Aug 052013
TheraPearl Back Wrap Review

I was recently selected to test drive the TheraPearl reusable hot and cold therapy back wrap.   I’ve used many products similar to this and found myself compelled to see how much I would like this particular product.

Although this is the back wrap, that isn’t the main reason I wanted to put it to the test.  The main reason is because I suffer from severe headaches caused by muscle spasms in my neck.  The smaller neck packs work okay, but I prefer one that is larger so that it comes up the back of my head and down into my neck and shoulder area.  In the past, I have made my own pack by wetting a dish towel and freezing it in a Ziploc bag.  This method worked fairly well, but it took a while for the cloth to soften up after taking it out of the freezer to get it to conform to the area where I need relief.

This is where I found the TheraPearl back wrap worked really well. The material is stiff, but not as stiff as the towel was. The indentations you see in the middle of the pack (see pic below) bend enough so that I can feel direct coldness in both areas that I need it.  The same would hold true if one were to use it on their lower or mid back.  The strap that holds it on is a great feature and there’s plenty of it.  I am able to still walk around and get the benefits of the wrap.  For me, this is huge as most times when I get one of these headaches I cannot sit down.  Sitting down makes the pain so much worse.

Bad headache = bad hair day

The pack can be chilled in the fridge or freezer, or if you want it warm – pop it in the microwave.  The temperature is retained for 20 minutes according to the product description – however, I felt it stayed cold longer (remember, I froze mine).

Now before agreeing to review this product, I read up on some reviews.  I cannot say that I have experienced any issues that others complain of.  I can’t help but wonder if people realize how delicate these packs are – no matter what the brand.  The outer layer is made of a somewhat flexible plastic material.  If not cared for properly, the plastic can rip, be punctured, and tear.  I found that adjusting the beads BEFORE freezing/refreezing makes the cooling experience better where the plastic outer layer isn’t as flexible as it would be when it’s warm.

All in all, I am very pleased with the product.  The next feat is to see how it stands up to the test of time.

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  1. This is something that I need to look into, I’d probably have to get more than one because it’s never one person that is in pain in my house.

    • Same here Breia! And should my feet be cold – so are my daughter’s. Should I have a headache – she may just have a tummy that doesn’t feel well and wants heat on it.

  2. We have a small one of these and ahhhh pleasure!

  3. sounds nice, but looks a little bulky to wear. some people use frozen peas.

    • Actually, Sandy, it’s really not that bad…and it stays cold for a long time even when laying on it. I’ve been known to use a bag of frozen veggies if nothing else was readily available – even at the grocery store. When I get my headaches there’s usually no warning. Simply squatting or sitting down can set one in full force.

  4. This sounds nice and would come in handy for any of us. Thank you for your review.

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