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Lugz Lumber Hi SR Ankle Boot Review

I’ve always wondered what the Lugz brand could do for my feet. I’ve heard a lot of folks talk about them and have read a lot of reviews, but I’m not one to venture out and try a new brand of shoe without being able to try them on over and over again, before making a decision to want to actually purchase them. That said, I had the opportunity to put a pair of their boots to the test before doing just that in order to facilitate this review.

I ordered the (Men’s) Lugz – The Lumber Hi SR ankle boots  and find myself very pleased with the boot.  I wanted a boot that resembled a sneaker.  Something that wasn’t too bulky, as I don’t have the need for a big boot.

Key features of this Lumber Hi SR ankle boot were described on the site as having:

  • A Durabrush Upper – as described
  • A Padded tongue & collar – as described
  • Flexastride memory foam insole – There’s definitely a foam insole, as to how flexible it is, I am not sure on this.  The boot itself, is still stiff so maybe as time goes on, I will appreciate the flexibility I am suppose to be feeling.
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole – as described

In addition to those features, I found the boot to have a deep traction soles. This is a good thing if you’re in need to ground your feet into terrain. The bad side of deep traction soles – don’t walk in the house with them on your feet if you’ve been playing in the dirt or snow – you’ll have a mess to clean up.  All kidding aside – you’ll have plenty of tread on the bottom of the boot to last a long time.

After I wore them, a light bulb went off in my head.  I thought it would be nice for you to see what I mean by deep traction – my apologies for not having the light bulb go off to begin with:

In all the reviews I read on Lugz shoes/boots, I could not find one that talked about the arches of their shoes/boots. Good arch support is a must with any shoe going on my feet…including sandals. These Lugz Lumbar boots have just that – good arch support. It sets in the foot-bed of the shoe where it’s supposed to. The arch is high enough to give good support to the arch, but not so high that it’s uncomfortable.

I’ve been wearing mid-top sneakers for sometime and like that height. Being a boot I expected these to be a bit higher and that they were. Though – they weren’t uncomfortable. The ankle is actually supported very well.

I have an issue with my feet getting cold in shoes/sneakers/boots – faster than most people do. I found that my feet stayed warm. Now, I can’t say I was out in 10 degree weather for a long time, but in comparison to my other footwear – these stood right up to keeping my feet warm.

The stitching of the boot was consistent and appears as though it will hold up for quite sometime. Of course, some people go through footwear a lot faster than others do – it all depends on the person and how hard on footwear they are.

I also found that there is plenty of space in this boot. Though I am a woman, I wear men’s sneakers/boots – I tend to like their styles better. Compared to the sneakers I own, these boots equally have the width of the sneakers with the exception of the left boot being just a tad bit wider.  I think it’s important to note that I do not wear heavy socks with these boots.  I wear a mid-weight sock.

These boots were a hit in our house.  There’s this thing in our house with the teen. If mom has it and it will fit the teen – then the teen must complete her own findings. I’ve been told that I will need to share these boots.  She liked them and stated, “I’m rocking this outfit,” (leggings, sweatshirt and my Lugz boots)!  Honestly, they are a nice looking boot.

Be sure to check out their new line  Snow White Collection for women.

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