Mar 102015

T-shirts: What is So Special?

Since their inception t-shirts have become a widely accepted, widely worn form of clothing. From long sleeved to crop toped, t-shirts have been and continue to be a staple clothing item. But what makes them so special? There are a few key characteristics that help to distinguish these garments.

T-shirts help to spread messages across wide audiences, sometimes even globally. Whether people are running campaigns or marathons, t-shirts help to catch the attention of others, start conversations and even gain support. They also share information. Someone can share an opinion or a message without opening their mouth. In a sense, t-shirt wearers serve as walking advertisements for the causes and sayings that the t-shirts promote. As such, tees also help to create unity. Those who share certain views, ideas or modes of expression can show their agreement by wearing the garments. In the same vein, colorful t-shirts are commonly used for family gatherings and reunions because they help to distinguish individuals that are a part of a group quickly and easily.

With all of the different characteristics associated with t-shirts it is easy to see how they have stood the test of time. Their versatility, abilities and simple manufacturing make them pretty special. The specific messages that they share also contribute to their distinctiveness. Check out some of the common iconic t-shirt meanings and history in the infographic below.

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What is your favorite t-shirt of all time?

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