Mar 262013
itson beta program

Don’t miss out – the deadline to be a part of this Smartphone Beta Program is nearing!

A couple weeks back I wrote a post on a new Innovative Smartphone Beta Program – you can go {here} to read that post – it’s loaded with information.  Today, I just wanted to follow up with you in case you missed the first post.  I don’t want you to miss out on this money savings opportunity where you can save yourself money on your cell phone bill – if there is a way.

The beauty of this Smartphone Plan is that you only pay for what you need.  If you use very little minutes for talk time – only pay for what you need.  If you don’t text a lot (that’s me), only pay for what you need.  Don’t want a data plan?  Don’t pay for one.  YOU customize the plan to fit your needs.  You can share everything with many phones – whatever your needs are.

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A bit about me – I tend to wait until the last minute to do most anything – but I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity – just wasn’t going to happen!  So tonight I got my act together and placed my order.  I am keeping it a secret from my daughter because she has wanted a smartphone for a long time.  I just couldn’t justify the cost – not for all the other things the girl wants in life and because she really didn’t need one.  The keyword in that last sentence – NEED.

That said, I saved $320 on two Smartphones and will save a bit over $20/mo. on what I currently pay for our share of a shared plan for 4.  After customizing our plan, it ends up being where we are getting more talk time, more texting – and we are getting – ready for this?  We are getting a data package!  This is exciting because I banned all phones from being able to access the internet because I was NOT paying for a data package and I was NOT paying for each time one did decide to hook up online.  I didn’t get a whole lot of data but we really don’t need it.  We can tether into our WiFi when we are home, and when we are out, we can tether into places that have free WiFi – if we need to.

The savings with this plan even out beats what it would have cost me for Straight Talk plans and the cost of the phones.  Our new phones will arrive in a couple of days and I’m zipping it so that I can give my daughter hers for Easter (geez…I hope this isn’t the post she decides to take the time to read)!

Click on over to Itsonmobile (site for the smarphone beta program) to get started.

If you decide to hook up with this smartphone beta program – you must come back and tell me what you’ll be saving.  I love hearing ‘savings’ stories 🙂

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  1. This is awesome!! Definitely checking it out now!!


  2. Sounds great but I wonder about the coverage…

    • The coverage looks to be great. I searched several cities/towns in my state and found they had coverage – these would be towns where I know service is hard to get.

  3. My cell phone bill is almost $100 a month for Unlimited everything with T Mobile. I know I dont use that much at all. I need to look into this. Thanks

  4. This is cool. I;ll check it out.

  5. Always wondered how this worked. Thanks!

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