Jun 112016

Finding the Diamond of Her Dreams

For that special lady in your life, finding the diamond of her dreams will be one of your most important tasks.

While some guys go all-out and stop at no expense to locate the perfect diamond for their loves, others are challenged with tight budgets, meaning they may have to get their wife-to-be or their wife (in the event a beautiful ring was not possible earlier on) something less than they may have desired.

Whatever the case may be, shopping for that special ring shouldn’t evoke terror and sleepless nights for guys.

If you take the time to do your research, make sure you’ve been setting the proper amount of money aside, and get her two cents about what kind of ring she would most appreciate, the entire experience can be more positive than you might ever imagined.

Do Your Research Before Purchasing

So that your ring purchasing and presenting experience will be a positive one, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Her opinion matters – First and foremost, guys should never try and “wing it” when it comes to purchasing that special ring for the special lady in their life. While you do want to surprise her, especially with the time and place you present it to her, going ring shopping as a couple certainly makes sense. There are a number of factors that go into finding that perfect ring, among which include the color and shape, along with being able to answer correctly what is carat weight? While carat weight is typically the preference of the lady, it doesn’t hurt to both talk over this matter so both of you are in agreement. Finally, discuss what your budgetary limits (see more below) are ahead of time, thereby hopefully avoiding any major disappointment on her part if you can’t spend as much as you would have liked;
  • Setting aside money – For many guys, buying that dream ring for their significant other means setting aside money at some point and time. If you are able to pay for the ring in one swoop, great. In many cases, however, you will need to put aside some money and/or make payments on the ring. Finding a jeweler that is easy to work with when it comes to the financial end of things is always a plus. In doing so, it takes pressure off of you to have to come up with a significant amount of money in a hurry. When shopping for a ring, always discuss payment plans, along with all the important details that go into such an agreement. The last thing you want or need is finding out you owe extra costs that you were not aware of at first;
  • Finding the best jeweler – Locating that perfect ring oftentimes boils down to finding the best jeweler in town. Most jewelers in today’s Internet world do have a presence on the worldwide web. As a result of this, take the time to review their sites, looking to find a handful that you can then compare against one another. Even though choosing the perfect ring is more important than selecting new clothing or footwear for one or both of you, take the proper amount of time to size-up each ring and the business selling it;
  • Finding the perfect presentation time – Finally, determining the best time to present the ring to your lady is always something to put time and effort into. Some guys will opt for the experience of giving her the ring when she is least expecting it. Others, meantime, will go with a time when family and friends (maybe even some strangers are there too) gather. It is certainly not uncommon these days to see guys surprising their lady at sporting events, concerts etc. Most importantly, seeing the smile on her face (and perhaps a few tears of joy) will make all your time and effort (not to mention money) worth it.

Finding the diamond of her dreams doesn’t always come off quite as planned, but it can be some of the most important time together for two people.  If you’re in need of buying an engagement ring in the near future, take the time to guarantee yourself a smile on her face.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking into finding the diamond of her dreams.  We’d love to hear how you plan on popping the question.

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