May 032013

Labels – when you look at all the products on the market – they all have some type of label. I never really thought about how many types of labels that there are until I was looking to find custom printed labels for a project that I was helping someone with. I know that we can get printed labels and custom stickers for envelopes and such, but those weren’t the kind of labels I was on the hunt for.

I needed labels that wouldn’t mask the contents of the plastic bag that the label was going on. Well – in my research I learned that there are more types of labels than I would ever have the need for…like – white plastic, clear plastic, white paper, metallic paper or plastic, white vinyl, clear vinyl, Estate 4’s, Estate 9’s, laminated and non laminated labels, gloss and non-glossed. One can buy them by the thousands, or just what is needed. The labels can hold designs with different colors and fonts. The labels can contain instructions. They can be small. They can be large. Is your head spinning? Mine was!

labels and stickers are great for labeling everyday items…items in classrooms, items in the office…items in a stock room at a factory. And what is really cool is that the digital printing that we have available today – is a cost savings, over the traditional label printing where plates are used. Have you ever seen traditional label printing in action? My father-in-law worked a printing press for nearly 30 years – quite intense!

I actually just ordered custom printed labels to slap on my son’s camp gear this summer. I decided that rather than spending all that time that I had in past years, that they would be perfect for marking all his clothes and medical equipment, that I would much rather pay for custom labels and slap those babies on the article. They are laminated, waterproof, washable, and stickable and hold up to sunscreen…doesn’t get much better than that.

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  1. I am a label freak, too – could not live without my Borther P-Touch. Food, storage boxes, file folders (of course!), clothes….I have to see what Frontier has that may spark my fancy, though.

  2. I really should be more into labels, especially for my son’s things he takes to day care.

  3. Custom labels are so cool. I love this stuff especially when I used to put these in my little girl’s bag, lunch box and handy organizer in her first years in school. I love to make colorful designs for easy identification of her school things. She liked what I made for her so much.

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