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Veggies?  Do you eat all your veggies?  I know I don’t.  Mainly because I am not a  fan of veggies.  And should I eat veggies, they must be frozen veggies.  Morning Star Farms – a meatless alternative makes products that are veggie protein based that contain a lot less fat and calories than the traditional meat products we eat.

I recently had the opportunity as a BzzAgent to try the product of my choice.  I decided after looking at all the products stocked in the freezer case to go with the sausage links.  We love to have sausage for breakfast and I often make biscuits and gravy for dinner.  My hope was that my family and I would like the product as much as I do pork sausage.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor and texture of the sausage links.  My daughter – well, she wasn’t so happy when she made herself a couple in the microwave.  But when I added the sausage to a supper recipe – she had no idea that the sausage was Morning Star Farms.  And, no one else who ate my dish had any idea either 🙂  The sausage color actually reminded me of  other frozen sausage products on the market.  The texture was more condensed than other frozen sausage.  The taste – they had a bit of a bite to them, as most sausage does, and I had no idea they were made from veggies.

Would I buy these again?  Absolutely.  Considering the calories saved as well as the fat savings – I know I am doing my body good.  Often times, low calorie products contain artificial sweeteners – this product hasn’t any.  This is a real good thing, as I will never put anything in my body that has an artificial sweetener in it (you can read why here).  I’m actually thinking I’d like to try the maple flavored sausage patties next.  My guess would be that my daughter wouldn’t even know what I was giving her with her eggs and pancakes.

Morning Star Farms doesn’t just make breakfast items.  They make burgers, veggie dogs, Chik’n (nuggets, wings, patties) entrees, and meal starter kits.  Meatless Monday’s is Morning Stars Challenge.  Their challenge is for you to eat no meat on Monday – the day most people get back to better eating.  Join them on Facebook and Twitter to be reminded to ‘press the button’ where you can win prizes on Monday’s and learn about great ideas on staying on track for the week.

Dislosure – As a BzzAgent I received a coupon for a free product of Morning Stars Farms to facilitate this review. All opinions are exclusively that of FCS. 


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  1. This stuff is pretty good. However, the best sausage I’ve tried is called soysauge and is served at the Flying Biscuit restaurants in Atlanta. The Morningstar version has a little bit of a funky taste that’s not overpowering, but makes the patties taste weird plain. If you add sauce or gravy, it’s pretty darn good. I like to crumble the patties up and make a sausage gravy to use over biscuits for a vegetarian biscuits and gravy recipe. Most Morningstar Farms products are pretty good. This is probably my least favorite Morningstar Farms product. But, then again, I was never a huge fan of sausage in the first place. So maybe it’s TOO real.

    • LOL…I must try the sausage patties next. Thanks for the input. I’m just learning about these types of products – so I’m willing to take any advice I can get 🙂

  2. This is such great timing, we’re having a massive horse meat in beef products scare in the UK at the moment and I have been thinking of alternatives. Thanks for the info x

  3. These sound really good I will have to give them a try with the protein that are in each pattie it would be great for my kids too.Good way to get eat veggies for them too.

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