Jul 292012

I purchased a JanSport backpack for my daughter 3 years ago for school.  It has been the best backpack she’s owned!  I paid a little more than I really wanted to, but in the long run – I’ve saved a lot more.  She would go through two backpacks a year.  I was tired of hearing, “Mom, my zipper broke. Mom, my backpack is falling apart.”

So when I began my search for another new backpack – I wanted something rather light-weight, yet made of durable materials and had nice support for the shoulders and upper back area.  I wanted lots of compartments – inside and out.  And, I chose a color that could go with just about anything considering I wasn’t planning on having to buy another for a couple of school years, if I had my way about it.

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This year will make her 4th year of using it for school and it’s still going strong.  A couple of weeks ago my daughter even said to me – “This backpack is great!  Do you know how long I’ve had it?”  Whoa!  Did my ears hear her correctly?  My mind was blown that she had even noticed something like that being a teen!

The one above isn’t the same exact one she owns, as her’s is loaded with lots of pockets on the sides and the front.  Her’s does have the nice padded straps you see and all the compartments she’d ever need as well as being light-weight.  Amazon.com carries a wide selection of styles, colors and patterns to choose from.

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