Mar 112015

Be Me™ Nail Art Pens Review

Girls. Girls. Girls.  Most just love to do their nails!  So when we came upon the product Be Me™ Nail Art Pens for reviewing – we decided these would be a fun review to share with you.

What are the Be Me™ Nail Art Pens?

BeMe™ Nail Art Pens are unique pen/brush tools allowing you to brush on a base color and then create amazing works of art with the revolutionary pen tip. Everyone can have fun creating unique designs with BeMe™. The secret is the patented design of the art tip and functionality of the plastic bottle. Gently squeeze the bottle while either dragging or drawing with the pen, this will allow you to create any type of design you desire. BeMe™ is all about individuality, creativity and fun.

At our @DisneySide Home Celebration Party we used the pens to complement the nail polish that was part of our activities kit.


Our thoughts on the Be Me™ Nail Art Pens

We like them!  They are easy to hold and once you get the feel for how hard you need to squeeze the pen – it’s easy to make your nail art of choice.  They come in several different color group options.  Each group includes a base coat and a pen for designing in each pen.

Our recommendation would be to make sure you use a top coat after applying the nail art.  We found that after a couple days that the design would come off as well as the polish under it.


One can purchase the Be Me™ Nail Art Pens at or at  If purchasing at …you can save 20% using the promo code BEME20.

FCS received the product mentioned in order to facilitate an honest review.

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  1. different! very nice 🙂

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