Jul 292013

Bloggers Made this Happen!  Many thanks to those who contributed. Indiegogo.com is allowing the campaign for 1 MORE WEEK (see below)!

I am very proud to be a part of the bloggers who put all their efforts into raising money for The Bounce Back Film, starring Shemar Moore.  The Bounce Back crowd funding project was funded at 100% and more.  That said, the fundraising has been extended another week. So, if you’d like to be able to say, “I helped make The Bounce Back Film happen”, – there’s still time for you to do so – see below.

But what’s really exciting about this crowd fundraising event is that records have been broken! 


  • All time MOST funded film in Indiegogo history
  • #4 most funded film of all time using Crowd Funding

This kind of project – one with a blogger publicity team – has never happened. Bloggers are creating a new concept in film publicity. This is a HUGE pathway set for bloggers – all bloggers! It shows that given the right tools, the right, the audience, and the drive – bloggers rock! There is power with bloggers – it’s been proven and continues to be proven.

650K STRETCH GOAL! Contributing has been extended – Read all about it here.

If you’d like to say you was a part of the biggest crowd funding film in Indiegogo’s history – there’s still time for you to contribute to Shemar Moore’s newest adventure. You don’t have to take on a perk to do so either. Contribute what is comfortable for your finances. See this button:

Find this at the top of the campaign page – click on that option to contribute without getting a perk…$1, $2 $3 – whatever it may be.  You can then say you helped that film happen.  You took part in history of crowd funding.  For me – I just had to get a perk.  I had faith in this movie happening and I wanted something to show for it 🙂 We won’t mention – how debonair Shemar is in my eyes – no -that didn’t have anything to do with it 🙂

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