Apr 182012

It’s that time of the year (at least in the Northeast) where we begin to think about replacing or adding new additions to our outdoor spaces.  Two of the all-time home favorites in my area are picnic tables and Adirondack chairs.  Many people place two Adirondack chairs with a table in between on their front lawns so they can sit out front and watch the traffic go by on major secondary roads.  These chairs can be made from wood or recycled plastic.  The recycled plastic is an awesome choice because it outperforms wooden ones.  Picnic tables are also made from these substances along with metal and aluminum.  These come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.  One can get these being freestanding or if you worry about theft – there are mounted ones available.

Then there are park benches.  Park benches aren’t just for parks.  They come in various sizes and styles to fit anyone’s taste.  These have become more and more popular for home use.  People place them near their gardens, on their porches, in a wooded area on their property, their decks, and near entrances.  Park benches are great additions because more than one person can sit on these.  If they are placed in the yard, one can place planters on either side of the bench dressing it up.  These can be made from many materials including  thermoplastic coatings, wood, recycled plastics, aluminum, concrete and more.

Regardless of what your preferences may be – if you’ve got the outdoor space, utilize it – you’re paying for it!

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