Aug 022012

Kids LOVE tents! Even my daughter would have loved this safari play tent with tunnel – even more so than the tents out of blankets and chairs, boxes and blankets – whatever we could fit in our small space at the time – I’d make for her.  The tents were always in my way though because two chairs never made a big enough tent.  Then I’d have to fix the tent because a blanket would fall down or off the chair.  Once I could get things settled for her – she was very happy playing for a long time and I could get much needed house chores done while she did so.

But just take a look at this!  This safari play tent has a tunnel.  The front door closes with velcro (you could get in it too).  It folds flat for storage, is washable, has a water-resistant floor, and comes with its own carry bag .  That’s a lot a bang for the buck at $66.12 with free shipping.

Pacific Play Tents Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo

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  1. My kids used to have a tent like this when they were little. They loved it so much.

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