Jan 242011
So, I was just going through my email and came across one from Lakeside Collections.  Even though they aren’t listed as a cash back site…they are on mypoints.com and offer 500 points on a $25 order or more.  I happen to rack up a lot of my points shopping on this site.  The site offers a lot of practical items and for the most part, I have gotten quality items (the price you pay when shopping online). The one thing I wish this site did was allow customers to review products they’ve purchased.  That being said, I still buy but read the item description very carefully.  Anyway, what brings me to mention this store was the lamp advertised in the email.  I can think of so many places I could use one of these in my home.  It’s such a space saver, and for people like me who needs bright light to see print, I could adjust this to where I need to have it to be able to see clearly.

As I sit here looking at the lamp, the creative ideas that come to mind for revamping this lamp to co-ordinate with my decor, are flowing.  Since the lamp base and rod is metal…I can repaint it to match my wall color.  The lamp shade…I bought an extra valance when I purchased my living room curtains…I can use that to cover the lamp shade…a very simple task. I’ve already used some of the valance to cover light switches and a smaller table lamp. With a little time and work I can have a custom lamp for under $30…not too shabby!  This would also make a nice lamp for my son’s room, in fact, I’d like two for his room.  He is wheelchair bound so floor space needs to be kept open in order to manuevre the chair (it’s a custom chair for a 6′ young man).  Yup, I need to place an order! Bummer…I just searched for coupon and promo codes..doesn’t look as though they have any going on right now :-(.

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