Jan 242011
I was doing my weekly task (I find it daunting to have to do it as they come in) of reading all my mypoint.com “Bonus Mail” emails.  These are where you have “bonus mails” sent to your inbox, and in doing so, you read them and click on the link “Get Points” in order to receive 5 points for just reading the bonus mail.  I just earned 200 points for this past weeks bonus mailings.  However as I said earlier, I find it daunting to open each one when they come in, so I had to come up with a method to get these read efficiently so I could receive my points before they expire (these mailings do expire).

Here’s my method:  Either on Saturday or Sunday, I do a search in my inbox for “mypoints” and all the emails from My Points in my inbox are shown.  Next, I open the first email and scroll down to where it says “Get Points.” I right click on this icon and chose “Open link in a new tab.”  This now opens a new tab, but leaves me right where I am (using gmail and Google Chrome*).  I then scroll down to delete the email and I then am brought back to the search I did.  I open the next bonus mail and do the same, and so on, until I have a numerous amount of tabs open at which time I will close those (to avoid slowing down my browser) and start the process all over again.  It took me less than 10 minutes…to open 40 emails… to earn 200 points in my mypoints.com account.

* Google Chrome or any other web browser…Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. gives you the choice of how you want pages opened in your browser.  To find out what your settings are:  Google Chrome…Click on the toolbox link (looks like a wrench at the top of your browser) and then click on “Options.”  You’ll see the options you have by clicking on each tab at the top of this pop-up.  The same for Firefox….click on “Tools” tab at the top of your browser and then on “options”.  Internet Explorer (latest version) you’ll see a double right arrow on the right side of the browser near the top.  Click on the arrows which will take you to a list of options, click on “Tools” and then on “Internet Options.”

I hope you find this useful.  If anyone has another way they’d like to share…I am open to any suggestions 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the tip. It'll be helpful next time I check my MyPoints offers.

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