Aug 022012

When one experiences back pain one feels like crap. We are lucky in the way that in today’s world there are many products that can aid in the relief from back pain. Products like the inversion table, decompression & extension equipment, lumbar support rolls, physio (fitness) balls and more. Of course, there are the creams and meds as well.

I’ve experienced back and neck pain since I was injured in gym class in the 6th grade. Personally, I prefer not to have to use anything that goes in or on my body, if I can help it. I’d rather get to the source of the pain and keep it at bay by going to the chiropractor and preventing the issue as much as I can.  Over the years the chiropractors that I’ve been to have suggested to me several ways to help keep the pain at bay…such as:

  • Not carrying my purse on my shoulders
  • Not weight-bearing on one side
  • Not sleeping/lying on my side
  • Simple exercises to decompress the spinal column
  • Keeping both feet on the floor when sitting in a chair
  • Using the knees to lift

Of course, I don’t always follow what has been suggested; but when I don’t my back and neck know it within a few short hours.  I also suffer from disc compression more so than the normal person does as they age. When I sit or stand too long I have to lie down to stretch my lower back – elevating my knees and lower legs (an inversion table would be a blessing for me to have – I just don’t have the space for it though).  An inversion table is much more effective than lying down and elevating the knees/feet/legs for the mere fact of  gravitation of one being upside down). When I can’t get the pain to subside and find myself taking Motrin – I know then that it’s time for a chiropractic visit.   At this point – I know I’ve pretty much thrown my whole back out of whack.

Do you suffer from back pain?  What works for you?

*This is a sponsored post for Healthy Back.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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