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How to Keep Your Children Safe at Home

For most parents, their children’s safety is one of their top priorities, as it is their responsibility to provide them a safe, loving environment. While many parents focus on how to keep their children safe while away from the house, many serious child accidents actually happen within the home.

These accidents can happen in the most unlikely of ways, which is why it is important to ensure that your home is made as safe as possible in order to keep your children as safe as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind when child proofing your home:

Water Safety

One of the most common accidents facing families today are related to water. From swimming pools to bathtubs to neighboring creeks or rivers, water is a very dangerous element that can severely hurt your child should an accident occur. For most families, the pool or spa is the biggest concern, as it is a common feature of many family backyards. In order to keep your children from facing any pool accidents, it is a smart idea to place a fence around the pool so that small children cannot fall into the pool. Additionally, when the kids are swimming or playing near the water, make sure you or another adult is nearby at all times.

Some other safety tips are to learn CPR at an online CPR class at safenowcpr.com or at a local facility, make sure you have access to a phone should you need to call 911, and to make it a point to teach your children how to swim when they are at the proper age.


Head injuries are particularly traumatizing for young children, thus it is a wise idea to make sure that you keep them away from anything that could lead to a fall. For instance, if they need something that is out of reach, instead of climbing on a counter or using an unsteady chair, teach them to ask you for help. Moreover, keep sturdy stools nearby they can use in order to give them independence without putting them in danger. Additionally, young children should avoid bunk beds, as they can easily fall from the top bunk and injure themselves.

Bicycle Safety

It is required by law that children wear helmets, as biking accidents can pose a lot of danger to your children. Teach them the importance of wearing their helmet. Encouraging them to be smart and safe can help keep them from taking off their helmet when they are playing by themselves or at another’s home. Plus, for small children, it can be smart to have them wear knee pads or elbow pads as well.


It is important that all household cleaners, insect poisons, and even lotions and face products are placed either behind a locked cabinet or on a high shelf, as these products can poison a person if ingested. Babies and toddlers can easily get into products quickly, even if you only turned your back for a minute. By removing the threat, you are helping to protect them.

It’s equally important to have the Poison Hotline number where you can find it easily.

Taking the time to childproof your house can save your child’s life.

Image Source:  https://pixabay.com/en/children-toys-bicycle-son-1217246/


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