Feb 102013
online logo maker

If you’re looking to create a logo check out this free logo creator.  This logo creator may be all of what you are in need of.  At OnlineLogoMaker.com you have the ability to create a logo from scratch.  You can easily layer images and text.  Should you have an image that you’d like to use, there’s the ability to upload your own images.  One can add text of many different fonts, resize the pixels of the logo, add symbols from many different categories, save the project to resume at a later time, and download the logo when you’re finished.

Take a look at this one I created in a few short minutes:

I was able to change the original colors of the computer outline – buttons and disc drives too, which were a different color than the computer’s outline.  I chose the color and style of font that I wanted.  And, I inserted the pig from my blog’s button by uploading it.  Before saving it, I re-sized the logo to 125 x 125 px.

The Online Logo Maker’s software is pretty straightforward if you’ve used a photo program before.  However if you haven’t, or should you want to educated yourself before tackling your own logo using this platform, or start your logo and get stuck – there is a tutorial, which is very easy to follow, and all on one page.

This is the main window where you create your logo:

As you can see – it’s not a complicated interface at all.  Go ahead and try out the free logo creator for yourself.

Do you have a program you like to use?  I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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