instructor too. There’s also a discussion area right under the video screen you’re watching. 

And then, there’s a section called Math Magic. Math Magic is really cool…it’s all about tips on how to remember measurements, division, adding to X etc.  I can’t wait to show my daughter today when she gets home from school!  Would you believe if you add up all the numbers starting with no. 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on… up to and including 100…they all add up to 5010?  In addition, would you believe there are two SIMPLE ways to arrive at this answer? You’d be pretty amazed at how the answer is arrived at. I might have to tell you someday…I don’t know if I can keep it inside me! In the meantime….

Whom would I suggest this site to?  

  • Any student struggling in math or science
  • Any student getting ready for the SAT’s
  • Any student that needs to digest information a little at a time and might need to have the topic repeated to get the jest of what’s being taught
  • Any student who finds it hard in the classroom where asking for help from the teacher is tough
  • College students  
  • Adults who are looking to expand their horizons on topics they are interested in
  • Parents who have to teach themselves about the subject before being able to help their kids  
  • Home Schooled children
  • Teachers offers free lecture samples to try out.  For now though…try them for free using code: BUZZFA626.   And should you not have this code…how much would you expect to pay for this service that includes:

Yes, you see correctly!  $35.00 a month/$240 annually.
That’s quite the deal if you have several members of your household who could use this site.  Even if you don’t, think about how much it would cost you for a tutor just for one member of     your household. 

Lastly, If you are interested in becoming one of their teachers go here for more info.  I am off now to educate myself more on HTML :-).

      Thanks for reading and make it a great weekend!

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  2. Wow! I will be checking out this site, for sure…so much useful information! Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for your sweet comments on my entryway post. It's so nice to meet new people!

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