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One of the challenges that individuals face nowadays when they host a dinner party or plan any other social event that involves food and beverages is catering to all the likes and dislikes of the guests that are invited. In addition to the fact that individuals simply have preferences, many individuals have allergies or not able to eat certain types of food for health reasons. For this reason, it can be a little bit challenging deciding on the right beverages and food items to serve.

One of the ways to overcome this challenge is to have a variety of items to offer your guests. Instead of just focusing on one large main dish and one type of drink, maybe do a small amount of a couple of different items. For example, instead of having a big spaghetti and meatballs dinner with a side salad and garlic bread, have a couple of grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and some side items that might include things like olives, cheese, sliced meat, and veggies and dip. This way, if an individual has a gluten or corn allergy, is allergic to milk, or cannot eat meat, there will still be an option for them.

You want to apply the same idea to the beverages that you serve. Instead of just having one big bowl of punch or something similar, have a couple of different drink options. Perhaps you can have a couple of fresh juices in the refrigerator, coffee and tea, and then a couple of items to mix some cocktails. It is always nice to have something that is sugar or carb free. This way, if someone is on a diet, they will still have some beverage options. You can get some ideas for great mixers by visiting the following website:

One of the things that you might do when you invite your guests to a dinner party is ask if they have any preferences. This will give you a good idea of what things to include or to avoid. The more you can find out about their likes and dislikes, the more ready you will be to have a party where there is a little something for everyone. This will allow your guests to relax, enjoy conversation, or participate in entertainment that you have planned instead of worrying about what they will or will not eat. Everyone will enjoy the evening.

Aug 132016

treating knee pain injuries


Knee pain can be very debilitating.  Depending on the type of knee injury depends on what the course of treatment will be.  Treating some injuries can be as easy as applying the R.I.C.E treatment others though, may require surgery.

About the Knee

The knee is the point where the three main bones of the leg, the femur, tibia, and fibula, meet. The patella sits on top of the junction where the femur meets the tibia and fibula. As the leg bends, the patella glides along the bottom of the femur. Another name for the patella is the kneecap.

Knee Pain Treatment
The four major principles to follow after a knee injury include rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Rest will help prevent further injuries to the vulnerable and weak parts of the knee. Ice helps to decrease inflammation and pain. Compression using an elastic bandage helps give the knee the support that your own knee muscles cannot provide after an injury. Elevation reduces pain and inflammation, which may cause further injuries to the knee.

Sprains and Strains
R.I.C.E is typically sufficient to treat a simple strain and sprain. Crutches and braces may also help the knee return to its normal functionality. Recovery time may vary depending on the extent of the injury.

Meniscus Tears
Meniscus injuries are much more difficult to heal and require specialized treatment. The meniscus is a piece of cartilage located between your thigh and lower leg. Being an avascular (lack of blood vessels) cartilage, the meniscus receives little or no blood supply. However, blood flow is essential in the proper healing of body tissues and organs. Lack of blood flow means meniscal injuries rarely heal on their own and surgery is often recommended as treatment.

The knee has several bones including the patella, femur, tibia, and fibula. Fractures to these bones rarely heal using R.I.C.E and may require surgical intervention in some cases.

Ligament Tears
The knee has several ligaments that help keep the knee in place. Ligaments are thick bands that hold bone to bone and prevent the knees from shifting too far forward, backwards, or sideways. Ligament tears may require surgical intervention to heal properly. Braces and crutches help to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Strengthening is necessary after receiving knee treatment to eliminate the risk of re-injuring the affected area of the knee. A light rehabilitation program can help you build your strength and increase the stability of your knee joint. Strengthening helps people who have suffered various knee injuries to regain most or all of their previous knee functions. However, it is important to discuss your knee strengthening options with your physician or personal trainer.

Have you access to New York treatment centers?  Treatment for Knee Pain is available at the Sports Physical Therapy of New York. If not, search the internet for knee pain treatment centers in your area. You may find that an orthopedist’s practice is where you’ll end up.

After suffering a knee injury, it is often advisable to seek medical care from a professional. New York New York has some of the best facilities for treating different types of knee injuries including meniscus tears, tendinitis, and anterior knee pain among others.

Have you or do you suffer from knee pain?  What works/has worked for you?


Jul 172016

Off-Roaders – Which is the Right One for You?


Off-roaders are a breed unto themselves, the kind of folks who travel well off the beaten path and mix things up in the dirt and mud just for fun. From weekend warriors to daily riders, the off-road vehicle you choose depends entirely on your budget and your adventurous spirit!

The Choice Is Yours

Just how dirty do you want to get? Do you need a vehicle that can crawl through a three-foot rushing river, or do you need something that can climb boulders and rocks en route to a mountainous summit? Are you one of those crazy mudders? Answer these questions, and the vehicle choice for off-road mayhem becomes clear.

What The Truck? (Or SUV)

Trucks and SUVs with off-road performance packages are a practical choice since they can handle day-to-day driving as well as four-wheeling adventures. A diesel engine, especially one decked out with high-end diesel performance parts, yields more power for hauling big loads, while a gasoline engine is easier to fuel up and maintain. Whatever your choice, you’ll want an off-road vehicle with high ground clearance, short rear overhangs, and steep approach angles. Which truck or SUV is the best?

You can’t go wrong with any of the following:

Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel — It’s a Jeep thing. Old school off-roaders know what I’m talking about. Jeeps have been blazing trails through the wilds for decades, and the new Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel is the most technologically advanced diesel-powered Jeep ever built. Its 3.0-L V-6 delivers an impressive 240-hp and 420 lb-ft. of torque. Equally comfortable on-road or off-, the Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel can also tow up to 7,400 lbs. Only in a Jeep!
Nissan Titan XD Diesel — Sometimes you need a vehicle that can haul a heavy load while conquering backwoods trails and old logging roads. The Nissan Titan XD Diesel might be your best bet. The Cummins 5.0-L V8 Turbo Diesel engine is a true monster, delivering heavy-duty performance and torque in an affordable and efficient package.
Chevrolet Colorado Diesel — The Chevy Colorado Diesel is a compact diesel-powered pickup with an amazing amount of power. The 2.8-liter Duramax engine is a powerhouse, and various off-road equipment packages can turn the Colorado into a mountain climber.

ATVs and UTVs To The Rescue

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility vehicles (UTV) are designed for sportsmen, farmers, ranchers, and trail lovers. These vehicles can take you to remote locations that a truck or SUV could never reach. Most major vehicle makers offer ATVs, including specialty manufacturers like John Deere and Bobcat.

The three vehicles listed below can take you way off-road—and do it in high style!

1. Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4i EPS Camo — A potent V-twin engine throws power to all four wheels, and the double wishbone front suspension and fully-independent rear help manage all types of terrain. Hauling heavy gear? The Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4i EPS Camo can pull well over a thousand pounds!

2. Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 Pursuit Camo — A twin fuel-injected 952cc Prostar engine generates a roaring 88-hp. It’s huge 11.5 inches of clearance dwarfs others in its class and ensures you can get over almost anything. Plus, the Active Descent Control (ADC) and Engine Braking System (EBS) work harmoniously to provide smooth and safe descents down steep grades.

3. Yamaha Viking FI 4×4 EPS — Bring a couple friends! The Viking’s bucket seats fit three people in a single row. Power comes from a 686cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that has enough torque to tow a whopping 1,500 pounds. Optional 2WD, 4WD or 4WD front differential lock ensures you’ll get great traction anywhere. Three-point seat belts keep passengers safe when jumping bogs and logs.

Off-road mayhem can take you anywhere, but the right vehicle will get you out of tight spots and over rugged terrain. Decide what type of off-road fun you’re looking for, pack your ride, and go get dirty!

Bio –

This guest post contribution is courtesy of Dirt Toys Magazine, offering the latest news, articles and equipment reviews such as the “bad boy intimidator”. Print and digital subscriptions are available.

Do you own an off-roader?  If no, which one is the best fit for your needs?  If yes, would you chose a different one next time?


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Digital Media Academy Summer Savings

digital media academy

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Camp Choices

Choose from one week DMA Camps, or step it up with two week DMA Academies, all taught by industry experts and tech professionals.

Campers get hands-on experience creating projects using the latest hardware and software from Apple, Canon, Adobe, and more.

DMA Offers a Camp Just for Girls…

Digital Media Academy also offers STEM camps just for girls, called Made by Girls! Learn from a female role model and tech professional in an environment of creative girls just like you!

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Snag your Digital Media Academy Summer Savings  while you can.


Jun 222016

How to Make Your Phone and Laptop Battery Last Longer

laptop phone battery

We’ve all been there — running from meeting to meeting, juggling obligations with personal life, and we finally get ten minutes for ourselves. We decide we’re going to check our email or make a phone call when — surprise, surprise — we find out our laptop or phone has run out of battery.

Batteries are important to us because we use our devices on a daily basis to keep organized, stay in touch, and remember everything we need to do. So when our devices run out of battery, we tend to panic.

So for your convenience, we’ve put together a small list of tips and tricks to help you save on your battery life. Each one will make your battery last longer, so try one or all of them to see the difference it can make on your device today!

Use Power-Saving Mode

This tip can save you when your device is running on empty. Power-saving mode is available on any device and will put your device into sleep mode when you’re not using it, saving power for when you do use it. Just go to settings, enable it, and forget it! It’s that easy.

Turn Off Programs That Run in the Background

Did you know that some programs run in the background of your laptop or cell phone, even if you’re not using it? If you didn’t know, don’t worry. Most of us don’t realize it until we’re stuck at the local coffee shop, wondering how our fully charged battery is done after only a few hours of work.

The truth is that our devices run apps in the background continuously to keep us up-to-date on things. This is especially true for mail, social media, and messaging apps on any device. Because these apps need information from the internet, the device keeps them running — using battery power — in order to give us the most recent information.

So how can you combat this? Sit down and look at your applications through a battery monitoring program. From this program or your device’s settings, you can set what programs run in the background. Choose the least important ones and turn off background refresh to save you some battery.

On a side note — every app that you have enabled to send push notifications to a device is using power. Choose what you receive notifications from wisely.

Learn to Single-Task

Hear me out on this one — multitasking on any device drains your battery’s power. It’s absolutely true. When you’re emailing friends and you have two or more programs open at the same time, your device has to generate more power to keep up with how fast you’re working.

This is true for phones as well. When you switch back and forth from a productivity app to a messaging app and then to a social media app, your phone leaves those apps open, using power to keep all three apps running at the same time. This is for your benefit — you’re always guaranteed that you come back to where you left off on any given app.

But if you want to save your battery power, stop multitasking. It’s hard for all of us, especially since we have so much to do, but it will be better for you and your phone in the end.

Screen Brightness Matters

Okay, this might seem like such a small matter, but it really does help — dimming your screen’s brightness or using auto-brightness can save your battery. And if you think about it, it makes sense — the brighter the screen, the more power is needed to keep the screen that bright.

You can control the brightness on your laptop through settings. Each laptop is different, but this setting is generally found in the display or general settings. On phones, it can usually be accessed from the touchscreen. Both devices do allow you to set the brightness or let you choose auto-brightness, which lets the screen dim in bright settings.

Monitor Battery Usage

The great thing about technology advancements is that it not only helps you do everything more efficiently, it can also make your devices more efficient. This includes apps and programs for both laptops and phones that can monitor — and to a certain extent, limit — battery usage.

There are a variety of management programs for every type of device. These programs, some of which are free, can help you learn what programs use power even when you’re not using them and can even be configured to stop programs from eating your device’s power.

For smartphones, this is doubly important, especially when you’re juggling school runs, morning meetings, and social life obligations. Installing one of these apps can save your phone from dying when you need it the most, so research which app is best for your devices and start saving power now!

We have come to rely on our devices, and we spend a lot of time dodging that dreaded notification that lets us know they’re about to die. But by using these tips, you can save yourself time and stress, so try them out now! And if you come across other tricks, let us know in the comments before and share your knowledge!

Bio –

MightySkins was generous enough to provide this guest post. MightySkins is a company making custom vinyl skins for electronics such as Alienware skins, laptop skins and phone skins.


Jun 112016

Finding the Diamond of Her Dreams

finding the diamond of her dreams

For that special lady in your life, finding the diamond of her dreams will be one of your most important tasks.

While some guys go all-out and stop at no expense to locate the perfect diamond for their loves, others are challenged with tight budgets, meaning they may have to get their wife-to-be or their wife (in the event a beautiful ring was not possible earlier on) something less than they may have desired.

Whatever the case may be, shopping for that special ring shouldn’t evoke terror and sleepless nights for guys.

If you take the time to do your research, make sure you’ve been setting the proper amount of money aside, and get her two cents about what kind of ring she would most appreciate, the entire experience can be more positive than you might ever imagined.

Do Your Research Before Purchasing

So that your ring purchasing and presenting experience will be a positive one, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Her opinion matters – First and foremost, guys should never try and “wing it” when it comes to purchasing that special ring for the special lady in their life. While you do want to surprise her, especially with the time and place you present it to her, going ring shopping as a couple certainly makes sense. There are a number of factors that go into finding that perfect ring, among which include the color and shape, along with being able to answer correctly what is carat weight? While carat weight is typically the preference of the lady, it doesn’t hurt to both talk over this matter so both of you are in agreement. Finally, discuss what your budgetary limits (see more below) are ahead of time, thereby hopefully avoiding any major disappointment on her part if you can’t spend as much as you would have liked;
  • Setting aside money – For many guys, buying that dream ring for their significant other means setting aside money at some point and time. If you are able to pay for the ring in one swoop, great. In many cases, however, you will need to put aside some money and/or make payments on the ring. Finding a jeweler that is easy to work with when it comes to the financial end of things is always a plus. In doing so, it takes pressure off of you to have to come up with a significant amount of money in a hurry. When shopping for a ring, always discuss payment plans, along with all the important details that go into such an agreement. The last thing you want or need is finding out you owe extra costs that you were not aware of at first;
  • Finding the best jeweler – Locating that perfect ring oftentimes boils down to finding the best jeweler in town. Most jewelers in today’s Internet world do have a presence on the worldwide web. As a result of this, take the time to review their sites, looking to find a handful that you can then compare against one another. Even though choosing the perfect ring is more important than selecting new clothing or footwear for one or both of you, take the proper amount of time to size-up each ring and the business selling it;
  • Finding the perfect presentation time – Finally, determining the best time to present the ring to your lady is always something to put time and effort into. Some guys will opt for the experience of giving her the ring when she is least expecting it. Others, meantime, will go with a time when family and friends (maybe even some strangers are there too) gather. It is certainly not uncommon these days to see guys surprising their lady at sporting events, concerts etc. Most importantly, seeing the smile on her face (and perhaps a few tears of joy) will make all your time and effort (not to mention money) worth it.

Finding the diamond of her dreams doesn’t always come off quite as planned, but it can be some of the most important time together for two people.  If you’re in need of buying an engagement ring in the near future, take the time to guarantee yourself a smile on her face.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking into finding the diamond of her dreams.  We’d love to hear how you plan on popping the question.

Jun 112016

How to Keep Your Children Safe at Home

How to Keep Your Children Safe at Home

For most parents, their children’s safety is one of their top priorities, as it is their responsibility to provide them a safe, loving environment. While many parents focus on how to keep their children safe while away from the house, many serious child accidents actually happen within the home.

These accidents can happen in the most unlikely of ways, which is why it is important to ensure that your home is made as safe as possible in order to keep your children as safe as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind when child proofing your home:

Water Safety

One of the most common accidents facing families today are related to water. From swimming pools to bathtubs to neighboring creeks or rivers, water is a very dangerous element that can severely hurt your child should an accident occur. For most families, the pool or spa is the biggest concern, as it is a common feature of many family backyards. In order to keep your children from facing any pool accidents, it is a smart idea to place a fence around the pool so that small children cannot fall into the pool. Additionally, when the kids are swimming or playing near the water, make sure you or another adult is nearby at all times.

Some other safety tips are to learn CPR at an online CPR class at or at a local facility, make sure you have access to a phone should you need to call 911, and to make it a point to teach your children how to swim when they are at the proper age.


Head injuries are particularly traumatizing for young children, thus it is a wise idea to make sure that you keep them away from anything that could lead to a fall. For instance, if they need something that is out of reach, instead of climbing on a counter or using an unsteady chair, teach them to ask you for help. Moreover, keep sturdy stools nearby they can use in order to give them independence without putting them in danger. Additionally, young children should avoid bunk beds, as they can easily fall from the top bunk and injure themselves.

Bicycle Safety

It is required by law that children wear helmets, as biking accidents can pose a lot of danger to your children. Teach them the importance of wearing their helmet. Encouraging them to be smart and safe can help keep them from taking off their helmet when they are playing by themselves or at another’s home. Plus, for small children, it can be smart to have them wear knee pads or elbow pads as well.


It is important that all household cleaners, insect poisons, and even lotions and face products are placed either behind a locked cabinet or on a high shelf, as these products can poison a person if ingested. Babies and toddlers can easily get into products quickly, even if you only turned your back for a minute. By removing the threat, you are helping to protect them.

It’s equally important to have the Poison Hotline number where you can find it easily.

Taking the time to childproof your house can save your child’s life.

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May 232016

Friday, June 3rd is National Donut Day and to celebrate, we are giving you the chance to win an AMAZING Entenmann’s Prize Pack!

Entenmann's Prize Pack Giveaway
For every consumer (fan or not) that enters the Facebook “Win Free Donuts for a Year” sweepstakes, $1 will be donated to The Salvation Army, up to $35,000! Fans can learn more about the Sweeps and see the official rules by going to Entenmann’s® Facebook page. Check it out here!

Here are some Fun Facts about Donut Day!

  • National Donut Day commemorates the “donut lassies,” female Salvation Army volunteers who provided writing supplies, stamps, clothes-mending, home-cooked meals, and of course, donuts, for soldiers on the front lines.
  • With limited resources, these treats were fried, only seven at a time. The Salvation Army’s Ensign, Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance, cleverly thought of frying donuts in soldiers’ helmets. Approximately 250 Salvation Army volunteers provided assistance to American soldiers in France, starting in 1917 during WWI.



Entenmann's Prize Pack Giveaway

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summer footwear

Stepping Out in Summer Footwear

What to Consider

Are you ready to put your best foot forward for summer?

With what many view as the most popular time of the year just around the corner, there is much to do and see this summer.

From dream vacation getaways to awesome backyard BBQ’s and more, June, July and August traditionally try and pack as much into a three-month period as possible.

So that you get to all your destinations in style and comfort, finding the best summer footwear should be one of your top priorities.

Go in Comfort and in Safety

When it comes to getting everywhere you want to go these next few months, doing so will require some great footwear.

As you shop for the best products for your feet, always remember that comfort and safety should be two of the factors you look for. When you can locate the best styles in footwear, it is literally icing on the cake.

In looking at the comfort aspect, remember that your feet take a daily pounding, so be as helpful to them as possible.

Among the ways to go about this:

  • Buy shoes that properly fit – You would think this would be a no-brainier for most individuals, but you know you’ve seen people struggling to get their shoes on or off, along with walking like they’re in pain. If you have to, buy shoes a tad too big as opposed to too tight. Especially when buying for children, take note that they’re not done growing yet, so having them in shoes a little bigger than normal is better than having them walk around feeling all smooched up;
  • Don’t overdo the walking – While walking benefits your health in a number of ways, doing too much of it at one time is typically considered a no-no. Your feet were not made to walk endless miles on a daily basis, so don’t treat them like they were. If you’re planning a long walk for exercise or you’re visiting cities where the blocks are typically longer (Las Vegas comes to mind), be sure to pace yourself. Along with having the right footwear on, also wear comfortable socks. You should also keep your feet moisturized, especially if you plan on long walks. Dry and cracked feet and toes can lead to blisters, something you definitely do not want when it comes to trying to walk comfortably;
  • Keep your toenails trimmed – If you don’t have the time or desire to trim your toenails and overall manage your feet, seeing a podiatrist from time to time is a good idea. He or she can assist you in not only keeping your feet healthy and comfortable, but also advising you on how much walking you should and can do on a regular basis. If you have kids, it is important to make sure their feet stay healthy. Kids have a habit of not always taking care of different body parts, something that could hurt them as they get older. Teaching them the right foot care at a young age will hopefully have them trained for decades to come, not to mention save them money on healthcare needs over time;
  • Avoid summer cuts and scrapes – For the parents out there, you know your kids from time to time will be running around outside with proper footwear on. When this happens, you’d better have some Band-Aids available. While some kids can run around and avoid scrapes and bruises, many other will not only receive cuts and bruises, but could have something go right into their foot (nails, glass, stones etc.) In order to lessen the odds of such accidents and injuries, get your children fitted now with the right summer footwear. Finally, remind your kids not to run around above-ground pools. It does not take much for a little one to slip on a wet surface and fall in the pool or end up with a serious cut or scrape. If your son or daughter wears flip-flops to the pool, also remind them that these can become very slippery when coming in contact with wet surfaces.

If you’re ready to step on out with the best in summer footwear, head on over to your nearest shoe outlet or go online.

Either way, you’ll walk off with some great buys.


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