May 042013
Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

Novica for Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts and Giveaway

Looking for a special Mother’s Day Gift?  You may not have to look much further – especially if you like giving unique Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts. Personally, I love giving handmade gifts and I love to give unique gifts.  I love to give gifts that have a thought behind them rather than – here – here’s a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates.  Those type of gifts say to me, that yes, you thought about me…but….  That’s not to say that I am ungrateful when receiving a gift – I just have this thing about putting a little extra thought into a gift when I give it.

Each one of these items below are found at the website.  They are all handmade, all unique and all have a story behind the Artisan.

From left to right: Sterling silver dangle earrings, ‘Infinito’, Cotton scarf, ‘Azure Festival’, Cotton handbag, ‘Green Plaid Elephant’ is one of my most favorite sites to shop.  I love the uniqueness of the gifts they offer.  I love the concept behind Novica supporting artists from all around the world – Artisan’s that may never have the chance otherwise to get their handmade gifts into the hands of others.  Many of the Artisan’s pieces have a meaning behind them, which to me, makes that piece all the more special.  I’ve given several of their Artisan’s unique handmade works of art for gifts.  One really can’t go wrong in shopping Novica for handmade Mother’s Day Gifts.


Novica would like you to be able to experience their site and have sponsored a $40 gift code for a giveaway.  Entry is simple.  Open World Wide.

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  29 Responses to “Novica Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts and Giveaway”

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  1. i love the pair of mango wood vases!

  2. Several caught my eye lovely sight but I think my mom and me would like the
    Jade stretch bracelets, ‘Sunny Forest’ (set of 3) they are very pretty and unusal

  3. I would love to get these earrings for my mother! The Sterling silver dangle earrings, Raindrops! So pretty!

  4. I LIKE THE Beaded necklace, ‘Gush’. IT’S BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I think for my mother the jade bracelets set of 3 she would love

  6. i love the Pearl and labradorite flower bracelet, ‘Angelic’, wow it is so pretty. i want this

  7. I love those Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings!

  8. Sterling silver flower earrings, ‘Floral Reign’

  9. I like the cotton handbag, ‘Pretty Posy’.

  10. I like the Ceramic candleholder, ‘Sky Tulip’.

  11. I like the Shoulder bag, ‘Blue and Rose Mandalas’ for Mother’s Day.

  12. I like the Cotton batik tunic, ‘Peacock Love’

  13. I love the Jade stretch bracelets, ‘Sunny Forest’ (set of 3) and the Sterling silver dangle earrings, ‘Infinito’ pictured above.

  14. The Jade heart ring, ‘Love Immemorial’ is beautiful!

  15. I like the different sets of placemats with the table runner!

  16. The Sterling silver dangle earrings ‘Leaf Chimes’

  17. I like the Jade dangle earrings, ‘Green Moon’

  18. I’d love the Cotton scarf, ‘Village Fair’ for myself.

  19. I love the Talavera ceramic bowl, ‘Happy Tradition’!

  20. I like the tiger eye necklace tiger trance.

  21. I would adore an animal themed neckalace. I would probably get one for my mom too!

  22. I like the silver pendant necklace, ‘Aztec Hummingbird’ by Alon Diller (Mexico)

  23. Several of the throw blankets look like great mother’s day gifts.

  24. I really like the Bone and wood bangle bracelets, ‘Blue Symphony’ (set of 3). And under $25 🙂

  25. I like the Murano handblown vase, ‘Modern Red Teardrop’

  26. Peridot and cultured pearl dangle earrings, ‘Inspired Paisley’

  27. love all the rings and handbags

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