Aug 242011
I am thrilled to bring you this giveaway!  Several Bloggers have come together to bring their followers a $185 giveaway to PayPal.  Yes, that’s right!  One winner will have $185 deposited into their PayPal account.  All you need to do is enter.  Since Rafflecopter is being used for the method of entering – entering is now easier than ever.  How sweet considering we are heading into the holiday season!  Best of luck to all those who enter!
RafflecopterSettings = {
raffleID: ‘YzQyNGExMDJlNmM2YmQ2YzhlZTQ3OThmYzY2NzM1OjQ=’

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  3 Responses to “PayPal $185 Giveaway”

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  1. woohoo! hope i win 😀

  2. @Carla – it's too bad everyone couldn't win – that would make me happy!

  3. Thanks for the awesome giveaway Hope I win fingers crossed! :0)

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