Jul 252012

There are four simple steps to buying contact lenses online.  Ordering contact lenses online is NOT difficult to do.  I have been buying contacts lenses online for a long time now.  Doing so enables me to save a LOT more money than buying them from my optometrist’s office.  I am not worried about getting a pair that won’t fit or won’t be good for me.  The reason for this is that my eye doctor will hook me up with several samples that she feels is a good fit for me.  After deciding which brand works best for me she then writes me a prescription.  I then take my prescription and head to the computer.

There are four steps to completing the process of buying contacts online:

1. You need to have a current prescription handy – usually less than a year old.  Legally, your optician is required to provide you with this.  It’s also your right to purchase your contact lenses from wherever you’d like.

2. Next you’ll want to research online retailers for price and reliability.  Simply do a search for ‘contact lenses’ or ‘(include brand name) contact lenses’.  Not all retailers will carry the brand you’re in need of. Not all retailers will have the same prices.

I spend a fair amount of time when I am looking to purchase my lenses online.  It’s important to me to get the best deal there is.  Sometimes the manufacturers of contact lenses will have rebates available.

It’s important that you have faith in the company that you want to order from.  To establish their credibility you can read reviews on their site, search the web for reviews of the website, or utilize a comparison website and see who fares best.  Just because you may find a site that carries your lenses for less, doesn’t mean they are a credible retailer.

3.  Once you’ve found the site you want to go through, place your order.  Ordering is easy.  Prescriptions are read left to right, but should you find yourself confused – simply match up the numbers on the prescription to what information is being asked of on the site.  Most popular lenses are usually in stock in which you’ll receive them fairly fast; however that being said, if you’re script is not a popular one – it will take you a bit longer to receive them.  If you really want an answer as to how long it will be before you’ll receive your lenses don’t hesitate to call the retailer.

4. Visit your eye doctor annually.  It’s important to note that your prescription has to be a current prescription – I’ve found this to be the case no matter what online retailer you choose or if purchasing through a local facility.  Therefore, make sure to visit your eye doctor annually so that you’ll always have a current prescription on hand.  Don’t be caught where something happens to your last pair of lenses (tear, losing one, etc)  and you don’t have a current prescription – you’ll find yourself having to wear your glasses.

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