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All-Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

himalayan salt lamp

We bring you this Himalayan Salt Lamp review thanks to the Himalayan Salt Shop.  An FCS team member received a 5-7lb salt lamp to facilitate this review.  Onto the review…..

Are you looking for an all natural air purifier? If the answer is yes, maybe the the all-natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is your answer.  Exquisitely chipped from the base of the Himalayan Mountains, a topic of conversation, an all-natural air purifier displaying an orange/amber glow, a piece of home decor – this is what a Himalayan Salt Lamp is all about.  Let’s first educate you on  Himalayan Salt Lamps.

About Himalayan Salt Lamps

All-natural Himalayan Salt Lamps have been popular in Europe for decades.  They are now becoming popular in the United States.  They offer a two-fold purpose – purifying the air while serving as a beautiful, glowing, home decor piece.  The lamps are made of pristine pink Himalayan salt crystals and vary in sizes.  This crystal salt is hundreds of millions of years old which has special properties and high mineral content.

How Himalayan Salt Lamps Work:

 himalayan salt lamp shop

How You Benefit:

Heat from the bulb (in lamps) or flame (in candle holders) causes the salt to emit negative ions

These negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air (positive ions) and neutralize them Also, the newly bonded ions become heavier and fall to the ground removing them from the air circulation

In addition, these negative ions combat electro-smog caused by electronic devices operating in the home

Symptoms from asthma, allergies, and other illnesses can also subside from the effects of these products.

Onto our review…..

This is the Himalayan Salt Lamp we received to facilitate this review.  Isn’t this lamp just beautiful?  We had the perfect doily to set it upon in the room we placed it in – a bedroom.  In this photo, the lamp is lit.

Himilayan Salt Lamp

Here is an up-close and personal image of the salt crystal.  Notice the intricate details of the the crystal. Doesn’t it remind you of rock candy?


The image below shows the ambiance this crystal lamp gives off when the room lights are off.  It very much holds a warm amber glow, in itself, and to the area surrounding it.  If you wonder if you could use it as a night light – you most certainly can.  We did think though, that this particular lamp size lit up the room too much for sleeping.

Himilayan Salt Lamp

The lamp comes with an easy on – easy off UL listed cord.  The length of the cord is roughly 6′.

Himilayan Salt Lamp

The salt lamp sits upon a wooden base which is where you’ll find the the light bulb.  The 15-watt bulb is included with the lamp.  If you look closely at the base – all that noise on the base is from handling the salt crystal to lie it down so that you could see the base.  The three (3) divots on the base is so that you have choices as to which way you’d like to display the lamp and yet keep the cord towards the back…simply brilliant!

Himilayan Salt Lamp base

In the bedroom this salt lamp resided in originally, we were unable to tell if it made a big difference in the air quality.  Though in all fairness, to get the best results for purifying the air – it’s recommended that the lamp stays on all the time.  We did not keep it on all the time in the bedroom due to the way it lit up the room during sleep time.  However, we did not find any foul odors in the bedroom it resided in.  The room was odorless as one entered it.

We also placed this in a room where there is an Ozone Ionizer nearby, for a few days.  We found that with the lamp on as well as the Ozone Ionizer being on, that for whatever reason, the salt lamp canceled out the effectiveness of the Ozone Ionizer.  One could smell the stench of stale cigarette smoke walking through the door.  It was our hope that we could effectively use both purifiers since the salt lamp was essentially placed on the other side of a wall from the Ozone Ionizer…though, this was not the case.  Given this finding – the salt lamp must do something good in order to cancel out the effectiveness of an Ozone Ionizer!

We’re going to move the lamp once again – after the master bath is completed and place it in the master bedroom. This post will be updated when that happens.  This will be a major test as the master bedroom, during the winter (it’s fall now), causes major allergy issues for one of us.  We would have tried this before now, but the dust particles from the room being remodeled is beyond a light dusting and we certainly didn’t want the lamp to get ruined by that.

Learn More

The Himalayan Salt Shop has a wealth of information on its site…a wealth of information on salt lamps, salt crystals, and edible salts!

If you join their newsletter – you will receive 10% off your order.  Simply click the green and yellow icon on the right-hand side of the site.  You’ll also receive special offers when you sign up.

Get social with the Himalayan Salt Shop on Facebook. (They place promo codes on their wall 🙂


If you wondering if it would be worth it for you to try the Himalayan Salt Lamp by the Himalayan Salt Shop – we don’t think you can go wrong.  They really seem to know their “stuff”!













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May 312016

Cush Cushion Review

A Memory Foam Wedge Designed for Back Pain Relief

cush cushion review

When your back and/or tailbone (coccyx) hurts – it seems like everything hurts.  It hurts to walk.  It hurts to sit. There are many products on the market to help with this pain, but none that offer a permanent solution.  Cush Comfort has a line of products supporting back pain, and thanks to Cush Comfort, we are bringing you this Cush Cushion review.

Quite often if one relieves the pressure off the spinal column, one’s pain is lessened.  That is why you see the cutout at the back of the cushion.  When one sits – their tailbone/spine fits into that section.  And since the Cush Cushion is thicker in the back than the front (not by much), it accommodates the extra pressure/weight of the behind when one sits down eliminating the butt area from bottoming out. This relieves any pressure on the spinal column, including the coccyx.

In addition to the Cush Cushion aiding in pain relief, you’ll also find that your posture will be better.  Having better posture will help you in years to come from developing Postural Kyphosis.  Sitting tall and standing tall (shoulders back, chest forward) are important factors in keeping your spine healthy.

Let’s take a look at the Cush Cushion’s features:

cush cushion features

Per the Company’s Product Description:

  • INSTANT RELIEF Coccyx cut-out suspends the tailbone, medically proven to provide relief from lower back pain, numbness, and point pressure associated with sitting for long periods. You’ll never go back to sitting the old way again.
  • CUSTOM NON SLIP BOTTOM keeps your cushion in place while you sit so you don’t have to constantly reposition
  • NEW DEEPER ERGONOMIC SHAPE to hug your butt as you sit, eliminating point pressure and distributing support evenly so you can sit for longer without discomfort, improving posture and providing superior comfort
  • 100% HIGH GRADE MEMORY FOAM won’t go flat over time like standard foam cushions.
  • SAFE, 3rd party tested eco-friendly material that is completely odorless

The Cush Comfort cushion stops the pain cycle within 30 seconds of the time you first sit on it. 

Our high performance grade A memory foam technology responds to the heat from your body and forms itself into the exact shape of your butt. This process eliminates the point pressure normally associated with sitting and replaces it with fully distributed support that keeps you comfortable even while sitting for hours on end.

100% pure, Grade A memory foam with NO fillers. 

Because we use only the highest quality material, our cushion is completely environmentally friendly and odorless, and will not flatten over time. No off-gassing or strange smells.

Non-slip bottom side keeps your Cush cushion in place underneath you. 

Standard memory foam cushions are great for back pain, but can negatively affect posture as they slowly slide off of your seat after hours of use, causing you to slump. The Cush cushion solves this problem, and actually encourages excellent posture, using a non slip fabric on the underside of the cushion to keep it in place even after hours of continuous use.

Lifetime 100% money-back guarantee 

We are a mission based company. The cushion you are about to receive is the very same cushion being used on all of our seats at our office, in our cars, and on our seats at home. We stand behind our product. We have high standards and we want our customers to have high standards too. If for any reason you are unhappy with your Cush, just shoot us a message and a real person will respond within a day to make it right.

I can attest that the Cush Cushion has:

  • A wonderful velour fabric – it’s so very soft to the touch.
  • The zipper is sturdy and is easily worked
  • The non-slip bottom works very well for a leather-like covered desk chair.
  • The contours for where one’s legs would set are comfortable; though if I sat too long on the cushion, I could feel pressure on the outside of my thighs and hip area.  What you need to know about my thighs though – they aren’t on the thin side and neither is my butt. I carry most of my weight in the hip/thigh area.
  • The contour cutout is wide enough to accommodate the spinal column area and I felt relief
  • The memory foam certainly bounces back after sitting on the cushion.
  • IF you sit on a chair that you can control the height of, you will want to adjust the height of your chair (lower it) to accommodate the extra cushion under you so that your body isn’t taxed elsewhere.

I wish I had a cushion like this when I was pregnant.  My tailbone hurt so badly before and after giving birth.  It ended up being that the chiropractor put my “misplaced” tailbone back into place, but that didn’t happen for many months after I gave birth.  Had I had a cushion like this where the spinal area has a cut-out, in comparison to a donut cushion, I truly believe I would have experienced much less pain.  Now I use cushions to relieve back/hip pain when I sit for long periods of time.

Moving on – below is the product we received.  Notice how plush it appears?  It’s just as plush in person.

cush cushion review

Below is the bottom of the Cush Cushion.  See all those dots?  That is non-slip material.  This material does a great job in holding the cushion in place on your chair (leather-like seat) unlike the one we obtained at the hospital.

The hospital gave us a wedge that maintains a slippery material (made of a nylon/polyester) throughout the cushion.  That cushion’s material made it hard to get up from the cushion without it slipping about the chair’s seat.  And then when you sat back down – the cushion would slide about. I was always fiddling with the cushion to get it under my butt just right.

cush cushion review

Overall, I am pleased with the cushion in respect to it relieving pressure of the spine and it being a quality cushion; though I do wish it had more seat depth and that it were a tad bit wider.  I wish there were two sizes to choose from, as I would opt for the larger one.  I believe I would find it more comfortable.

That said, I do encourage anyone who needs spinal pain relief to try the Cush Cushion. All bodies aren’t built the same; one can’t go by how it feels to me.  Finding the right cushion is based on personal preference and how one’s body is built.  Don’t forget that you have nothing to lose in trying the Cush Cushion – the company backs their product.

Where to Buy

One can purchase Cush Cushion at Amazon  –  Save 10% – Use the promo code clubcush 
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Mar 292016

Harlem Globetrotters 90th Anniversary World Tour – Amazing Show

Harlem Globetrotters 90th Anniversary Show

The Harlem Globetrotters are celebrating their 90th year of performing.  How exciting is that?  Even more exciting – the team now has a female Globetrotter.  The very first female to be on the team ever.  Even more exciting (for us), we got to see the Harlem Globetrotters 90th Anniversary World Tour show live.  Our first time for seeing one of their performances.

I knew their show wasn’t the “norm” for a basketball game – I just didn’t know what “wasn’t the norm” – really was all about.  I didn’t tell the kids what I knew – I let them believe what they had imagined in their mind.

As the game progressed one kept saying, “This isn’t what I expected.  This is so much fun!”  She thanked me several times for bringing her.  On our way home I heard many times over, “Can we come next year? Please? Please?”

Seriously, the Harlem Globetrotters are about more than your traditional basketball game –  it’s a basketball game like no other.  There’s lots of hooting and hollering, fun music, hand clapping, whistle blowing, ball tricks, acrobatics – the show is certainly entertaining.

From the moment they come out on the floor until the very the last autograph is obtained 30 minutes after the “game,” the Globetrotters engage their audience.  Hand clapping, playing to cool music, mascots that were fun to watch doing their “thing”, bringing kids down to the court for some fun, engaging adults.  The Trotters meandered up into the stands.

Here you see them making their entrance out onto the court:

Harlem Globetrotters 90th Anniversary Tour

Aiming to entertain you in multiple ways…like hanging from the basketball hoops….

harlem globetrotters

To playing basketball…

Harlem Globetrotters

And, mascots that do amazing things (I won’t spoil the fun by posting pics of what they do)….

Harlem Globetrotters

See the tall player in the back?  He stands at 7’4″!  Now that’s TALL!

Harlem Globetrotters

We met the first woman to be a Harlem Globetrotter … “Ace Jackson”

1st woman harlem globetrotters 2016

And yes, she autographs whatever you’d like, as do all the others.  Get all the autographs you want on whatever you have at hand.  There were kids getting their pants autographed!

World Vision

The Harlem Globetrotters support World Vision – what a great way to make a difference.

harlem globetrotters world vision

The Harlem Globetrotters are proud to partner with World Vision to build a better world for children. You can sponsor a child just like Globetrotters TNT, Hi Lite, and Buckets do. Your sponsorship helps a child and his or her community gain access to basics like clean water, education, food, healthcare, and economic opportunity. Be a part of our team by sponsoring a child today!

If you’re at the show, you can sponsor a child while there or head to their website.

There’s just so much fun to be had at a Harlem Globetrotters game.  You won’t be disappointed whether you’re a child or an adult.

There are many more tour dates coming up this year. 

Save on your ticket purchase –  25% off Harlem Globetrotters 90th Anniversary World Tour <<click here>>

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Mar 082016

Lugz Lumber Hi SR Ankle Boot Review

Lugz Lumber Hi SR Ankle Boot Review

I’ve always wondered what the Lugz brand could do for my feet. I’ve heard a lot of folks talk about them and have read a lot of reviews, but I’m not one to venture out and try a new brand of shoe without being able to try them on over and over again, before making a decision to want to actually purchase them. That said, I had the opportunity to put a pair of their boots to the test before doing just that in order to facilitate this review.

I ordered the (Men’s) Lugz – The Lumber Hi SR ankle boots  and find myself very pleased with the boot.  I wanted a boot that resembled a sneaker.  Something that wasn’t too bulky, as I don’t have the need for a big boot.

Key features of this Lumber Hi SR ankle boot were described on the site as having:

  • A Durabrush Upper – as described
  • A Padded tongue & collar – as described
  • Flexastride memory foam insole – There’s definitely a foam insole, as to how flexible it is, I am not sure on this.  The boot itself, is still stiff so maybe as time goes on, I will appreciate the flexibility I am suppose to be feeling.
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole – as described

Lugz Lumber Hi SR Ankle Boot Review

In addition to those features, I found the boot to have a deep traction soles. This is a good thing if you’re in need to ground your feet into terrain. The bad side of deep traction soles – don’t walk in the house with them on your feet if you’ve been playing in the dirt or snow – you’ll have a mess to clean up.  All kidding aside – you’ll have plenty of tread on the bottom of the boot to last a long time.

After I wore them, a light bulb went off in my head.  I thought it would be nice for you to see what I mean by deep traction – my apologies for not having the light bulb go off to begin with:

Lugz Lumber Hi SR Ankle Boot Review

In all the reviews I read on Lugz shoes/boots, I could not find one that talked about the arches of their shoes/boots. Good arch support is a must with any shoe going on my feet…including sandals. These Lugz Lumbar boots have just that – good arch support. It sets in the foot-bed of the shoe where it’s supposed to. The arch is high enough to give good support to the arch, but not so high that it’s uncomfortable.

I’ve been wearing mid-top sneakers for sometime and like that height. Being a boot I expected these to be a bit higher and that they were. Though – they weren’t uncomfortable. The ankle is actually supported very well.

I have an issue with my feet getting cold in shoes/sneakers/boots – faster than most people do. I found that my feet stayed warm. Now, I can’t say I was out in 10 degree weather for a long time, but in comparison to my other footwear – these stood right up to keeping my feet warm.

The stitching of the boot was consistent and appears as though it will hold up for quite sometime. Of course, some people go through footwear a lot faster than others do – it all depends on the person and how hard on footwear they are.

I also found that there is plenty of space in this boot. Though I am a woman, I wear men’s sneakers/boots – I tend to like their styles better. Compared to the sneakers I own, these boots equally have the width of the sneakers with the exception of the left boot being just a tad bit wider.  I think it’s important to note that I do not wear heavy socks with these boots.  I wear a mid-weight sock.

These boots were a hit in our house.  There’s this thing in our house with the teen. If mom has it and it will fit the teen – then the teen must complete her own findings. I’ve been told that I will need to share these boots.  She liked them and stated, “I’m rocking this outfit,” (leggings, sweatshirt and my Lugz boots)!  Honestly, they are a nice looking boot.

Be sure to check out their new line  Snow White Collection for women.

Keep abreast of Lugz news on Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Pinterest

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Jan 272016

Beautiful Calendar

Chrome Extension Review

Beautiful Calendar Chrome Extension

I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life.  Online organization can get the best of me sometimes.  I really try, but I am such a visual person that I need things front and center because if they aren’t, then they are literally out of sight and out of mind (we won’t go into details of what my desk or computer monitor looks like 🙂

I do find that using the Gmail calendar is helpful and is one of my favorite ways of being organized online.  The feature of being able to set reminders for as many days/months as I’d like and receive those reminders in my email or as a pop-up notification – does wonders for me.  The drawback though (for me) is that even though I can see what’s on my calendar right in my email window, I tend to forget to look at it.  Opening up the calendar in a tab is not on my priority list either.

Then recently when I was asked to test test the waters of Beautiful Calendar – a customizable-themed Chrome Extension, I said sure – maybe this will be the calendar I need.  Honestly, I find that it has some really nice features.

Features include:

For starters – adding the extension right from site while in Chrome is easy (searching the Chrome store is not my idea of a good time).


beautiful calendar chrome extension

  • Syncing the calendar is as easy as logging into Gmail from the extension (a pop-up opens)
  • Whenever you open up a Chrome tab the calendar is right in front of you (top photo)
  • Changing the theme can be done right from a tab. I think this is very cool – there’s no getting bored of one theme.
  • All your events for one day are listed on the calendar in a condensed form so that if you were to open a tab with someone around – they can’t see what’s on your agenda.  Though if you only have one – that is front row and center.  You can get around that by adding a fake event right from the calendar, if that’s an issue for you.
  • Editing an event is easy.  Simply click on the item you want to edit and you get a pop-up window:

Beautiful Calendar Chrome ExtensionBeautiful Calendar Chrome Extension reviewOne thing that wasn’t over the top for me – was that the extension seemed to slow down my browser in the sense of opening a tab and being able to type right away in the search or URL address bars.  Though this isn’t a deal breaker for me either where there are features that really work for me – I will test the waters a bit longer.

There are so many calendar extensions to be had and they aren’t a “one size fits all” type of deal, Beautiful Calendar may be the Chrome calendar extension you’re in need of.  I’d love for you to share your thoughts.


**Review opportunity via BlogsRelease

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Jan 032016

In recently ordering a few gifts from, I  thought I would show you how impressive the details of each piece of jewelry that was purchased truly is.

Each piece of jewelry arrived in their own little bags.  Inside, each earring was in their own little ziploc bag.  A little folded card was found inside each bag as well.  The cards tell you who made the jewelry, what they are made of, and a bit about the history of the pieces.

Novica earrings

These pictured below are the sterling silver Enchanted Dragonfly Earrings.  The details are magnificent.  The earrings are delicate and dainty.  Someone who helped us through some really rough times over the past year was the lucky recipient of these as a thank you.  She adores, and I mean adores, dragonfly anything!

dragon fly earrings

Here below are the sterling silver Gecko Shuffle Dangles.  Can you see the intricate details?  These are just too cute.  These were a gift for the “fun” niece.

lizzard earrings novica

Sterling silver button earrings, ‘Heart in the Moon‘ are shown below.  These are too cute.  They are not thin, so there’s no worry of them bending should they get caught in a pillowcase or clothing.  These were given to a young lady who wears nothing but stud earrings.  When she first saw them – she was like -they don’t match.  I said, “I know.”  They aren’t meant to – they are meant to compliment each other.  Then I reminded her of the socks she wears these days…then she got the point.

heart open heart novica earrings

If you love handmade items, if you love supporting artisans from all over the world, you may just find the perfect gift for someone…maybe even something for yourself, at  Over the past few years, we have ordered many items from Novica.  There hasn’t been a one, that we weren’t satisfied with…not a one.

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Jun 292015
**This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. Reviewer received a free visit to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are those of an FCS team member.

Amwell telehealth

Times have certainly changed in the healthcare industry as to the options available when needing to be seen by a doctor.  To that list of options one can include Amwell Telehealth Urgent Care Service.

I can remember when doctors did house calls in addition to office visits.  That stopped – probably because of the increase in the population and/or insurance purposes.  We then needed to be seen solely in a doctor’s office.  For an emergency – to the local Emergency Room at a hospital we went.  Next came Urgent Care Centers being placed into communities – giving individuals another choice of when and where to be seen.  And now one can add to the list of choices – Telehealth Urgent Care services.

Amwell Telehealth is just that – an online Urgent Care service.  Amwell is found on the web, or through an app (android & IOS).  The beauty of this service is that one doesn’t need to leave their home to be seen by a doctor for a diagnosis of simple ailments.  Most often the doctor can prescribe prescription meds (unless your state doesn’t allow this), when appropriate.

Who Would use Amwell’s Service?

Anyone who finds the need for a doctor that doesn’t fit in the realm of needing emergency services.  You don’t want to be wasting time with a tele-visit if you’re thinking you’re having a heart attack or if you’re having suicidal thoughts –

A few reasons people go online to see a doctor:

  • I feel like I should probably see a doctor, but can’t really fit it into my over-booked schedule.
  • I’m flying tomorrow and can’t get out of work.
  • It’s difficult for me to get a doctor’s appointment.
  • I’m not sure if I should go to the ER or not.
  • My doctor’s office is closed and I don’t want to go to an urgent care clinic or hospital
  • I just moved and don’t know any doctors in my area.
  • I just need a second opinion.
  • I’m between jobs and have no coverage.
  • I have a question about a loved-one’s health and would like some advice.

Some of the most common conditions that can be diagnosed and treated online:

  • Bronchitis
  • Cough
  • Sinus infection
  • Sore throat
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Pinkeye
  • Flu
  • Sprains and strains
  • Cold
  • Respiratory Infection
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Weight concerns
  • Smoking Cessation

Who are the Doctors You’d be Speaking to?

  • The doctors you would see would be licensed physicians in your state.

Does Insurance Pay for These Visits?

  • Many insurance companies will pay for the online visit.  However, should you not have insurance, a 10-minute visit is $49.00.  For readers of Finger Click Saver’s, save $10.00 off your first visit with the promo code: LOVEAMWELL10.

Our Thoughts

***Let me say this first!*** 

***If you can capture an image of what is going on – do so before beginning your visit.  There is a place for you to upload images once you’re logged in.  I hadn’t realized that, and wished I did, as the provider could have actually seen what my shingles looked like at the time of the visit.***

Onto our Amwell visit.  We found Amwell is so easy to use.  You can utilize them on the web, or through an app (android & IOS).  Sign up was simple!  Within five minutes, I had myself signed up online, (children under 18 can be added to your account).

Because I don’t have a camera on my PC, I downloaded the app to my iPad.  Fast and simple to do.  I then logged into Amwell.  I was asked to choose the reason for my visit (Medical, Nutrition, Psychology).

amwell telehealth ipad visit

I then needed to answer the following prior to being seen:

  • What the reason was I wanted to see a doctor for?
  • I was asked what my medical conditions are
  • What medications I was on
  • What my billing status was IE: insurance, no insurance

The available provider was already seeing a patient, so I was asked if I wanted to wait in the “Waiting Room.”  I thought it was super kosher that I was provided with a profile of the doctor I would be speaking with.  Had I not liked her credentials, I could have waited until other providers became available.

That said, in reading the provider’s profile I was very much at ease in speaking with her; so I opted to wait for her to come aboard.  My wait was less than five minutes before she connected with me.

amwell telehealth ipad visit

Once connected with me, the provider introduced herself.  We had a glitch where she couldn’t see or hear me and since they ask for a phone number in case of any issues, she called me immediately on my phone.  She had me refresh the app and we were then good to go.

One of the very first things that I was asked was what state I was from.  This is to ensure that the provider is licensed to practice in the state you reside.  After that, we went over my medications and conditions list.  Next came my question I wanted answer to.

The issue for me at hand, was that I was wondering what I could take to help with the pain of shingles.  You see, I had been diagnosed with shingles on my upper left butt cheek the day before my Amwell visit.  The pain I was experiencing had already started three days before, but gradually progressed as time went on.

By the time I had my visit the pain was not only from my backside through to my pubic bone, but headed down my leg and into my toes.  It was becoming increasingly hard to sit.  My thighs were feeling heavy and crampy.  I wanted to know if I could take Motrin around the clock to aid in that pain, or if there were something else that would help my pain.

The provider was amazing at explaining how shingles pain works.  She reassured me that the medications I had been given was an aggressive treatment plan for me.  I was informed of a couple other meds that I could be put on for neuropathy pain; however any narcotic – including morphine and any anti-inflammatory, would not work for shingles pain.  Her advice to me was to see if I could wait it out rather than go on another medication specifically used for neuropathy pain.

The provider I spoke with was extremely professional.  She spoke in terms that I could understand.  She answered any questions I had.  Would I use the Amwell Telehealth service again?  ABSOLUTELY!  I was left feeling that I had received the care and advice I was in need of.

Have you ever used Amwell Telehealth, or a similar service?  What was your experience – please share.

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Jun 292015

**Reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product in order to bring you an honest review.  All opinions are those of the reviewer’s.

IntelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector

Review & Giveaway

intelliarmour intelliglass review

We spend way too much money on our electronic hand-held devices to risk them being damaged.  Whether it be a drop to the ground or something that comes crashing down on the device – if the screen receives damage – it could be a costly repair.  That’s where protecting your device with an intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector would be to your benefit.

Sure we can use the little plastic films that are available to protect screens, but one risks a broken screen if the device gets hit just so.  What the IntelliGLASS offers is an extra layer of hardened glass that fits right over your device’s screen.  Simply put – the IntelliGLASS will get the brunt of the impact opposed to the device’s screen, hopefully enough so that there will be no screen damage.

What is intelliGLASS?

Each of our screen protectors is crafted from intelliGLASS™, our most advanced protection yet. intelliGLASS™ is crafted from hardened glass that offers better than steel scratch protection, an oil and smudge resistant outer coating, and advanced silicone adhesion that eliminates bubbles and permanent residue.

The result is unmatched protection without losing clarity or touchscreen sensitivity. But that’s not it: we’re so confident that intelliGLASS™ will deliver as promised, we guarantee that it will last the life of your device.

intelliARMOR sells intelliGLASS for these devices – all with free shipping

intelliarmor intelliglass

We ordered the intelliGLASS HD Apple iPad AIR Screen Protector to facilitate this review. 

intelliarmor intelliglass review 2

All you need comes neatly packaged in a protective package.

intelliarmor intelliglass review 3

The little brown packet you see on the left side contains an alcohol prep pad and microfiber cleaning cloth, which you use to clean the device’s screen.  There is a squeegee that is used with the cleaning cloth after the intelliGLASS has been placed on the screen.  One wraps the squeegee with the cloth to get any left over air bubbles out, squeegeeing from the middle outward.  The buttons are to raise the home button to make it easier to use that button where the intelliGLASS will end up raising above the original button.  You can choose between a clear button or a black button depending on your device and/or preference.

intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector

The packet on the right (above) contains the intelliGLASS and a sticky film to remove any dust and debris from the device after you’ve cleaned the screen with the alcohol prep and cleaning cloth.

Applying the intelliGLASS to the device is fairly easy; though I do suggest you have an extra set of hands available to help with the film removal and placement.

When all is said and done, your device will be protected by the intelliGLASS, and will appear as though there is nothing over the screen.

Here are shots that were captured after the install (by a camera):

intelliGLASS review intelliGLASS review

I didn’t use a button to raise the home button – I didn’t feel the need to.

Our Thoughts on the intelliGLASS

I loved that the product came with literally everything needed for installation.  The sticky film provided was a God send; simply because we have a lot of pets.  If possible, an extra set of hands is helpful during placement of the intelliGLASS to the device.  Two of us placed it on the iPad in no time.

The intelliGLASS was installed an iPad AIR 6.  This device is used for Assisted Typing.  That said, we’ve had no issues with the intelliGLASS hindering swiping the screen or typing.  Often times, the pressure of my son’s pointer finger, when typing, is on the weaker side.  We’ve had no issues typing with him because of this.  This proved to me that the intelliGLASS did not affect the use of the screen.

As you can imagine, since this device is used for Assisted Typing, many hands are on that iPad screen.  The screen pictures you see above depict no smudges or fingerprints and I didn’t clean the screen before taking the pictures.  That’s very important for my son, as his vision is less than perfect.  I am more than thrilled with the intelliGLASS living up to it being oil and smudge resistant.

I have to tell you, that between the cost of the iPad AIR 6 ($700) and the price of the case that is needed to attach the device to his wheelchair ($190 which doesn’t include a screen protector) – I was thrilled when I was approached by intelliARMOR asking me to perform an intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector review – when I was.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

I feel much better knowing that his communication device has an extra layer of protection that is living up to what the company says it will (no clarity loss, oil and smudge resistant).

Lastly, there’s a piece of mind knowing that the company  states: we guarantee that it will last the life of your device.” 

intelliGLASS can be purchased {here}.  Get social with intelliARMOR on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and YouTube.

Do you use such a product?  What has your experience been like?


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Please check the intelliARMOR website to make sure your device is listed.

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travelon anti-theft messenger bag

If you are a traveler who wants to condense all your baggage – this Travelon Anti-Theft Urban E/W Messenger Bag from, is for you!  Keeping your gear safe and looking stylish with this urban messenger bag by Travelon is very easy.

This isn’t just an ordinary messenger bag.  In addition to the messenger bag being made of slash proof material, this bag also features an RFID blocker to keep your personal information secure.

travelon anti-theft messenger bag

As you can see the Travelon Messenger Bag has so much room that you can take along credit cards, electronic devices, a passport, cell phone, a water bottle, money, and so much more.  There’s no need to be carrying a purse or wallet in one place and your devices in another.  This messenger bag simply simplifies your life!

The messenger bag is made of a nylon material with durable mesh padded webbing that is of slash-proof construction.  The outer shell material is not flimsy.  It’s sturdy and holds it shape very well.  Comparing this messenger bag to leather – this is much lighter.  That’s important if you’re going to be carrying it around a lot and have it loaded with all you need.

travelon messenger bag

Note – photo depicts the color of the bag as being blue – it is actually a true black.

There are multiple inside pockets that allow you to carry everything you need – seriously – this bag is all you need.

travelon anti-theft messenger bag


Included is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking card slot.  What that RFID blocker means is that your personal information will be safe and secure while in the card slots – safe from those looking to steal your identity, banking information etc.  With identity theft being in full swing, it’s imperative that one does what is needed to keep their information safe.  The best article I’ve read on protecting yourself against theft can be found at

If you’re someone who likes to carry around multiple computing devices – this bag will suit you just fine.  It holds an iPad, tablet, and laptop – *Note – holds up to a 15″ laptop.  The bag is spacious!

The picture below shows where I was able to get an iPad in a case, a tablet in a case and an iPod in a case into the pockets.  There’s no doubt that a 15″ laptop could be included with all these other devices at the same time. 

travelon messenger bag There’s more – the bag has Smart phone pocket and a mesh pocket that expands to hold a water bottle.  Carrying the bag around is made easy as you can wear it over one shoulder or across your body.  Alternatively, you can carry it by its handle at the top.

on shoulder travelon anti theft messenger bag

All-in-all – the bag measures 16 x 11 x 4.25 inches with having a 16-22 inch shoulder strap drop.  Minus the shorts and hat – doesn’t the bag look stylish even on a teen?!

Our Thoughts

We love this bag.  We can carry whatever we need in it.  It’s padded well so there’s not a worry that our devices won’t be protected.  The padded strap makes carrying it on/over the shoulders comfortable.  We don’t need to pack up multiple bags if we’re going someplace together.  The convenience of being able to store a water bottle on the outside makes it easy to get to.   There’s an outer pocket, where you can keep items that you use frequently, at your fingertips.  And when we’re out and about – we know our personal information is safe from predators.

Should you prefer a different style of a messenger bag – has several to choose from!

travelon anti-theft messenger bag

travelon anti-theft messenger bag

You’ll also find anti-theft protection money belts, arm/leg/wrist wallets, waist packs, along with a multitude of other stylish products for both men and women.

About seeks to bring quality, fashionable accessories to busy lives.

Our merchandise… comes from time-tested brands, and each product is selected for both style and quality construction.

Our people… love fashion, enjoy finding and sharing new things, and are dedicated to delivering a great experience for every customer.

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